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Chapter 202 - Flaunting Your Skills, Lacking Emotions

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 202: Flaunting Your Skills, Lacking Emotions

    “Watch the stars twinkle in the night sky…”

    When Su Cha began singing, the entire competition site fell extremely silent.

    Her performance was ethereal. Su Cha’s clear vocals gave the audience goosebumps.

    Su Cha had chosen to perform “Stars,” a popular official soundtrack of a famous television show in the country. The original song was atmospheric. Although the original singer had a deep, soulful voice, it shared some similar characteristics with Su Cha’s clear voice.

    Throughout the competition, Su Cha had changed her style multiple times. She had performed a decadent love song in the first round and a slow, gentle love song in the second. In the third round, Su Cha sang a children’s nursery rhyme. Lastly, in the final round, she challenged herself to sing a song with high notes.

    Su Cha had beautifully rearranged and performed all four songs.

    Although she had not perfected her vocal skills, Su Cha’s singing was pleasing to the ears.

    When one closes their eyes to listen to the lyrics of the song, they can picture the night sky’s image in their minds. Hearing Su Cha’s heavenly voice, both the audience and the nervous contestants were able to relax and enjoy themselves for a moment.

    [It sounds so good!!]

    [I love this song. Her rendition of the song is surprisingly perfect!!]

    [It’s worse than the original, she made it too different from the original.]

    [Hoho, she insulted the original singer with her version.]

    [Insult? No matter how she sang it, you would say that it’s an insult. The contestants sang someone else’s song today, so why didn’t you say they insulted the original singers?]

    [This is the charm of a singing competition! I don’t understand why they had to form a group this year. It would be such a waste to put such talent in a girl group.]

    [I hope Su Cha will be the final winner. I hope that she would not be placed in a group as it’s not suitable for her.]

    [She is too outstanding. If she is in a group, she will outshine the other members. Wouldn’t that create too much pressure for the other members?]


    The comments on the screen kept appearing at a rapid rate. Most of the viewers enjoyed Su Cha’s performance.

    When Su Cha ended her singing, Quan Jia grinned from ear to ear, “Outstanding! You did really well, your performance allowed me to enjoy this song differently!”

    Xu Cunjian continued, “Yes, this song had been popular for a long time, and there are many renditions of this song. I must say that your performance was amazing as you showcased your own style without being influenced by the original version. However, you have to continue practicing your vocals. Overall, a great performance, very well done!”

    Anyone would have been able to guess Su Cha’s results based on what the two judges had said.

    When Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian were about to give Su Cha the PASS, Yu Siqing intercepted, “Your singing was not bad, but I think your performance lacked emotions? I feel like you focused too much on showcasing your vocal skills and did not deliver the atmospheric vibes of this song.”


    Just as Yu Siqing finished her words, a member of the audience booed.

    At that moment, Yu Siqing became a little embarrassed. Her anger rose.

    She is a member of the judging panel, how could the audience interfere while she is commenting on the performance!

    As she spoke, Qun Jia and XU Cunjian were completely confused.

    Qun Jia wanted to scream in anger. Xu Cunjian had already commented that Su Cha needed to further improve her vocal skills. But, now, Yu Siqing contradicted him by stating that Su Cha was showing off her singing ability. Is she deaf?

    The comment section in the live stream exploded in a frenzy.

    [Wow, it’s so obvious that this judge is against Su Cha.]

    [I remember that she was trying to find faults with Su Cha in the previous round?]

    [As an anti-fan, I was trying to find fault with Su Cha’s singing. But even I do not agree with Teacher Yu’s comments. How is her singing not soulful enough?]

    [Hahahahaha, serves you right. Now you will not gain direct entry into Top 10!]

    [I think it’s a little unfair if she does not get directly promoted to Top 10…]

    [She is obviously picking on her. A professional like Quan Jia was already smiling so widely. Yu Siqing is just a host??]

    [Yu Siqing is right. She is a judge, so she must have some level of professionalism. All the commenters who are disagreeing with her comments, why don’t I see you on the judging panel?]