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Chapter 254 - The Light in Those Eyes Looked Very Much Like an Expression of Love (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 254: The Light in Those Eyes Looked Very Much Like an Expression of Love (2)

    Gu Yu postponed all his business appointments that evening and left the office at exactly half-past five. Upon driving out of the office building, he headed straight back to the apartment.

    While waiting with one hand on the steering wheel at a traffic junction, he caught sight of a shop at the roadside. It was a flower shop with a variety of blooms displayed at the door. The flowers were delicate, tender, and of a variety of colors. Naturally, they were eye-catching.

    As he focused his eyes on them for a while, Xu Shuai’s words to him over the phone replayed in his ear.

    “When it comes to chasing girls, I am second to none! If you need advice, I’d be more than happy to give it to you!”

    “It’s actually quite simple. The reason why I’ve had a never-ending supply of women all these years is thanks to the three-step trick I came up with!”

    “All women love flowers, aside from those who are allergic to pollen. Thus, flowers are the quickest way to a woman’s heart. For the first step, flowers are the best weapons!

    Come to think of it… Yu, when you were together with Xu Weilai previously, did you ever give her flowers? If I recall correctly, you never gave her any… Oh my god, how did a guy like you even get a girlfriend?”

    Following that, Gu Yu had hung up the phone very discourteously. He had no wish to be criticized as a scumbag twice in the same day. He had always been a top student who had never scored less than full marks!

    Did he genuinely need Xu Shuai’s guidance? What a joke!

    The light turned green. Gu Yu retracted his gaze and stepped on the gas pedal, driving the car off.

    Five minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance to the flower shop. Gu Yu left his car and entered the shop.

    The florist was holding a pair of shears, having been in the middle of trimming the stalks. When she saw the man walk into the shop, she felt as if she had fallen in love. To her, his unbearably handsome face and long legs made it look like he’d just stepped out of a magazine.

    A grin bloomed on her face as she gave him a warm welcome. “Hello, are you here to buy some flowers? What sort of flowers would you like?”

    What flowers did he want?

    For once, the top student Gu Yu didn’t know the answer. He moved his lips, but no words came out; he wasn’t sure how to respond.

    The florist wasn’t surprised at all. She had come across many men who wanted to buy flowers but looked completely lost. After all, most of them knew nothing about flowers.

    She proceeded to ask, “May I ask whom you’re buying them for? I can offer some suggestions.”

    Gu Yu gently pursed his lips, and a touch of affection slowly appeared in his deep eyes. There was even a trace of gentleness in his voice as he replied, “My wife.”

    The florist felt her heart shatter at that moment. This prince charming already belonged to someone else!

    Trying not to reveal her heartache, the florist forcefully maintained the smile on her face and suggested, “If you’re giving it to someone you love, and your wife doesn’t have a preference, roses would be the most appropriate choice to convey your affection.”


    A memory suddenly surfaced in Gu Yu’s mind. When Xu Weilai had been hospitalized before, she had received a huge bouquet of roses that she loved very much. However, she had received them from another man!

    As Gu Yu’s eyes turned cold, he took a deep breath before saying, “Fine. Roses it is, then.”

    He had to be the only one Xu Weilai ever associated with roses.

    In the future, whenever Xu Weilai received roses, he had to be the only one she thought of!


    Gu Yu walked into the apartment with a huge bouquet of roses in his hand. The bright red flowers with droplets of water on the petals were dazzling; the sight of them was vivid and beautiful.

    Gu Weilai headed to the entrance of the study room and saw Xu Weilai sitting on the couch with her back towards him, dressed in comfortable loose-fitting clothes. With her laptop in her hand, she was browsing the web. He hesitated for a few seconds before finally striding over.

    Standing behind her, he placed the roses in his hand on the coffee table and swallowed nervously. Forcing the words out of his throat, his voice sounded hoarse as he said, “This is for…”