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Chapter 913 - Firing a Bullet and Injuring Someone

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 913: Firing a Bullet and Injuring Someone

    Anatoli was still smiling beautifully and adorably. Pointing at his forehead, he taunted. “Go ahead and shoot me here!”

    Wen Xinya sneered and suddenly aimed her gun at the hand that Anatoli was using to hold the gun. She then pulled the trigger and a bullet was fired with a loud bang, giving everyone a great shock.

    The guests broke into a commotion. The men were appalled by Wen Xinya’s bravery, while the timid women shrieked in terror, not daring to act rashly.

    Anatoli’s hand turned numb because of the recoil from the gun. Hence, he did not feel the pain yet, though the continuously flowing blood reminded him of how her ruthlessness.

    Wen Xinya put her gun away and stepped forward to pinch Anatoli’s wound before snatching the gun away. “Do you know why Rex is the ultimate winner in his battle against the Ivanov Family?”

    Clenching his jaw tightly, he said, “Please enlighten me, beautiful lady.” The pain in his hand constantly reminded him of the fact that he was shot by a woman.

    She reached a hand out to raise Anatoli’s chin. “Because in China, there’s something known as a bloody disaster. The Chinese are superstitious. We believe that blood is considered inauspicious and that blood will result in a huge monetary loss. The Chinese always say that harmony breeds prosperity and we ought to be more ethical.”

    Her words turned everyone speechless. After shooting Anatoli and causing him to bleed, she could still take the moral high ground and talk about moral ethics. Even Si Yiyan could not help but take his hat off to her.

    Anatoli kept his brown, gemstone-like eyes fixed on Wen Xinya, whom he had belittled.

    “There’s also a saying that goes ‘Winner takes all’, so, don’t think that you can provoke me, loser.” Wen Xinya then hit his chin forcefully with Athena, causing a loud thud sound. Clearly, his chin had been dislocated.

    Anatoli grimaced, at a complete loss for words.

    Wen Xinya smacked the gun against his face and sneered. “You really don’t know the rules. This event is held by Duke Moville. You’re just a shameless scoundrel who has no right to cause a stir here. You’ve ruined the banquet and caused there to be bloodshed. You ought to be punished!”

    Her words were reasonable. Not only did she assert her dominance, she had also used Anatoli to mock Duke Moville while sugar-coating her words. Even the Moville family could not find fault with what she said because she made it sound as if she had acted that way in order to defend them.

    Despite feeling displeased, the Moville Family had no choice but to suck it up.

    Si Yiyan grinned widely, the dragon mask accentuating his smugness.

    Even Yueze, who had been hiding in the dark, could not help but be in awe of Wen Xinya. Although her actions seemed rash, they were rather profound. He felt that she was indeed compatible with Si Yiyan.

    Xu Xianghu was stunned speechless!

    He thought to himself, Sis-in-law is so formidable and domineering! She has what it takes to be a gangster!

    Just as Wen Xinya was about to take a look at the boy, a shiny knife darted towards her.

    “Miss Bella, watch out!” Liu Yanhua yelled in horror. She had already been too slow just now and once again, she was going to be a step too late.

    Wen Xinya spun around and did a split before sliding her back against the ground to dodge the blade. She then pressed her foot against the neck of her assaulter before leaping upwards and pressing her slender and bony fingers against his throat. Her nails were painted gold and red, making her look fierce and daunting.

    The man would stop breathing so long as she tightened her grip.

    However, Wen Xinya did not plan to just let him off so easily. Since they were not in China, she had no choice but to show her prowess and strength in order to give her assaulters a warning and prevent letting herself become Si Yiyan’s burden.

    As soon as she tightened her grip, she felt the man’s body tense and all of his muscles stiffened. His Adam’s apple moved and he struggled to survive.

    Staring at the look of hopelessness on his face, Wen Xinya smirked coldly and gibed. “You want to kill me to defend your master? You’re really naive and silly. Do you know the consequences that your master is going to face if you kill me?”

    The man had assaulted her after she shot Anatoli. Hence, he was clearly trying to stand up for Anatoli. In that case, he was definitely of significant status. She was not only talking to him, she was talking to Anatoli as well.

    The man’s pupils dilated continuously and his teeth began to chatter.

    With the sound of a gunshot, a bloodied hole formed in the man’s forehead.

    Wen Xinya let go of him and stared at Anatoli who was sitting on the ground. He was the one who had shot the man. “Sir, you’re really daring, huh?”

    Anatoli had made a smart move by shooting him. Otherwise, neither Duke Moville nor Si Yiyan would let it slide.

    What a resolute and decisive person!

    Anatoli smiled sinisterly and said, “I can’t compare to you at all, Miss Bella.”

    It was normal for one to pay the consequences of belittling someone else. He had suffered humiliation not because he had lost, but because he had belittled Wen Xinya.

    Wen Xinya ignored him and crossed over the corpse on the ground without even looking at it. Ironically, she was just feeling terrified, angry and disgusted about the loss of an innocent life a while ago. Yet, she could now completely disregard the man on the ground.

    She walked towards the boy and said, “Don’t be scared. We’re from the same race, our fellow Chinese will watch over you and protect you.”

    Although she had intervened mostly for Si Yiyan’s sake, she had also done it without hesitation because the boy was Chinese.

    The vulnerable boy’s eyes lit up at the instant that he saw Wen Xinya. He said, “You will be repaid for your kind deeds.”

    Good karma represented a wonderful world.

    A Chinese man stepped forward and carried the boy away.

    The waiters rapidly rushed forward to move the corpse away. A few girls then knelt on the ground and began washing and wiping the bloodstains away from the ground with deadpan expressions on their faces.