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Chapter 199 - If I Don’t Make It To Top 10

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 199: If I Don’t Make It To Top 10

    The atmosphere in the dressing room was icy cold. The warm summer air could not resist the strong attack.

    The dressing room was so quiet that the host’s voice could be heard loud and clear.

    “Today’s competition results will be determined by the live audience. All live audience members will only have one vote each. After watching the performances of all twenty contestants, you may vote for your favorite performer. You may also choose to vote for the contestant right after her performance. However, you cannot vote for the contestants who are in the waiting area. You will only have one vote…”

    With the host’s voice in the background, Le Anqi giggled, “Look at you. If I have Su Cha’s skin, I would also choose not to wear makeup.”

    Le Anqi’s words broke the silence in the dressing room. Su Cha glanced at Le Anqi, her cold expression softened, and she smiled a little.

    Jin Mou, who was having her makeup done, glanced at Su Cha subconsciously. Su Cha locked eyes with her as she shot Jin Mou a quick look.

    When Jin Mou noticed Su Cha’s gaze on her, she curled her lips into a faint smile.

    Her smile was not cold; it was filled with kindness.

    Su Cha was surprised.

    Su Cha internally laughed. Did Jin Mou mean what she said in her interview? Does she like me because of my good grades?

    Her admiration was apparent.

    Su Cha’s icy glare made the contestant, who tried to touch her face, freeze in fear. Le Anqi’s words brought the contestant back to her senses. She immediately retracted her hand and forced an embarrassed smile.

    The contestant did not want to admit it, but Su Cha’s icy glare was petrifying.

    Su Cha had always performed well. Although she appeared to be cold, Su Cha was not an antisocial person. She just did not like to initiate interactions with others.

    However, women often ostracised one another without much reason.

    As Su Cha was too outstanding, she was remembered by others.

    The contestant wanted to use the makeup as an excuse to pinch Su Cha’s face. However, she did not manage to do so. After Su Cha glared at her, the contestant felt like she would be dead if she had touched Su Cha’s face.

    At that moment, all the contestants realized that Su Cha was not only a cold person, but she should also not be messed with.

    That glare was sharp and ferocious. Out of everyone they have met in their lives, the contestants had never met such a vicious girl.

    Under normal circumstances, they would never be able to tell how fierce Su Cha was.

    When the contestant was standing there in embarrassment, Mona walked over with a bright smile. She linked her arms with the contestant and said, “Okay, Han Han. How will you know if Su Cha took care of her skin? She might be born with such flawless skin. Let’s not get jealous over it now. We need to prepare for the competition. They will only be selecting ten people today.”

    As soon as she said that, the awkward atmosphere dispersed, and everyone’s heart sank.

    The contestants did not have time to think about such minute matters. After today’s competition, only 10 contestants will be heading to the Imperial Capital. Each contestant only had a fifty percent chance of making it to the Imperial Capital.

    But, some contestants had better skills than others. Their incredible skills gave them an advantage over their peers and increased their chances of making it into the Top 10.

    Everyone was a competitor.

    The atmosphere slowly tensed up again. Contestants who were relaxed started getting increasingly nervous. After Mona led the troublemaker away, Le Anqi began to get anxious, “If I don’t make it to Top 10 today…”