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Chapter 252 - A Scumbag Warning (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 252: A Scumbag Warning (2)

    Certain that he had misheard his boss, Assistant Lin's eyes widened as he stood dumbfounded for a minute. Unable to believe what he had just heard, he carefully repeated the question as he asked, "Are… are you asking me what ‘scumbag' means? Was that what you just asked?"

    The Boss appeared to be troubled the whole day; Assistant Lin thought that Gu Yu had encountered some kind of major obstacle. Was Gu Yu like this because he didn't know how to define a scumbag?

    He had originally wondered if the company was facing some severe challenges; perhaps they were facing bankruptcy. But it turned out that the divinely brilliant CEO had himself in knots because of such a question!

    The reality was so unexpected that his mind went blank for a while!

    Soon enough, he detected Mr. Gu's murderous glare directed at him. With the unfriendly expression in the Boss' eyes, Assistant Lin's ability as a Special Assistant was being tested!

    Assistant Lin felt the hairs on his back stand, knowing that his career was on the line. Once the cogs in his head immediately began to turn, he cleared his throat before answering, "Mr. Gu, I shall explain to you everything there is to know about scumbags!"

    He quietly retrieved his cellphone from his pocket and clicked on the Baidu app. He entered the word "scumbag" into the search engine. With his head lowered and eyes on the screen, he read the result aloud, "A scumbag is a popular online slang referring to a selfish, over-entitled, irresponsible playboy who has no regard for others' feelings. In other words, an unfaithful man."

    Gu Yu leaned back against the backrest of his chair and pursed his lips into a thin line. With an apathetic look in his eyes, he lifted his chin and signaled for Assistant Lin to continue.

    Upon seeing this, Assistant Lin knew that this was the answer that Mr. Gu had been looking for. Enthusiasm surged through him as he hurried to continue with the deeper interpretation. Someone who didn't know what was happening would have thought the two men were discussing important company matters.

    "There are several typical characteristics of a scumbag. First, he is considered a player! He possesses a need to mount every woman he sees, all while to take responsibility after that! Any man who would do that is a scumbag!"

    Gu Yu's eyes darkened.

    "Second, he is a greedy philanderer with a roving eye. It doesn't matter if he has a girlfriend or a wife; he will continue with his outside conquests even when his woman is waiting for him at home. He might see himself as passionate, but the truth is he's just a heartless Double Scumbag!"

    Gu Yu's eyes began to turn cold.

    "Third, he is the kind of guy who wants his new love without having to give up his old flame. While professing his undying love for his old flame, he'll enjoy the new variety that the new woman brings until he eventually breaks both women's hearts. That makes him a Triple Scumbag!"

    Gu Yu's hands clenched without him realizing it.

    "Now this is the most important part!" Assistant Lin came to the climax, and his voice was noticeably excited. "What's worse than irresponsible and physically unfaithful men? Those who profess themselves to be in love and toy with the woman's feelings before going after her body, only to abandon her once he's gotten her! Any man who does that is a Scumbag Among Scumbags!"

    Gu Yu's countenance darkened immeasurably as his lips tightened into a cold hard line. His fist was clenched so tightly that the veins were protruding from the back of his hands.

    Completely immersed in his explanation, Assistant Lin did not notice Gu Yu's expression. In his eagerness to help Gu Yu better understand the word, he even gave him a real-life example.

    "It's just like… Right, it's exactly like three years ago! After you'd been together with Young Mistress for some time, you finally consummated your relationship while you were both so madly in love with one another! Remember how you turned your back on her immediately afterward and insisted on breaking the engagement? Remember how Young Mistress became a laughingstock and had to escape alone overseas to lick her wounds? That's exactly what the Ultimate Scumbag would do!"