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Chapter 245 - A Paradox of Good and Eveil

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 245: A Paradox of Good and Eveil

    The web of green lights slowly scanned Xiao Luo from head to toe. A virtual image of the structure of Xiao Luo’s body soon appeared on the monitor connected to the device.

    Gu Zhanguo stared intensely at the screen. He valued Xiao Luo so much not only because the latter was Destroy, but also because of Xiao Luo’s capabilities. Long Sankui’s capabilities were a grade B. Someone who was able to kill Long Sankui definitely had capabilities higher than grade B. In fact, he might even be a grade S warrior, which had a one in 100,000 chance of showing up.

    If Xiao Luo was a grade S warrior, he could become the sharpest knife in the country.

    Beep! Beep! Beep!

    The device used to determine which grade a warrior belonged to suddenly made a piercing, beeping alarm. Garbled text appeared on the monitor of the computer, which had initially been normal.

    “What’s going on?”

    Gu Zhanguo hurriedly asked the NSA engineer in charge of the grading device.

    The engineer immediately started tapping on the keyboard with both of his hands and said rather puzzledly, “It’s weird, the device cannot determine his grade as a warrior!”

    “What do you mean?” Gu Zhanguo shouted.

    The engineer was confused as well and said with a frown, “As long as the party tested is a living thing, this device of ours can determine its grade as a warrior. For some reason, the device cannot determine that of this man…”

    Gu Zhanguo interrupted him. “Undeterminable? Are you telling me that the man lying over there is not human or cannot even be considered a living thing?”

    The engineer was very panicked. After such an anomalous incident happened in front of the supreme commander of the NSA, he would probably lose his job. “Maybe… Maybe an error has occurred in the device…”

    “Fool, what good are you if you can’t even maintain a device properly?”

    Gu Zhanguo was enraged. He couldn’t wait to find out which grade of a warrior Xiao Luo was. In the end, he was told that the device had encountered an error. It immediately triggered his bad temper.

    All the staff members were so scared that they trembled. The engineer lowered his head. He was so nervous that cold sweat was cascading down his body.

    The beeping alarm of the device sounded more and more hurried. It was as if a bomb was ticking down and going to explode at any time.

    Gu Zhanguo was shocked and roared loudly, “Get him out of it, hurry!”

    If an accident happened to Xiao Luo there, he would directly go mad.

    The engineer immediately entered the command for the device to open up the cabin, but a red light had already lit up on the device. The alarm was deafening. Cold sweat cascaded down the engineer’s body as he discovered that the device gave no reaction after he entered the command.

    The two grade B warriors behind Gu Zhanguo rushed over like a rapid gust of wind and pulled Xiao Luo out of the cylindrical device manually. As they brought Xiao Luo out of the sealed glass room where the device was located, the device exploded with a boom like a bomb.

    “Xiao Luo, are you alright?” Gu Zhanguo asked with concern.

    Xiao Luo pushed away the two grade B warriors supporting him by the arm. He turned back and looked at the exploded device and said with a somewhat blaming tone, “Chief Gu, didn’t you say that it was very safe?”

    Gu Zhanguo was embarrassed and dryly laughed twice. With a dark expression, he roared at the engineer responsible for the device, “Come, you answer this question!”

    The engineer was so scared that he trembled and directly sat on the floor.

    Xiao Luo gave a wave of his hand. “Never mind. It is normal for devices to malfunction. I have worked in a factory before, so I know that all too well.”

    Actually, he was more or less feeling guilty. The device for determining the grade of a warrior seemed to be able to detect the presence of the system. While he was inside, he felt very uncomfortable. It was as if his soul had been sucked out of his body.

    “It seems that we can only go to the headquarters to carry out the test,” Gu Zhanguo said to Xiao Luo with a smile. “Rest assured, the device there definitely won’t have such a problem.”

    “I am already traumatized.”

    Xiao Luo immediately rejected him and said, pausing between each word, “I will get mad at whoever brings up this grading device from now on!”

    Gu Zhanguo could only lightly laugh. At the same time, he glared at the engineer.


    Xiao Luo was recorded into the files of NSA and formally became a member of the bureau. A ring was added to his finger.

    The ring seemed ordinary like it was just something off-the-rack that one could buy for 0 by the roadside. After being processed by the NSA’s technical department, it became a tiny tracker created just for Xiao Luo. It was a privilege given to Xiao Luo by Gu Zhanguo. Trackers were normally directly implanted into some part of the body for other NSA members.

    Next, Gu Zhanguo would pair him up with a liaison office, which would be the bridge of communication between him and the NSA.

    Xiao Luo didn’t mind it. He realized that joining the NSA was still quite good. At least, it didn’t require him to clock in and out every day like other jobs. It was more like freelancing or a side job more or less. His main duty was to heavily damage foreign enemy forces when they were trying to open up the gates to the internet of the country and stop them from entering the country.

    After leaving the branch of the NSA, Xiao Luo took a cab to the Guangming District police station.

    The enforcement operation that night had been conducted by the headquarters without informing the district station, but word had gotten out. The cops at the district station felt fear and respect toward Xiao Luo. Of course, he didn’t mind it. The Dragon Gang had been destroyed, so it was time for him to take off his police uniform.

    The chief, Hou Zhijie, didn’t say anything.

    Wang Yongjia wanted to say something but held his tongue. After Xiao Luo submitted a letter of resignation, Wang Yongjia told him to take care.


    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, who had already been discharged, approached him. They didn’t say much. All their feelings were contained within that shout.

    Xiao Luo patted them on the shoulders and said, “Keep it up. All the best to you.”

    As he spoke, he walked out of the district police station.

    At the door, he ran into Liu Tieguo.

    Liu Tieguo was wearing a well-ironed police uniform and a police cap. He had a righteous aura about him. Gu Qianlin and Ye Wensong were with him.

    Xiao Luo walked over and said to Liu Tieguo with a smile, “Brother Guo, it seems that my guess was right. You really are more than 22 years old.”

    “I’m 34.”

    Liu Tieguo smiled back. He was Old K. As a member of the special forces, this was the task that had put him in the most conflict.

    He originally thought that Xiao Luo was an incredibly evil man. After being in contact with him, he got to actually know Xiao Luo for who he was. Xiao Luo targeted the Dragon Gang because of a girl who had been harmed by the gang. He was a decisive and resolute man. To his enemies, Xiao Luo was vicious. To his friends and family, Xiao Luo was always enthusiastic.

    If Liu Tieguo had to comment on Xiao Luo, he would have said that Xiao Luo was a paradox of good and evil.

    “Actually, Liu Tieguo is not my real name. My real name is…”

    “Brother Guo, as a member of the special forces, it isn’t a wise thing to reveal your real name.”

    Xiao Luo lifted a hand and interrupted him. He didn’t want to know Liu Tieguo’s real name. He would always know the man as Liu Tieguo.

    Liu Tieguo didn’t continue and nodded in agreement. “You are right.”

    Xiao Luo fixed his gaze on Gu Qianlin. “Officer Gu, surely you aren’t still thinking of arresting me?”

    Gu Qianlin gritted her teeth. “If you break the law again, I will definitely arrest you.”

    “Alright, then keep waiting.”

    Xiao Luo asked, “Oh yeah, where’s that girl? I’m leaving, so aren’t you going to let me see her one last time?”

    “I warn you, you better stay away from my younger sister!” Gu Qianlin shouted. “Being close to you will only affect her ability to distinguish good from evil!”

    Xiao Luo smiled. He didn’t want to say anything more.