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Chapter 280 - A Completed Comic!!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 280: A Completed Comic!!

    ‘Was this a coincidence?'

    Ning Meng thought to herself as she received the tablet from the girl. However, as she read the first page of the comic, her eyes widened in disbelief.

    "Ride With The Wind" was a comic adapted from another popular novel in the real world. There was no novel with the same name in this world, and neither was there an author of any novel titled "Ride With The Wind" in this world!

    As she read further…

    Ning Meng saw that this comic went on and on until the final chapter. This was a completed comic. A completed "Ride With The Wind", which was odd because she had not even completed this comic in the real world.

    Ning Meng frowned as she saw this.

    This was so spooky.

    Could it be that she had another doppelganger in this world? And this person had also come from the real world?

    … What the h*ll was happening right now?! Just what kind of world was she living in right now?!

    Ning Meng could feel her brain begin to melt from all the confusion.

    So… could it be that when she transmigrated into this novel world, this person had become the actual her—the "Ning Meng from the real world"? If that was the case, how could this author have drawn the comic, and yet she, the actual Ning Meng from the real world, did not know of this comic's existence?

    However, if this author was her… how could she have drawn a silly, incoherent comic like "Young Huo's Wild Girl"?

    Ning Meng felt so conflicted that she looked like someone who had discovered she had contracted a fatal disease.

    Or maybe… when she transmigrated into this body… and this body's real owner—that "Original Ning Meng", daughter of Ning Wentao, was still in her! So whenever she fell asleep, this body would wake up and draw these comics…?

    No… that could not be right.

    This author… this "Ning Meng" was Huo Beichen's ex-girlfriend!


    Just as Ning Meng's head was about to burst, the little girl opened her mouth. "Sis, do you like the comic? I like Ning Meng's drawing. She is always good with her artwork. I heard she is going to come back to China at the end of this month and she is organizing a book signing event to meet her fans. If you like her comics, perhaps we could go and meet her together!"

    Ning Meng was stunned for a moment upon hearing this. "She's coming back to China? She's in another country right now?"

    The little girl nodded her head. "Yes, she's always overseas. Don't you check her Weibo? Sometimes she even posts some pictures there too. I can't believe it. It's been years now and she's finally coming back!"

    Hearing this, Ning Meng finally calmed down.

    She was not a person who tended to beat herself into a corner. If it was not due to how impossible it was to believe her situation—this "transmigrated into a novel" kind of situation, she would have gone and interrogated Huo Beichen for the truth about his ex-girlfriend.

    Nonetheless, Ning Meng had not known Huo Beichen for long. She still could not completely trust him. What if the man brought her to a laboratory and dissected her after she told him the truth about her?

    Ning Meng could feel a chill running down her spine as she imagined a cold, sharp scalpel slicing her skin open…

    Pulling herself together, Ning Meng told the little girl, "Sure, I suppose your dad will stay in Jingdu here for quite some time before he finishes the TV Drama. If you're still around by the end of this month, let's go and meet her at the book signing event."

    Hearing this, the little girl beamed up a smile before whispering into Ning Meng's ears, "Let me tell you one secret."

    "Sure, tell me."

    The girl blinked her eyes once and said, "Mommy beat daddy to a pulp this morning."

    "Why did she do that?"

    "When we woke up in the morning, he asked mommy, ‘Do you know why fish can't talk?'. And mommy asked, ‘No. Why can't they talk?' Then, daddy pointed at the pool and said, ‘You want to know why? Just put your head into the water and try it yourself.' After he said this, mommy got angry."


    Liu Miao sure loved to play around with his wife.

    Play… Still want to play?

    Ooh… she could hear Huo Beichen's deep voice in her head again.

    "Still want to play?"

    She could still feel the warmth of his finger on her lips…

    No, no, no! Ning Meng's face turned red in an instant.

    What was she thinking!? It was still early in the day and there was a little underage girl in front of her too!