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Chapter 201 - Non-Stop Real Time Comments

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 201: Non-Stop Real Time Comments

    "Su Cha, where did you buy this blouse?"

    Le Anqi could not help but exclaim, "It's so pretty!"

    She reached out unconsciously to touch the squirrel design. The fabric of the white blouse was incredibly soft. When Le Anqi glided her fingers across the squirrel pattern, the embroidered pattern was not excessively obtrusive. Although the design was smooth to touch, Le Anqi could tell that it was not a printed design but an embroidered one.

    Le Anqi half squatted to get a closer look at the design. As she carefully examined the pattern, she could vaguely make out the character "S."

    "I bought the blouse and embroidered the pattern myself."

    Su Cha lowered her voice and smiled, "Do you like it? Pass me your favorite clothes someday, and I will embroider one for you."

    "You can embroider…"

    Le Anqi almost screamed and jumped in excitement. When she realized that they were still in the dressing room, Le Anqi gave Su Cha a thumbs up and said, "Su Cha, you are really awesome!"

    Le Anqi could not even stitch a sweater.

    Let alone embroider intricate patterns like this.

    In Le Anqi's eyes, Su Cha was god-like.

    Why did Su Cha choose to not show her abilities in the past?

    Le Anqi was perplexed. As the contestants were about to go onstage, Le Anqi quickly pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

    The last round of competition had officially begun. For this round, the order at which the contestants performed would be randomly selected using a machine. Su Cha was the 10th performer.

    It was an awkward position.

    Only 7 contestants would gain direct entry into the Top 10. The remaining 3 vacancies would be reserved for contestants in the holding area. In fact, the contestants in the holding area had completed several rounds of elimination, and only a few contestants left.

    If more contestants were added to the holding site, the competition among contestants in the holding area would be intensified.

    The competition round was a critical moment for all contestants. Every contestant had prepared to showcase their best skills. Mona and Jin Mou would be performing before Su Cha. With their onstage performance, Mona displayed her strong passions while Jin Mou showcased her strong vocals. There was no doubt that both of these contestants would directly make it to the Top 10.

    Their final ranking would be determined by the number of votes they received from the live audience and judges.

    Many contestants had begun to speculate that the competition region's champion would be Mona or Jin Mou.

    The contestants were uncertain as Su Cha had not performed.

    Finally, it was time for Su Cha to go onstage.

    The performing arena immediately fell silent because of Su Cha's strong charisma and her jaw-dropping beauty.

    Onstage, Su Cha was stunning. The audience immediately burst out in cheers. Su Cha had won the hearts of many with her beauty.

    If the live audiences were fans of other contestants, Su Cha might not have received such a big welcome. But, many live audiences were passers-by. From their loud cheer, it was obvious that people tend to like attractive individuals.

    The viewers of the live stream began commenting non-stop in excitement.

    [Scholar Su is so beautiful today.]

    [Can't you rely on your beauty to dominate the world? Why must you rely on your singing!]

    [Ahhhhhhhh Su Cha you are so prettyyyyyy!]

    [Her blouse is gorgeous! Where did she buy it from? I also want to get one!!]

    [Beautiful person in beautiful clothes, how perfect.]

    [Hohoho, are the commenters brain dead. How is she considered pretty?]

    [This season has too many beautiful contestants. If she is not even considered beautiful, I do not even dare to imagine how gorgeous the commenter is.]

    [My god, she is like a fairy, beautiful and elegant. Out of all the contestants in this competition region, she is the most attractive one. Not only that, but she also has outstanding skills.]

    [She is the provincial scholar. As a failing student, I do not dare to say anything about her!]

    [She is not only pretty but also smart and talented. Oh man, I think she is a rising star in the entertainment industry.]