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Chapter 413 - The Grey-faced Clan’s Emperor

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 413: The Grey-faced Clan’s Emperor

    “No wonder the guards are so weak,” Yun Jiuge said. She also felt that something was not right, but because she wouldn’t normally take ordinary guards too seriously, she did not give it much thought.

    “That’s right. What about Zi Shang, he can’t be dead, right?” asked Yu Sha with a happy lift to her voice.

    “He’s doing very well. But it’s just not convenient for him to show up now,” replied Yun Jiuge as she glared at Yu Sha.

    Zi Shang took the chance to release his cognitive secretly when she was approaching the tower. He had yet to return for now.

    “Oh, alright, tell him to pay more attention to the Fiendish Qi of this palace. I still think that there is a spell formation hidden in this palace but, there is no way for me to break it,” Yu Sha commented. Although she had recovered from her wounds, her Cultivation Level was still suppressed. Moreover she was not as knowledgable as Zi Shang with Runes, so she could not find any clues.

    Yun Jiuge nodded, she did not plan to rush headlong into trouble until she understood the situation in the tower.

    “I overheard that Emperor Brother will visit you at Chuxiu Palace tomorrow. Be careful not to reveal any flaws, it is best to hide your Cultivation Level,” continued Yu Sha.

    “My cultivation level has yet to recover, so it’s easy to hide it. Isn’t it strange for you to see me like this?” asked Yun Jiuge. She was now a female, not a male. Normally, people would be shocked that a person they were familiar with, suddenly changed from a man to a woman.

    “The change is good, you’re very beautiful,” answered Yu Sha. It was too bad that she could not leave her female body for the time being. Otherwise, perhaps she could enjoy a romp with the goddess as a man.

    Those damned Black Magic Sects are evil, why doesn’t Yun Jiuge see them as such?

    Yun Jiuge looked at the sky and realized that it was really late. She turned Yu Sha and said, “It is late. I should return to Chuxiu Palace.”

    “Alright, if I have any new information, I will look for you,” said Yu Sha. She reluctantly sent Yun Jiuge back to the Palace.

    Yun Jiuge slipped quietly into the inner palace of Chuxiu Palace. After lying down, she flicked her fingers and a cloud of white smoke drifted out. The sleeping palace maids returned to their normal breathing.

    “Anyone there? I want some water to drink,” Yun Jiuge called out as she got up from the bed.

    The two palace maids woke up instantly and realized that they had fallen asleep. The lower palace maid was a little flustered, but the head palace maid remained calm as she walked into the inner palace and asked, “Miss, would you prefer something hot or warm to drink? ”

    “Warm but I don’t want tea, just plain water will do,” said Yun Jiuge. She was not used to the tea there.

    A moment later, a delicate white porcelain cup filled with warm water was served.

    Yun Jiuge took a sip and asked, “What time is it now?”

    “It is now three to five in the morning, still an hour before dawn. If Miss is hungry, there are snacks and hot porridge in the small kitchen. Would you like some?” suggested the head palace maid thoughtfully.

    “No, I will go back to sleep. Just wake me at dawn,” said Yun Jiuge she as handed the cup back to the head palace maid. She lied down and quietly waited for Zi Shang’s soul to return.

    The head palace maid retreated. A few moments later, the mark of Yun Jiuge’s arm began to burn. She heard Zi Shang’s voice in her subconscious mind. He asked, “Did you meet Yu Sha?”

    “Yes, she said to tell you to pay more attention to the Fiendish Qi of this palace. She said that there is a Spell Formation hidden in this palace. But she can’t break it,” Yun Jiuge replied.

    “There is a Fiendish Gathering Formation in this royal palace. All of the Fiendish Qi is concentrated in the tower. I suspect that there is a Teleportation Array that can allow us to return to the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm,” Zi Shang said in a serious tone.

    “Do you think so? Didn’t you release your Cognitive to enter the tower?” asked Yun Jiuge. She thought that Zi Shang had already figured out the situation inside the tower.

    “Something in the tower blocked my Cognitive. I was afraid that if I forced through, it would attract unnecessary attention, so I didn’t go in,” he explained. Zi Shang was worried about Yun Jiuge at that time, so he decided not to break in.

    “Then, let’s find another chance soon. Yu Sha said that the Emperor Brother will come to visit me when day breaks, we should take a good look at his Cultivation Level then,” said Yun Jiuge. She was not in a hurry now.

    Now that she knew for certain that the Teleportation Array was inside the tower, all was good. She could look for another opportunity to enter the tower.

    “Then I will help you hide your cultivation level, then the Emperor Brother will not suspect you,” Zi Shang said. He felt that in the present situation, it was better to let others believe Yun Jiuge was a local.

    Fortunately, the meridians in Yun Jiuge were chaotic, and hiding that little bit of spiritual power was not a problem.

    It was dawn when Zi Shang finished everything.

    The soft voice of the head palace maid traveled through the door, “Miss, are you awake?”

    “You can come in,” said Yun Jiuge as she got up.

    The head palace maid pushed open the doors of the inner palace, and she led seven palace maids in, each holding a round plate in their hands.

    There were exquisite headdresses, jewelry, clothes, and shoes arranged on the plates. They were items befitting someone from a royal family.

    “Miss, Eunuch Li just conveyed a message from His Majesty. He will lunch with you. These clothes and jewelry are bestowed by His Majesty. We will assist you to change into them,” said the head palace maid with a genuine smile on her face.

    Everyone had hoped that the master they served would be loved by the Emperor Brother. Then their life would get better as well.

    “It’s just lunch, not a coronation ceremony. Why do I need to dress up so much? Can’t I just be dressed normally?” said Yun Jiuge. That ruby headpiece looked so heavy that right away, she refused to put it on.

    “But these were all sent by His Majesty,” said the head palace maid. She did not expect Yun Jiuge to reject His Majesty’s gifts. This was not going well.

    “His Majesty did not specify that I must wear all these. Besides, this entire Chuxiu Palace was given to me by His Majesty, it should be fine if I wear other clothes,” Yun Jiuge said. She went straight to the wardrobe and picked up a simple moon-white dress and said, “I want to wear this one.”

    The head palace maid did not dare to go against Yun Jiuge. She helped her put on the dress and helped put up her hair into a simple bun.

    Yun Jiuge had breakfast, then waited for the Emperor Brother to arrive at Chuxiu Palace.

    At noon, she heard Eunuch Li announced, “The Emperor Brother has arrived.”

    Yun Jiuge walked to the entrance of the palace, accompanied by the palace maids. A tall, handsome, light gray-skinned young man, dressed in royal robes, walked into the palace.

    Yun Jiuge did not want to stare at the Emperor Brother, so she curtsied slightly to greet him. She secretly asked Zi Shang, “Have you found out what is his Cultivation Level yet?”

    “Nothing. This Emperor Brother looks like an ordinary person, he doesn’t have any cultivation level at all,” said Zi Shang. But he found this doubtful. The Foundation Establishment Cultivation Level Zhan Wang was so fearful of the Emperor Brother, the latter couldn’t be just an ordinary person.

    Could the Emperor have hidden his own cultivation level? Or perhaps this person was not the real Emperor Brother but a substitute?

    Zi Shang couldn’t place the Emperor Brother right away but he found him to be familiar looking. It was as if they had met somewhere before.