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Chapter 278 - Im Asleep!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 278: I'm Asleep!

    After carefully reading page by page, Ning Meng inadvertently reached the final page. In the final panel, she could see the familiar words printed there—"The author is crafting the story with her best efforts. Stay tuned for the following chapter in another 5 days".


    Ning Meng was so baffled at how short the chapter was.

    It was extremely short indeed!!

    If she had the skills of the best hacker on the planet, she would dive into the author's computer to look for any draft that she had left behind.

    Of course, Ning Meng quickly forfeited that thought and went back to the previous pages. Her sights were set on the girl, the main heroine—"Ning Meng".

    The girl had short hair and a cute figure for a face—a face that somewhat resembled hers.

    However, due to the character being drawn as a comic character, the girl now had a few notches of details that strayed from resembling her actual face.

    Nonetheless, the "Ning Meng" in the comic still had that essence… the essence that she carried with her that resembled her, the "real Ning Meng".

    Funnily, despite all that, there was this small little mole on the heroine's earlobe. This mole was not on her real body, and this mole was not on this new body that she had at the moment either.

    Staring at the ceiling, Ning Meng thought to herself… the plot of this comic was so comically stupid, but somehow, it was still captivatingly thought-provoking for her.

    Huo Beichen… was he someone who would sleep in class when he was in high school?

    Not only that, the comic even depicted him as a school bully!

    After giving it some thought, Ning Meng picked up her phone and sent a message to Huo Beichen: [Are you asleep, big brother~]

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [No.]

    Ning Meng: [When in high school, were you good or bad at studies?]

    For a long time, the other side showed that Loyal Dog Lord Chen was typing his message. Yet, after typing for a long time, only a one-word message came in: [Bad.]

    Ning Meng laughed after seeing this. So, it was true that he was a bad student.

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [?]

    Ning Meng: [No, it's nothing. Alright, sleep tight, big brother~ Night night~]

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [Want to play again?]


    Could he just let this go?!

    Ning Meng pouted at the WeChat interface before switching off her phone.


    At the E-sports Club.

    It took only a short period of time before God became close friends with everyone in the club.

    It was a norm for the club members to go to sleep latest by 2 am, however, due to him recently having recovered from a fever, God was allowed to retire to his bed at around midnight.

    Standing in his newly assigned bedroom, a small smile was curved upon God's face as he scanned his surroundings.

    So, this was CM—his Sis' E-sports Club.

    Unpacking his luggage, God found a bottle of shampoo hidden in his bag. It was the one he had borrowed from Sis Ning Meng in the hotel the other day.

    Like a boy who had found a piece of candy, God skipped chipperly into his bathroom to take a warm bubble bath.

    After that, he lay on his bed, overwhelmed by the excitement of finally breaking out of the Lu Family's chains.

    Unable to sleep, God picked up his phone to check Sis Ning Meng's WeChat Group.

    Ning Meng: [I'm asleep!]

    Was she trying to hide something?

    God, suppressing his laughter, sent her a message: [Are you asleep, sis?]

    It did not take long for Ning Meng to reply: [What? Is something wrong?]

    God: [Sis, I can't sleep. I've even got black rims under my eyes now.]

    Would his Sis come to visit him if he said this to her?

    Ning Meng: [Okay, got it. I'll help you with that tomorrow.]

    Seeing this, God fell asleep happily.

    However, after waiting for an entire day, Ning Meng did not show up at the E-sports Club at all.

    Just as God was walking around nervously in the lobby, someone knocked at the club's front door.

    God hurriedly opened the door to see a delivery man standing out there.

    "Hello, is this Mr. God? This is your package."

    After unboxing the package, God was speechless when he discovered what was inside it—it was a bottle of branded skin lotion.

    Then, Ning Meng's message came in: [Have you received it? This is the best skin lotion I know on the market! It is quite effective in fading down black eye rims! You should use it every day!]


    So, this was the "help" Sis Ning Meng had meant yesterday!