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Chapter 284 - His Careful Measures

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 284: His Careful Measures

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    He stared at the name starting with the letter “N” for a long time while lost in his thoughts. The unpleasant past flashbacked before him, and his breathing became rapid…

    “If you still refuse to talk to me, I will ignore you from now on!”

    A woman’s voice was suddenly heard from his phone. Her voice seemed near, yet at the same time, it felt as though her voice had been sent back from eight years ago. This made him abruptly regain his senses, and Huo Beichen’s panicked slightly.


    She had, after all, ignored him for eight years. He choked in a low trembling voice. “Don’t ignore me.”

    “It’s all my fault. As long as you’re still talking to me, I will do anything.”

    His low voice turned into a whisper. He had expressed his true feelings from the deepest recesses of his heart—Of him losing sleep because he was missing her every day when she was not around.

    Ning Meng was shocked to hear this and became concerned. “Lord Chen, what’s wrong?”

    Huo Beichen was pulled back to reality in that instant.

    He looked at his phone and suddenly broke out into a bitter laugh. “Nothing much. Are you going to bed?”

    Ning Meng’s voice was riddled with guilt. “Well, yeah. Are you not?”

    Huo Beichen closed his eyes halfway. “Go to bed, then. Goodnight.”

    “Goodnight then.” After she had said this, she hesitated for a while longer. Finally, she asked, “Are you… sure you’re alright?”

    Huo Beichen’s bathrobe was slightly opened and he looked out of the French windows of the villa. Xiao Tiantian was snuggled in front of the sofa, it looked like it had fallen asleep. All these years, it had always only been Xiao Tiantian and him. He had felt so lonely when she was not around.

    He laughed. “Yeah. It’s just that… I miss you.”

    His voice was soft when he said the last three words, and Ning Meng could not hear them clearly.

    “Well, it’s good if there’s nothing wrong. Shall we then… hang up?”


    Upon hanging up, Huo Beichen sat down on the sofa, looking straight ahead. He remembered that when he realized that she had returned to her usual self, he had taken careful measures to confirm that it really was her. When she had come home, he did not hold back in giving her an embrace just like the old days… however, she had forgotten all that had happened and had pushed him away. He had felt very hurt.

    He could only keep the memories and their love for each other eight years ago in his heart and casually test her limits. He would slowly get close to her and get a good grasp of her standards, fearing that he would scare her again if he did not hold back…

    Huo Beichen suppressed the hurt in his heart, his eyes filled with sadness and loneliness.

    Their youth… Their past… Their every sweet moment and pains. He was the only one who remembered them now.

    He did not realize that he had dwelled in his thoughts for such a long time. When he finally came back to his senses, his body felt cold. His hair had dried naturally and his fingertips were chilled, his body almost frozen stiff. He looked at the few WeChat texts again. Finally, he slowly replied with a single word.


    After he had sent this out, he stood up, put on some clothes, and went to the garage. He drove out and accelerated toward Yuxiu Garden. She had always heaped needless compliments on him and had pressed him to answer why he liked her. Huo Beichen had wanted to tell her the truth many times, wanted to tell her that it had always been her and it would always be her…

    He wanted her to remember everything that had happened. He felt lonely in this love story, but he was afraid that if she regained her memories, she might leave him for good…