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Chapter 277 - The Comic Is Updated

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 277: The Comic Is Updated

    She did not know why she was getting so anxious. After a while, Ning Meng switched to her “Comic Artist Lemon” account to send a message: [Hello.]

    NingMeng521: [Hello.]

    Ning Meng wanted to ask her something, but the overwhelming anxiety that she was feeling had petrified her fingers. All she could do was stare at the chat interface.

    She kept staring and staring… it felt as though an eternity had passed before NingMeng521 logged off.

    Pulling herself together, Ning Meng went to read NingMeng521’s Weibo page. This seemed to be a Weibo account that she used to market her comics.

    NingMeng521: [Young Huo’s Wild Girl is now updated. Hope you have fun reading it~]

    Seeing this, Ning Meng quickly switched to the comic app. Sure enough, there was a notification about a new update on the comic.

    Without further hesitation, Ning Meng tapped into the comic.


    Chapter 1: Encounter

    The comic was drawn from the perspective of the male lead—Huo Bei.

    Carrying his school bag, Huo Bei walked into the school confidently. There was a group of students surrounding him, cheering with various kinds of weird, exaggerated noises.

    Ignoring them, Huo Bei kept on walking. Upon reaching his desk, Huo Bei lowered his head to look at it with hollow, emotionless eyes. Sitting down, he buried his face into the desk to take a nap.

    No one in the classroom dared to disturb this school bully’s sleep.

    Meanwhile, not far from the school gate…

    A girl clad in her high school uniform was climbing over the fence agilely.

    However, she was not entirely successful in her attempt, falling and landing on her butt. When she stood up, the girl realized that she had sprained her ankle from the fall.

    Nonetheless, she still kept on walking, limping straight to the classrooms. Along the way, she stopped a student and asked, “Hi, friend. Do you know where Huo Bei is at this time?”

    Upon hearing the name “Huo Bei”, the student got terrified and fled away.

    The girl mumbled to herself, “Geez, the students here aren’t friendly at all!”

    Then, she started to poke around in the school.

    Two panels later, she was finally able to find Huo Bei’s classroom.

    Standing outside the classroom, the girl bawled out loudly, “Huo Bei, come out at once!!”

    The classroom went silent in an instant.

    Everyone turned their heads to look at the boy who was napping.

    Upset that his nap had been disturbed, the boy raised his head and glared at his visitor.

    A student from the classroom asked, “Who are you?”

    The girl smiled. “I’m his girlfriend!”


    An uproar exploded in the classroom!

    Huo Bei stood up and walked out of his classroom.

    Satisfied, the girl pulled up a smug face at him. “Huo Bei, you can never escape me~! I have been in love with you for many years. Plus, I am the only one who understands you the most!”

    Huo Bei scratched his head furiously. “You’re such a drag!”

    The girl raised her head to make faces at him. “Not a drag~ Not a drag~”

    Furrowing his brows, Huo Bei threatened her, “If you open your mouth again, I’ll beat you.”

    After saying this, Huo Bei headed back into the classroom to continue his nap.

    A classmate then asked him, “Huo Bei, is that really your girlfriend?”

    Huo Bei barked out, “No, she’s not!!”

    Scratching his head again, Huo Bei closed his eyes and said, “She’s just a scammer!”

    His classmates turned their heads toward the girl who was standing outside of the classroom again.

    Having noticed their stares, the girl beamed up a smile.

    “Good day, everyone! My name is Ning Meng! From today onward, I’m officially Huo Bei’s girlfriend. Nice to meet you~!”



    Ning Meng’s mouth was twitching as she read the chapter.

    Just what kind of stupid story was this? The whole plot felt so illogical and comical.

    She had so many questions after reading this chapter.

    Like, just what kind of background did the girl have? Why did NingMeng521 not pen it down?

    And how did the girl and Huo Bei meet? She said that she had been in love with him for many years. So… that meant that he was her childhood friend? Or perhaps, their families were friends for generations?