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Chapter 241 - Gu Zhanguo

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 241: Gu Zhanguo

    The middle-aged man was the highest-ranking NSA commander in NSA—Gu Zhanguo. He was also Gu Qianlin’s father.

    Fan Changlong quietly let out a sigh of relief. He was in no position to argue with this senior leader. Now that Gu Qianlin was back, Gu Qianlin was able to speak to Gu Zhanguo and the leader of the Interpol Brigade. It was much safer.


    Gu Zhanguo immediately put down the cup of tea and got up from the sofa.

    Gu Qianlin walked over and asked, “Dad, what are you doing here?”

    “There are some things that I might need Changlong’s help with.”

    Gu Zhanguo smiled and said, “Take a look at yourself. You’re always so busy with work that you’ve exhausted yourself so much and lost so much weight. Your mom and I aren’t in Jiangcheng, so you’ve got to learn to take better care of yourself. I’m going to be very upset if you exhaust yourself so much that you fall sick.”

    “It’s really not as serious as you’re making it out to be,” Gu Qianlin replied.

    Gu Zhanguo let out a hardy laugh and said, “There’s no need for a girl to work this hard. It’s about time you start thinking about your future. Oh right, are you seeing anybody right now? Your mom and I can’t wait to have a grandson, so you better put in a little more effort.”

    Gu Qianlin’s face turned red with embarrassment. She hastily replied, “Father, we can talk about this sort of stuff when I’m back…”

    It did not feel good or seem appropriate to have her father question her about her personal life in front of her leader.

    Ye Wensong, who had a crush on her and was constantly chasing after Gu Qianlin, couldn’t help but straighten his body and look straight ahead in an attempt to make himself look tougher. He was hoping that Gu Zhanguo would suddenly pay attention to him.

    In the end, Gu Zhanguo didn’t even look his way. He changed the subject and said, “Alright, I know you can’t rush things like this. It’s all dependent on fate. What about that girl Qianxue? She hasn’t caused you any trouble lately has she?”

    “No, she’s pretty alright. Dad, let’s talk about family matters like this later. I have some work-related matters that I have to report to Leader Fan.”

    Gu Qianlin immediately stopped him and walked forward. She reported to Fan Changlong, “Leader Fan, Xiao Luo is severely injured. They are taking him to the hospital now to save him. We’ve done a thorough check on the identity of the girl who was with him. She’s a student currently enrolled at Huaye University. Her name is Bai Ling. According to our preliminary assumptions, she is most probably someone Long Sankui captured in order to threaten Xiao Luo.

    On top of that, according to the investigations that we have conducted recently, Xiao Luo used to conceal his identity. He attended Huaye while pretending to be a student in order to protect Chu Yunxiong’s daughter, Chu Yue. The target of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps was Chu Yue, so we can basically confirm that the secret guy who murdered the 17 members of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps at Wild Boar Ridge that day was Xiao Luo.”

    Fan Changlong glanced at Gu Zhanguo and noticed a change in his facial expression. He nodded his head and said, “What about the guy who helped the police deal with Black Gun and Hei Qiang at the pier on Sept. 12? He made use of us to wipe out Guo Jianghu and his gang. Can we confirm his identity as well?”

    “According to the statement provided to us by one of Guo Jianghu’s men, because he injured his leg, he couldn’t take part in the operation on the night of Sept. 12. However, what he knew was the reason why Guo Jianghu went there. He wanted to take care of the five people who were disrespectful toward the Dragon Gang. Through an investigation of the city’s foreign population, we managed to quickly identify those five people. They are Feng Wuhen, Feng Wubao, Feng Sangui, Feng Banjin, and Feng Butong. They were originally from the Feng Village, which is one of the villages in the Guang Province. They weren’t familiar with the place and didn’t know anyone when they came to Jiangcheng, so they accidentally came into conflict with the Dragon Gang.”

    Since this was one of the cases that he was in charge of, Ye Wensong continued on with the report. “Right now these five people are on 24-hour duty and are constantly protecting Xiao Luo’s younger sister, Xiao Ruyi. Their loyalty toward Xiao Luo is very obvious. On the night of Sept. 12, Guo Jianghu brought a bunch of people to find trouble with them and forced them into an abandoned warehouse.

