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Chapter 257 - I Like You (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 257: I Like You (1)

    "I don't think he intentionally got it for me. If you like it, you can have it."

    Xu Weilai offered the bouquet to Gu Xue, but Gu Xue shook her head. "No way! In any case, it's still a gift from Brother Gu. Besides, he had already stated clearly that it wasn't for me. I don't dare to take it. I can't face that icy expression of his!"

    Gu Yu was her favorite male cousin, but also the cousin she was the most afraid of!

    Xu Weilai nodded in agreement hearing Gu Xue's words. In that regard, she and Gu Xue thought exactly the same thing!

    Even though she had no idea what prompted Gu Yu to suddenly shove a bouquet of flowers in her hands, she still had to accept it graciously. Xu Weilai carried the flowers carefully and found a vase to place them in. Arranging the flowers in the vase, she displayed them in the living room.

    The roses were beautiful, and as Xu Weilai stood there appreciating them, her face broke out in a tiny smile.

    Gu Yu had just changed his clothes and came out of the bedroom just in time to see the smile on Xu Weilai's face. He couldn't stop himself from smiling in response.

    It was probably about time to remove Xu Shuai from his blacklist. After all, his advice had been effective when it mattered. At the very least, it managed to elicit a smile out of her.


    That day, Gu Xue stayed with Xu Weilai all day long. Wherever Xu Weilai went, she followed along. Even at mealtimes, Gu Xue stuck to Xu Weilai like a conjoined twin and sat in Gu Yu's usual seat.

    When Gu Yu came in, he narrowed his eyes frighteningly at Gu Xue. Unaware of what she did wrong, Gu Xue began trembling under his gaze and instinctively inched closer to Xu Weilai. In a small voice, she pleaded, "Weilai, if Brother Yu gets angry, you'll have to protect me!"

    Xu Weilai stole a peek at Gu Yu and whispered back to Gu Xue, "I'm afraid of him when he's angry too. I can't even guarantee my own safety."

    Eventually, Gu Yu pulled out the chair opposite Weilai and sat down.

    Since Gu Xue was with them that day, Mrs. Lin had prepared a few extra dishes. Gu Xue couldn't reach some of them and began to act like a spoiled child in front of Xu Weilai. "Weilai, I want to try that fish. Please help me get some!"

    "Alright," Xu Weilai placed some on her plate.

    Barely a few minutes later, Gu Xue said again, "I want a chicken wing!"

    "Here you go!"

    "I want that pork rib!"


    With a loud clang, Gu Yu slammed his bowl and chopsticks heavily on the dining table. He glared at Gu Xue ominously before turning his eyes towards Xu Weilai. A layer of cold sweat appeared on her brow.

    She hadn't done anything to offend him! Why was his expression so aggressive? She was incredibly uneasy as her emotions were taken on a rollercoaster ride!

    After their meal, Xu Weilai brought Gu Xue to the estate garden for a walk in a bid to avoid Gu Yu's suffocating energy. When they returned, Xu Weilai headed straight for the shower. Upon exiting the bathroom, she found Gu Yu in the bedroom as well.

    Xu Weilai's heart skipped a beat but she feigned indifference and went over to her vanity table for her skincare routine.

    Gu Yu headed to the bathroom for his shower. By the time he came out, Xu Weilai had walked over to the bed and had flipped the blanket up, preparing to climb in. The icy look in his eyes that was present the whole evening slowly dissipated.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

    Xu Weilai paused mid-action and got up. She walked over to open the door.

    Gu Xue was at the entrance, hugging a pillow in her hands. With a pitiful look, she said to Xu Weilai, " I dare not sleep on my own. I feel scared every time I close my eyes."

    With that, she reached out a hand and tugged on Xu Weilai's sleeve. "Could you please sleep with me?" she pleaded.