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Chapter 257 - Do Men Like Weak and Helpless Girls?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 257: Do Men Like Weak and Helpless Girls?

    “I never thought that I would have to satisfy the gossipy hearts of the masses again even after leaving the entertainment industry!” Jian Qi sighed woefully. “Woe is me for being so exceptional that I grab everyone’s attention!”

    The freshmen. “…”

    What could they even say to that?

    They could already guess what the following conversation was going to be about.

    “Why aren’t you two curious anymore?” Jian Qi smiled and asked. “I’m ready, so come at me with your questions!”

    The two freshmen looked at each other before one of them spoke, “Can we not gossip about this anymore?”

    “Why, are you scared that I won’t answer?” Jian Qi smiled gently and continued, “I’m only a simple, kind girl that will answer all your questions!”

    Their eyelids twitched when they heard this.

    She had already started being narcissistic before they could even ask any questions!

    “Jian Qi, do you know what kind of girls men like?”

    “Girls like me of course!” Jian Qi replied with a bright and narcissistic smile.

    The three others. “…”

    How could she be so confident?

    “We don’t…”

    He was about to say that he did not like a girl like her, but he did not want to hurt her feelings so he quickly changed his sentence. “We don’t dare to like you because you’re too exceptional!”

    Jian Qi smiled brightly. “No worries, I won’t look down on you!”

    The freshmen. “…”

    How could they even keep the conversation going?

    “Do you know why Instructor Tang has ignored all of your advances and instead has trained you harder?” Asked one of the freshmen.

    Jian Qi only smiled self-assuredly and flipped her hair. “Because he’s playing hard to get in order to grab my attention, of course!”

    The freshmen. “…”

    They were about to cough up blood!

    “No, it’s because men like gentle and weak girls that make them want to protect her! You’re too hardy and too fierce, so Instructor Tang would always train you to the limit!”

    Lu Yao wanted to speak at this moment because he knew the reason why Tang Jinyu always did so, it was due to the fact that this girl always knew how to push someone’s buttons with just a few words.

    Jian Qi heard what the freshman said, and she looked over at Lu Yao. “Instructor Lu, do you men really like those weak and helpless girls?”

    Lu Yao ignored her.

    She was not miffed in the least being ignored by him as she followed up with an expression of realization.

    “Ah, I forgot that you don’t swing that way, I’m sorry!”

    Lu Yao gritted his teeth in frustration.

    F*ck, he really wanted to fight her!

    “What do you two think I should do?” Jian Qi asked curiously.

    “I’d say that you act helpless and weak the next time you’re with Instructor Tang in order to make him protective of you and grab his attention!” One of the freshmen suggested.

    Jian Qi shook her head. “That’s impossible to do, sadly.”

    “Why?” The freshman asked. “You were an actor after all, could you not act like that?”

    Jian Qi only shook her head. “No, that’s not it.”

    “Then why?”

    “My constitution is too good! I ran in the rain a few days ago thinking that I would get sick the next day, but I became better after a single night’s rest! I can’t go the weak-and-helpless route with this body of mine!”

    The freshmen did not know how to respond to that.

    “It’s fine, I’ll still love him no matter how much he bullies me!”

    The freshmen. “…”

    Was she flaunting?