    That was a situation in which they were sure to die, but they somehow managed to escape death. It was all because a mysterious man appeared that the situation was able to be turned around. Looking at all the available evidence, it is without a doubt that the mysterious man was Xiao Luo. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain this level of loyalty they have toward Xiao Luo.”

    “So, what’s the point of what you’re trying to say?” Fan Changlong asked, coughing a little.

    “Xiao Luo is the Mr. X that we’ve been looking for all this while!”

    Gu Qianlin and Ye Wensong responded in unison. They had been busy lately with all sorts of things and were focused on finding evidence of Xiao Luo being Mr. X. It was fortunate that their hard work was slowly paying off. They could confirm that Xiao Luo was indeed Mr. X. All they had to do now was wait for Xiao Luo to regain consciousness so that they could question him.

    Fan Changlong bit the bullet and said to Gu Zhanguo, “Old Captain, you heard it all. Xiao Luo is an extremely dangerous terrorist. If we continue to let him roam freely, we don’t know when he might cause serious injury to many people. This is a beast that could harm anyone at any given moment.”

    After hearing that, Gu Qianlin immediately understood the reason her father had come. She turned around, looked at Gu Zhanguo, and asked, “Dad, did you come here because of Xiao Luo?”

    She couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo had caught her father’s attention. On top of that, it even made her father personally attend to the matter.

    Gu Zhanguo didn’t deny it. Instead, he admitted to it without hiding anything. “That’s right. I want to protect him!”

    “You want to protect him? You want to protect a cold-blooded murderer?” Gu Qianlin was shocked.

    “It’s not that I want to protect him, but this country owes it to him,” Gu Zhanguo seriously said. “Without him, not long from now, our country is going to face a serious crisis. He is quietly and secretly protecting this country. He is protecting its 13 billion citizens. No matter what he’s done, he can be forgiven.”

    Fan Changlong was puzzled by what he heard, but Gu Zhanguo was not the type to say frightening things like that for no reason. Xiao Luo must have made a major contribution for the country. Otherwise, it was impossible for NSA’s No. 1 superior to personally mention that he wanted to protect him.

    “Old Captain, just what did Xiao Luo do?”

    “I’ve told you before that it is a secret,” Gu Zhanguo firmly said.

    Despite her emotions being slightly unstable, Gu Qianlin said, “Dad, work is work, and whatever happened in the past happened in the past. Right now, we can’t just combine these things together and talk about it. We have to look at them separately. Xiao Luo turned a blind eye and completely ignored the existence of the law. He killed people according to his own will. Just tonight he killed 213 people. There were corpses all over the crime scene. The amount of blood could easily form a river. If we don’t bring someone like him to justice, then we are not worthy of donning the police uniform we are wearing right now.”

    “The law doesn’t concern itself with human emotion. I’m sure all of you know why Xiao Luo killed so many people. He wouldn’t kill the innocent, and he is not a dangerous terrorist. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let a company that was about to go bankrupt grow so quickly in such a short period of time to beat his opponent and become one of Jiangcheng’s most thriving companies.”

    Gu Zhanguo seriously responded, “Besides, speaking of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps, since he was Chu Yue’s bodyguard, what was wrong with protecting Chu Yue’s safety? He had no choice but to kill them when facing those Mercenary Corps with fully loaded guns. Surely he couldn’t possibly have reasoned with them. How could he have convinced them with words alone? Also, the ‘Nine One Two’ incident you guys are talking about…

    Don’t you know what those Dragon Gang lackeys are capable of? After saving someone from them, they were bound to take revenge on Xiao Luo’s loved ones. In order to protect his loved ones from getting injured, Xiao Luo had no choice but to kill them all. The cruelty toward his opponents was just to protect the people beside him. If you ask me, I think Xiao Luo is an affectionate and loyal person.”

    Since he had come all the way from the head office to protect someone, Gu Zhangmo made sure he had done all his homework. Even if it was his daughter, he wouldn’t give in if there was a difference in principles.