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Chapter 281 - Taste?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 281: Taste?

    Huo Beichen froze in his tracks after seeing the message.

    The first thing he did, however, was not to reply to this message immediately, but rather, he decided to open Ning Meng's WeChat profile.

    Ning Meng's profile picture was a hand-drawn lemon, one that looked bright and cheerful in color. It had that same vibe that Ning Meng carried around—the vibe that made people happy just by seeing her.

    A smile curved up on his lips as he sent her a message: [My dear missus, are you coming home tonight?]

    He closed his eyes and could see the girl's face blushing red as she stared at his message.

    This girl… she was so direct and blunt, always flirting with him, and yet, in actuality, when you took a peek into her heart, you would see that she was a rather shy girl.

    Just as he thought… after receiving the message, Huo Beichen could see that the chat interface showed the other side typing for quite some time. It took her a long time to type the response, and the message only came in after Huo Beichen stepped into his office.

    Ning Meng: [Yuxiu Court suits me better.]

    Taking off his coat, Huo Beichen sat down at his table and typed: [Why?]

    Ning Meng: [Because I'm a low-class, uncultured wild girl, that's why. We have a generational gap between us.]


    Before Huo Beichen was able to reply "Oh, you want to play with me again?", Ning Meng seemed to have foreseen what he was going to say and quickly sent another message: [Brother~ well, actually, I've invited Zhen Shanmei to my home tonight. We're having a girl's night, so, you can't come. Bye bye~]


    Huo Beichen had no choice but to reply: [Okay.]

    A few seconds later, he followed up with another message: [When you're home, text me.]

    Ning Meng: [No Problem.jpeg]

    After exchanging texts with his wife, Huo Beichen took a look at the words "generational gap ". He knew the girl was making fun of him, but what had he said wrong last night?

    Was it after she had said "How's the taste of this"?

    Huo Beichen went back to work with tons of questions in his mind.

    A few hours later, the sunset came as everyone in Huo Group prepared to head home, calling it a day. Just as Huo Beichen was putting on his coat, he seemed to have remembered something and asked Qi Shan, who was tidying up his desk. "How's… the taste?"


    Qi Shan looked at his boss with a pair of confused eyes.

    A short moment later, he gulped down his saliva and said, "Yes! Good taste! Boss, your taste is so majestically impeccable!"

    Hearing this, Qi Shan saw his boss furrowing his brows. Hmm? Was his boss not satisfied with his brown-nosing?

    After giving it a long thought, Qi Shan still could not figure out what to say to please him. It was then that he missed the missus being around. Just how did she do all that ass-kissing without fail? Not only that, but each and every time, she was somehow able to come up with something new to please his boss!?


    Meanwhile, Ning Meng, Zhen Shanmei, and Li Shiyao were meeting up at a cafe in a mall.

    Zhen Shanmei was the last to arrive. Hurrying to their table, she could not help but wail her complaint at her friends. "Hey! I'm here! But seriously, Meng Meng. Couldn't we have made this tea time on another day?"

    "Li Shiyao is going to start filming her new TV Drama tomorrow. When that happens, we won't be able to see her for another 2 months."

    Zhen Shanmei rolled her eyes at Ning Meng. "Gosh! You're so dumb! We can still visit her at the film studio whenever we miss her!"


    Ning Meng stared at her friend in disbelief.

    Wow, Zhen Shanmei was now a smart woman. What a miracle!

    On the other hand, Li Shiyao was giggling upon hearing their conversation. She knew Ms. Ning Meng's real plan—to bring Zhen Shanmei here to pay the bills.

    Clearing her throat, Ning Meng opened her mouth again. "Lemme give you a tip in finding a boyfriend."

    Zhen Shanmei's eyes sparkled as she probed. "What? What's the tip?"

    "Say it with me. ‘My apologies', ‘would you kindly', and ‘thank you'. Remember these magic words because they are great in improving relationships."

    Then, Ning Meng looked her friend in the eye and continued, "‘My apologies. I have no money on me currently. Would you kindly pay the bill? Thank you."