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Chapter 246 - Zhang Dashan’s Complaints

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 246: Zhang Dashan’s Complaints

    It wasn’t long before Zhang Dashan arrived in a cab. Xiao Luo bid farewell to Liu Tieguo, Wang Lihu, and Ye Qiu, and then hopped into the cab.

    “Hey, Old Xiao, let’s go and buy a car now. Damn, we already have more than one billion dollars’ worth of assets, yet we don’t even have a car. If word gets out, the other bosses in Jiangcheng will be laughing at us.”

    Zhang Dashan didn’t wait to start bleating about the vehicle issue, which had long been on his mind. He was aware that Xiao Luo had been focused on destroying the Dragon Gang all this while, and that was the reason why he had not been pushing Xiao Luo to buy a luxury car. But, considering that his white Corolla was now a pile of scrap, thanks to Xiao Luo, it made every sense for him to invest in another car. In his mind, perhaps something worth several million dollars at least.

    As Xiao Luo listened on, he couldn’t help noticing that Zhang Dashan’s skin had gotten much fairer, and his fashion sense had taken a turn for the better. The only thing that had remained the same was his familiar big, fat face. Xiao Luo chuckled to himself. With that prominent face, he could immediately spot Zhang Dashan even among a crowd of 10 million people.

    “Okay, then let’s go to the car dealer.”

    “Hehe, hehe… Old Xiao, you are a decisive, clear-minded man!”

    Zhang Dashan couldn’t stifle an excited giggle as he patted Xiao Luo’s shoulder, then immediately said to the cab driver, “Sir, can you take us to the car dealer. And yeah, it must be a dealer that trades in luxury cars.”

    “Alright, no problem!”

    The cab driver acknowledged him promptly. But, in heart, he spat and thought, “You two damn posers! If you all really had more than a billion dollars, why would you need to take a cab, huh?”

    Outwardly, he remained a model of professional behavior; he was responsive to his passengers and kept his eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

    “Oh yeah, so how is the company doing? No major issues, I hope?” Xiao Luo asked about Luo’s Workshop.

    Zhang Dashan, confident as always, casually chimed, “Old Xiao, with me overseeing it, what issues could there be? Besides, in addition to me, there’s also Li Zimeng, Luo Qi, Lin Chongdong… they all are competent too. Aiyah, don’t worry, the operation of the company is just fine.” Then his tone hardened, and he added, “It’s just that Xu Guansong. That c*nt is just irritating!”

    “Why, what’s wrong with him?” Xiao Luo raised an eyebrow.

    “What else?! He’s still unconvinced about my appointment and feels that he is the most qualified to be in charge while you are away. Now, he has created cliques and factions in the company, and he’s bent on isolating me. Goddamn, that mother*cker!” Just speaking of Xu Guansong made Zhang Dashan vent his pent-up anger.

    “Does he not know that I was the one who appointed you?”

    “How is that possible that he doesn’t? The entire company knows that I am the person that you have appointed for the company to take charge of.”

    The more he talked about it, the more worked up Zhang Dashan got. He seethed as he recounted a recent incident, “During the last company meeting, we had key decisions to make, and my opinion differed from Xu Guansong’s, so I argued with him. Do you know what he said to me in the end, he said that I am part of your boys’ club and only got the job because of you. He even said that I would be nothing without you. He really p*issed me off so much that I wanted to hit him. Anyway, so what if I have you as my brother, I am proud of having such brothers. Who the f*ck does he think he is, and what right does he have to criticize me?”

    Xiao Luo was not an overly protective person by nature, but he felt agitated when he heard that Zhang Dashan had been bullied. He knew very well that if Xu Guansong hadn’t crossed the line, Zhang Dashan would never have complained to him, otherwise.

    Furthermore, he was the owner of Luo’s Workshop, and it was his prerogative to entrust it to the person he trusted the most while he was away. The fact that the business was still thriving during this period was sufficient to prove Zhang Dashan’s capabilities. While there was some truth to the claim that Zhang Dashan was part of his clique, this was mainly because of Zhang Dashan’s abilities, which could clearly be seen.

