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Chapter 256 - A Broken Heart Is Like Shattered Glass (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 256: A Broken Heart Is Like Shattered Glass (2)

    Gu Xue was stunned.

    Xu Weilai was equally surprised too.

    How could he take something back after giving it to someone?

    "It's not for you!" The man's tone was rough, and there was neither a trace of warmth nor an ounce of affection in it.

    Gu Xue's smiling face froze and her demeanor cracked. A broken heart was just like shattered glass. It could never be made whole again!

    She pouted sadly, and asked, "Brother Yu, if it wasn't for me, who were you intending to give it to?"

    Gu Yu's big hands tightened their grip on the bouquet as dark clouds loomed in his eyes. His dark gaze fell on Xu Weilai's face, and when he saw her looking at him like a deer caught in headlights, his heart began to thump wildly.

    He was well known for his decisiveness in the business world, and nothing could ever hold him back. But at that moment, the words, "These are for you," weighed heavily in his throat and threatened to strangle him. He was unable to utter a word.

    Without a satisfactory answer, Gu Xue refused to let the matter go, and she doggedly insisted on an answer. She looked at Gu Yu and followed Gu Yu's line of sight as it led to Xu Weilai, who was standing beside her. After a few seconds, Gu Xue looked down and examined the clothing she was wearing.

    The homewear she had on was Xu Weilai's. She hadn't brought any clothing with her and had no intention to leave anytime soon. Therefore, Xu Weilai had lent her some clothes of her own.

    Had Brother Yu gotten the wrong person? Did he mistaken her for Xu Weilai? If so, did Gu Yu actually intend to give the flowers to Xu Weilai?

    Fine! If they were meant for Xu Weilai, she wouldn't be jealous anymore!

    But it was all just speculation. She wanted to hear the words from Brother Yu's lips. Gu Xue raised her head and asked breezily, "Brother Yu, did you buy these flowers for your wife? That's so romantic!"

    They were for her?

    This time, it was Xu Weilai's turn to be stupefied, and her astonishment was evident in her eyes as she looked at him in disbelief.

    Did Gu Yu really buy flowers for her?

    Gu Yu stood rooted to the spot for a while. His lips moved, but no sound was produced. After a few minutes, his face suddenly turned impassive. He took the flowers in his hands and shoved them in Xu Weilai's arms before turning around and striding out of the study. All that was left was the cold image of his back.

    Xu Weilai's face was frozen in shock, and so was Gu Xue. Their eyes met, and still, their expressions remained the same.

    So, who on earth were the flowers for?

    Given that he had shoved the bouquet in Xu Weilai's arms, it probably meant that they were meant for her. But, who gave flowers in such an unemotional manner? Someone who didn't know better would have thought that he was throwing her a grenade!

    Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Gu Xu forced a laugh and tried to salvage the situation. "Weilai," she said, "you must be so happy that Brother Yu gave you roses! I want them, but there's no one to give them to me! I'm so envious of you!"

    Xu Weilai held the bouquet in her hands, and her feelings were a mess.

    She really couldn't understand what Gu Yu's intentions were with the gesture. She never imagined that her first time receiving flowers from Gu Yu would be under such circumstances.

    If this had been in the past, even if he hadn't said a word, she would have filled in all the gaps with her own imagination and would have giggled from the sweetness of it.

    But now, she didn't dare to guess what he was thinking. Furthermore, she refused to allow herself to indulge in any useless fantasies or entertain any thoughts that Gu Yu was treating her like she was special.

    Xu Weilai lowered her head and stared at the beautiful roses. She pulled her lips into a bittersweet smile.

    Soon enough, she composed her emotions and looked up. With a smile as she looked at Gu Xue, she opened her mouth to reply.