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Chapter 251 - Do You Have Money or Nah

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 251: Do You Have Money or Nah

    She remembered Lu Xingzhi mentioning the extraordinary situation of the Zhou family. Last time, Weiqi even had to ask for Lu Xingzhi’s help because he did not have a place to stay. Therefore, Weiqi should not be able to take so much money out in one-shot. Even if she asked him, it would only trouble Weiqi.

    Jiang Yao sighed. After all her hard work, it seemed like she could only give up on the shares. She did not even know who Mr. Qin would sell his shares to if she did not buy them from him. She would really have a headache if another big shot were to appear.

    Initially, Jiang Yao was planning to take leave on Friday to purchase the shares. She did not expect that her plans would fail.

    Although she felt that it was a pity, it could not be avoided. Jiang Yao felt downhearted because all her hard work had gone down the drain, as it ended up benefiting others. Therefore, Jiang Yao did not sleep a wink that night, and she spent all her time on her studies. Also, she was contemplating when she should bring Moe to earn some money or go for treasure hunts.

    She learnt a lesson: we should always rely on ourselves. Once we have money in our hands, no plans would ever go down the drain again.

    Due to the financial issues, there was a sudden change in plans. Once Jiang Yao woke up on Friday morning, she gave Manager Sun a call and informed him about not buying Mr. Qin’s shares.

    Manager Sun heard the news and he was really shocked. After all, Jiang Yao had been waiting for the opportunity for so long and she just decided to call off everything. It still seemed weird so Manager Sun asked her for an explanation.

    “Because I don’t have money! I can’t take money out at the moment!” Jiang Yao was also the most truthful employer in the world. She was depressed once she mentioned money. “About the thing that I left at your place, just ask around and sell it when you have the time.”

    After Jiang Yao ended the call, Jiang Yao went for her classes. She was an optimistic lady. Since she could not get enough money to buy Mr. Qin’s shares, she did not think about that again. During their break, she even asked Wen Xuehui out on the weekend.

    The weather was turning cold at that time. Jiang Yao reminded Wen Xuehui to bring along a thin jacket when they were going out on the weekend. There was a huge temperature difference between the day and night in the countryside and it was going to be chilly.

    When they were talking, someone came to the classroom to look for Jiang Yao. Jiang Yao could recognise the man with only a single glance, he was Huang Chengjing’s personal assistant.

    “Is Mr. Huang looking for me?” Jiang Yao found it weird because Huang Chengjing could have just contacted her on the phone if he needed her for anything.

    The assistant smiled at Jiang Yao and said, “Mr. Huang ordered me to pass this to Miss. Jiang,”

    Jiang Yao took over the kraft paper bag from Huang Chengjing’s assistant’s hands. She did not rush to open it either as she thought that it was something for her to eat and thanked him.

    Jiang Yao only opened the paper bag casually after she had returned to her seat. She gave it a gentle shake and a booklet came out from it. She picked it up and had a look. To her surprise, it was a passbook and there was a note in it. There was only a short and simple sentence on the note but it looked flamboyant and chic.

    After reading the message on the note, Jiang Yao opened the passbook with a big smile on her face and her smile grew bigger as she continued to count the number of zeros on the book.

    “Xuehui, I have some urgent stuff to do and I need to go out for a while. Take leave for me.” Jiang Yao put away the passbook. She hastily told Wen Xuehui that after she dragged her out of her conversation with their classmate beside her. She then zoomed out of the classroom without any hesitation.

    Jiang Yao did not even return to her room. She gave a call to Manager Sun straightaway and said, “The plan is still on! I will transfer the money to your bank account right now!”

    Manager Sun listened to the busy beeps from the phone and did not know whether he should laugh or cry. His life was going to be tough one if he had an employer who spoke and did things at such a swift pace like her.