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Chapter 283 - Im Coming Back at the End of This Month

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 283: I'm Coming Back at the End of This Month

    She stared at Fei Bai in disbelief.

    Li Shiyao had thought that Fei Bai was a dull man who did not like to deal with all those inconsequential pleasantries, and yet now, he was asking for a goodbye hug? This was such a surprise to her.


    She… she was not even that close to him, how could they hug!? How could they have such intimate skinship!?

    With her face burning red, Li Shiyao stuttered, "This… isn't this appropriate for us to… you know…right?"

    Not appropriate for what? Fei Bai's straightforward mind could not comprehend what her words meant. Then, he directed his gaze at her packaged food. Could it be that… she feared that the food she had packed from the cafe was not up to his tastes?

    Well, nevertheless, he was a gentleman. He could handle any kind of food she thought was "not appropriate".

    Thus, Fei Bai opened his mouth and said, "It's alright. I don't mind."

    Hearing this, tears started to pool in Li Shiyao's eyes.

    When he saw this, Fei Bai started to get panicked and tried to comfort her. "For real, like, I don't mind. You see, we've known each other for so long, so…"

    Li Shiyao did not want to hug him.

    However, she did not dare to reject Fei Bai. Not especially after he showed her that scary grin of his again…

    Hence, the poor little queen took in a deep breath and decided to brave it through. "O…Okay. Here we go…"

    Right after saying this, she extended her arms to hug him.


    Fei Bai was stunned when the tender, soft flesh of the beautiful girl made contact with him. Her hair had a great fragrance to it so much so that he could feel his entire steel-like body start to soften down. Instinctively, he extended his arms too, wanting to envelop her into his embrace. However, his hands hovered behind her back at the last minute. How should he embrace her? His arms were muscular and powerful, like that of the claw of a bulldozer. If he hugged her, he might hurt her.

    It was like holding a fragile candy. One mistake and the candy might drop out of his hands and get smashed to pieces. Yet, if he put it in his mouth, the candy might melt too quickly and dissolve into nothingness before he could savor it!

    Every muscle in his body was so tensed up that even after she had let go of him, Fei Bai felt as though he had run 20 laps at the running tracks!

    Fei Bai lowered his head to look at the girl before him. Li Shiyao's fair skin was now covered in a blushing shade of pink.

    Letting go of the man, Li Shiyao quickly ran into the apartment building, disappearing through the door in mere seconds…


    Fei Bai came to a few minutes after Li Shiyao had fled into the building. He stood at the entrance and stared at the spot where the girl had been standing in earlier. He could feel a surge of energy running through his veins as he clenched his fists and a smile began to spread across his face.

    This time, his smile was a natural one. One that the girls would have not found to be a "creepy grin"…


    Having finally reached home, Ning Meng went into her kitchen to put her takeaway into the fridge.

    She had not finished her meal at the cafe earlier, however, when she was driving home, along the way, she somehow felt that her tummy was full.

    She then browsed the internet on her phone for a short while before heading to the bathroom for her bath routines. After she was done with her bath and skincare regime, it was already 11 pm.

    It was then that she saw Huo Beichen's messages.

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [?]

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [You're not home yet?]

    Recalling that she had promised to text him when she got home, Ning Meng quickly sent him a reply: [Yes, I'm home now. I was taking a bath earlier.]

    A few seconds later, her phone rang. It was a video call from "Loyal Dog Lord Chen".

    Looking at her phone, Ning Meng could feel as though her heart was being rubbed by a cat. It felt so ticklish and warm.

    Accepting the call, she saw that Huo Beichen was walking around while holding his phone. His hair was wet, it seemed like he had just gotten out of the shower. Oooh~ he was still as good looking as ever.

    Ning Meng instinctively said, "So, we've both just gotten out of our showers!"

    Hearing this, Huo Beichen grinned as he opened his mouth. His deep, magnetic voice vibrated from her phone's speaker and into her ears. "Yes. We've both just finished our baths at the same time."


    Ning Meng's ears began to turn red upon hearing this.