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Chapter 249 - Effects

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 249: Effects

    Lin Qiaoyu let out a sigh too. “People back in our hometown were so jealous when they heard that Xiaoyi and I are able to work in a hospital located in a big city once we graduate. I didn’t know that something like that could happen to Shengqi Hospital when we are just in our first year. How about you, Jiang Yao? Were you aiming for Shengqi Hospital when you first came here?”

    “Ah?” Jiang Yao was caught off guard when she was called. She shook her head truthfully. “No, it isn’t. The reason I came here is only because it is the closest to my home. As for my future workplace, I will definitely be following my husband. If my husband is still in the North, then I will be working in the North too.”

    “I shouldn’t have asked you this question.” Zhou Xiaoxia laughed and smacked Jiang Yao. “Our situation is different for someone like you who has a family.”

    No one asked Wen Xuehui either. After all, Wen Xuehui’s father was the vice-chancellor. If Shengqi Hospital still existed, Wen Xuehui would definitely secure a decent job. She could just enter another hospital if Shengqi Hospital were gone. Even if Wen Xuehui did not want to work with other hospitals, she could just stay in the university, take a postgraduate course to get her doctorate and become a lecturer.

    “Do you guys have any idea what’s going on? What on earth did the new shareholder do to make everyone so afraid of him? Why are they all saying that the hospital will fall under his care?” Zhou Xiaoxia could not figure out any reason that made sense. “Can a mere shareholder bring such devastating effects upon a hospital?”

    “A small shareholder can’t do much, but a big one has the privilege to call the shots.” Wen Xuehui nodded. “But something’s still off, I did not hear about what the new shareholder did that caused all the rumors out there. I only know that Shengqi Hospital is going to close down because of the new shareholder. It seems that no one knows exactly why.”


    Li Yi, Lin Qiaoyu and the others’ sighs were heard consecutively. “If my mom finds out about this, she will definitely scold me for not being lucky enough.”

    Jiang Yao glanced at her roommates with their heads drooping. She only spoke after a long while, “Don’t worry guys! I can guarantee that Shengqi Hospital is not going to close down soon, just keep your mind on your studies! We’re only in the first year of university, it’s too early for us to be worrying about this!”

    “How is it too early? Do you know how many people in our school have their eyes locked on a job in Shengqi Hospital?” Zhou Xiaoxia said, “What we have now is something called ‘crisis awareness’.”

    “Exactly! Crisis awareness! As for you, how are you going to guarantee that? You’re just making fun of us. Hmph! It’s true that there’s nothing to worry about for someone who is already married. How nice! You even have your husband to help and do all the thinking for you.” Li Xuan was truly slightly jealous of Jiang Yao. She was not surprised that Jiang Yao had nothing to worry about since she came from a wealthy background and her husband was even a soldier. After Jiang Yao graduates, her family would definitely help her to arrange everything about her career and that was the reason why she was not concerned about the future of Shengqi Hospital.

    “Of course I can guarantee that! Because I’m the new shareholder of Shengqi Hospital. I’m the one who is going to destroy the hospital, according to you guys…” Jiang Yao pointed her finger at herself. She did not look like she was joking about that.

    However, in the eyes of Wen Xuehui and Zhou Xiaoxia, the words that came from the bottom of her heart was treated as merely a joke that she came up with in order to cheer them up.

    All of them laughed while punching her softly with their little fists. They only assumed that she was trying to comfort them and did not care much about what she said.

    Jiang Yao gawked at her roommates who went back to do their respective things after beating her. She had a gloomy look on her face, a very, very gloomy one. Even when she told them so earnestly and sincerely, no one believed her?

    However, when Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu both got a job in the hospital and saw Jiang Yao at the shareholders’ meeting a few years later, they were going to be dumbfounded. By that time, both of them would burst into laughter to the point where they would not even be able to straighten their backs when they recall what happened today as well as Jiang Yao’s innocent and gloomy face. But of course, it was something of the future