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Chapter 255 - A Broken Heart Is Like Shattered Glass (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 255: A Broken Heart Is Like Shattered Glass (1)

    It was such a simple statement, but he couldn’t seem it force it out of his lips. He was barely able to spit out the words, “This is for…” before he choked on the rest of the sentence.

    Gu Yu closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He was about to open his mouth again when the girl on the couch turned around. “Oh, Brother Yu, you’re back!”

    The words lingering in his mouth dissipated once again, and Gu Yu’s expression darkened. He resumed his usual impassive demeanor and swept a glance across Gu Xue’s face. As his eyes settled on the clothes she was wearing, he frowned imperceptibly.

    Why was she still here? And why was she wearing his wife’s clothes?

    Gu Xue did not notice her cousin’s mood as she focused all of her attention on the huge bouquet of roses in his hand. Her eyes widened as she exclaimed elatedly, “What beautiful flowers!”

    Gu Xue took the bouquet from him and hugged it in her arms. She lowered her head to sniff them, and the scent from the flowers put her huge smile on her face. “Brother Yu, did you buy these flowers specifically to help me feel better? Oh my god, I knew you cared about me! Thank you, Brother Yu!”

    Gu Yu remained silent.

    Gu Yu pursed his lips as the look in his eyes darkened. He lifted his hand, intending to snatch the bouquet of roses back. Before he could reach out, however, he heard footsteps behind him.

    Gu Xue saw the lady approach. Unable to contain her excitement, she cried out, “Weilai, Weilai! Look! Gu Yu gave me these flowers. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m so happy!”

    Gu Yu stiffened immediately.

    Xu Weilai was surprised. From what she knew, Gu Xue had always idolized her cousin, but Gu Yu had always been impassive towards her. Or rather, he had always been very impassive towards all his cousins, regardless of gender.

    She never expected that he would buy flowers for Gu Xue to console her. Did he return home so early today to cheer Gu Xue up?

    Oh well, Gu Yu had probably hidden his true feelings from her the entire time. It was clear that he still cared deeply for his family.

    Xu Weilai had left the room earlier to brew some coffee. When she returned with two cups of coffee in her hands, she placed them down on the coffee table before turning her eyes to the bouquet in Gu Xue’s arms.

    They were crimson roses…

    Xu Weilai nodded her head. “They’re so beautiful!” she agreed.

    However, her tone carried a small tinge of envy.

    Throughout her entire life, Xu Weilai had only received flowers twice. In both instances, they had been get-well flowers that her Big Boss gifted her when she had been hospitalized.

    Gu Yu was the only guy she’d ever dated, but he’d never even thought of doing something like that for her while they were together. Then again, it wouldn’t have been realistic to expect flowers from a guy who couldn’t even utter sweet words to her!

    Every time she saw other girls holding bouquets that were clearly from their boyfriends, she would be filled with envy. She’d stare longingly at Gu Yu, but he had never picked up on it. Eventually, she just learned to accept that it would never happen.

    Ultimately, she had let go of all her emotional entanglements. After all, his heart had never been hers while he had never loved her. Naturally, he wouldn’t have bothered with all these small details.

    Fortunately, she had come to realize the truth. How depressing it would be if she were still stuck in that hopeless romance…

    A myriad of emotions flickered through Gu Yu’s dark eyes very quickly, his expression growing cold. The next moment, he reached his hand out and brusquely snatched the bouquet back from Gu Xue’s arms.