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Chapter 282 - Arent You Forgetting Something?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 282: Aren't You Forgetting Something?


    Zhen Shanmei stared at her friend speechlessly while Li Shiyao, finally unable to hold in her laughter anymore, let out a chuckle.

    A short while later, Zhen Shanmei sighed. "Oh well, I suppose I'm used to this by now. Alright, I'll treat you to a meal."

    Ning Meng smiled. "Okay. And I'll treat you the next round."

    "… I think I won't live long enough to see you do that."

    Picking up a piece of pickled fish with her chopsticks, Ning Meng carefully picked out the fishbones in them before eating it. "Oh, no, don't say that. You still have so much to live for. You never know what other good things may come your way, you know?"


    Zhen Shanmei looked at her friend doubtfully.


    As they were eating their meals, Li Shiyao seemed to be fidgeting in her seat and frequently peeked in a certain direction in the cafe—it was Fei Bai. He stood at a corner of the cafe not far from their table. Wearing a set of black sportswear, Fei Bai looked quite muscular and tall when he was guarding the ladies. From afar, due to his poker face, he somehow looked like a boss of gangsters.

    Ning Meng and Zhen Shanmei saw their little queen's uneasiness and looked in the direction she was looking at. Seeing the ladies were looking at him, Fei Bai grinned at them.

    Zhen Shanmei shuddered when she saw his grin. "… Was Fei Bai ever this much of a creep before?"

    Trembling in fear, Li Shiyao stuttered. "He… Is he here to take a meal as well?"


    Ning Meng rolled an eye at her friends' cluelessness.

    Clearing her throat, Ning Meng said, "Perhaps, he was just smiling. You know, a friendly gesture."


    Zhen Shanmei and Li Shiyao looked at one another in confusion.

    Zhen Shanmei's mouth was twitching. "Oh, Meng Meng, you and your sense of humor."

    Li Shiyao nodded. "I've known him for years but I've never seen him smile ever."


    Ning Meng looked at her friends speechlessly while secretly sympathizing with Fei Bai.

    Meanwhile, Fei Bai took out his phone and started to chat with Su Ye and Qi Shan.

    Fei Bai: [I smiled.]

    Qi Shan did not reply immediately because he was driving Huo Beichen home.

    Su Ye: [So?]

    Fei Bai: [The girls then continued eating their meals and did not look at me again.]

    Su Ye: [And what do you think that means?]

    Fei Bai: [Maybe they're shy.]

    Su Ye: [Perhaps. After all, you're such a handsome young man. If you put in the effort to dress properly, you'd look like a supermodel. Remember to always wear a smile, yeah?]

    Fei Bai: [Okay.]

    A few moments later…

    Zhen Shanmei could feel a chill down her spine. "Sh*t! Fei Bai is showing that creepy smile again. Are we eating too slow and that pissed him off?"

    Li Shiyao stammered in a voice as soft as a squirrel's. "Wha… what should we do now? Should we stop eating and go home?"

    Seeing her friends like this, Ning Meng herself could not help but feel a little creeped out. She turned and looked at Fei Bai—well, sh*t. The guy's "smile" indeed did not look friendly at all. It felt more like a warning than a smile…

    After taking a few more bites, Ning Meng suggested, "Alright. Let's pack the rest and head home?"

    Zhen Shanmei nodded chipperly. "Yes, good idea! We'll do that!"

    Thus, the girls called the waitress to come over to pack the rest of their meal into a takeaway.

    Seeing this, Fei Bai sent another message in the chat: [Update. She seems to be doing a takeaway for me.]

    Su Ye: [Good! Good job, friend! Remember. Smile!]

    Carrying their food, the girls walked out of the cafe. After descending to the car park, they went their separate ways.

    As he was assigned as Li Shiyao's bodyguard and chauffeur, Fei Bai started the car to drive the little queen home.

    Sitting in the co-driver seat, Li Shiyao was shaking in fear. Whenever she turned to look at Fei Bai, she could see his tensed-up, widened mouth. In her eyes, Fei Bai looked as though he was upset with her.

    Therefore, the poor girl squeezed herself into her seat the best she could.

    After what seemed like an eternity, the car finally arrived at Li Shiyao's apartment building.

    After stepping down from the car, Li Shiyao hurried to the entrance as quickly as she could. Suddenly, she could hear Fei Bai calling her from behind.


    Stopping right in her tracks, Li Shiyao looked like she was almost driven to tears.

    Fei Bai looked at the food she was carrying. "Aren't you forgetting something?"