    “I’ll go back to the company and have a word with him!”

    “Brother, I was just waiting for you to say so. As a temporary employee, I have no right to reprimand him at all, but not for you, as the rightful boss of the company. That Xu Guansong definitely won’t dare to stir too much trouble in your presence.” Zhang Dashan laughed mischievously.

    Xiao Luo sighed as he turned to look out of the window.

    It was one month to the new year, and the festive mood was getting into full swing. All along the road, red-colored decorations of all designs and sizes had been put out. At the train station, many outstation workers were waiting in a long queue. Evidently, they were all queuing to buy train tickets to go home.

    “Old Xiao, why didn’t you ask about Sister Huang?” Zhang Dashan suddenly said.

    Huang Ruoran?!

    Xiao Luo turned and asked back, “Why would I ask about her?” Then he asked again, “Didn’t you properly send her on her way the last time?”

    “F*ck, are you doubting my abilities? Of course, I sent her on her way. But Sister Huang is gorgeous, definitely my cup of tea, and more importantly, she’s still in university. If I can… with her… Hehehe… Wahhh, see, my d*ck is stirring with deep passion just thinking of her!”

    A longing, but somewhat perverse, look formed in Zhang Dashan’s dreamy eyes. “Thanks to you, brother, I’ve already gotten her contact number. Rest assured, she won’t get anywhere near you. Whenever she comes over to find you, it will be a chance for her and me to get to know each other. I believe that as long as I am patient and determined, this delicate flower will one day belong to me.”

    “Then you should work hard and make it work. You can date Huang Ruoran for two years and wait until she graduates then marry her.”

    Xiao Luo had no objections. Although he was still single, he didn’t wish the same for Zhang Dashan. Of course, Xiao Luo wasn’t really interested in students, preferring someone more mature. And among the adults, other than Sun Yu, only Gu Qianxue had caused a stir in his heart. But he found her a little too innocent, and besides, she was also the daughter of Gu Zhanguo and the younger sister of Gu Qianlin. These complications prevented him from pursuing a serious relationship with her, and it would be best to keep a distance.

    “Wait, your *ss. Two years is too long, I can’t wait. If I manage to be in a relationship with Sister Huang, I’ll try to get her pregnant quickly. After all, since when did the law prohibit university students from getting married? As long as they are above the legal age, it’s okay. “Zhang Dashan said.

    “…” Xiao Luo was left speechless.

    After about half an hour, they arrived at the largest car dealership of Jiangcheng.

    “F*ck, there really is no limit to your boasting, is there. What one billion dollars’ worth of assets, why settle for a university student? If you’re so capable, you can get any beauty you want, even go to heaven and become a god. What nonsense!”

    Eavesdropping on the conversation Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were having along the way, the cab driver had gotten riled up. He despised such braggarts, always thinking they were so much better than he. When he had dropped them off at the destination, he spat viciously at them after they walked away, before driving away in a dour mood.


    Zhang Dashan had long been eyeing a particular car model, the Range Rover SV Autobiography, Long Wheelbase variant. It was sold for almost 1.8 million dollars, including tax and some other fees, bringing up the total cost to some two million dollars.

    “Gentlemen, are you two looking to buy a car?”

    A salesperson walked over.

    Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan looked at her and instantly recognized her. What a coincidence.

    The lady was none other than Fang Shulan, the daughter of Fang Changlei, the former boss of Taste Buds.

    Fang Shulan wore a business suit that accentuated her slender, well-limbed figure. After Taste Buds had been declared bankrupt and Fang Changlei sent to jail, she had become less arrogant and looked plainer.

    When she set eyes on Xiao Luo, she was momentarily stunned, then her shock turned to anger. She had a deep hatred for him because of what her father, Fang Changlei, had gone through. Her father had also told her that Xiao Luo, the boss of Luo’s Workshop, was the cause of his demise. All she knew was that her father went bankrupt and got imprisoned because of this man.