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Chapter 259 - It Wasn’t Like. It Was Love. (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 259: It Wasn’t Like. It Was Love. (1)

    "Weilai, I think Brother Yu likes you too!"

    Although Gu Xue couldn't be absolutely sure that what she had seen that night had indeed happened, she could tell from her cousin's animosity towards her that began the night before that he cared about Xu Weilai.

    Brother Yu might have treated her with indifference all those years, but there had never been any animosity. His temperament was simply a little colder than the average person's. However, the day before, after she had monopolized Xu Weilai's attention, she could sense that she had incited jealousy in him. In his eyes, Xu Weilai belonged to him and him alone. If anyone else so much as looked at Xu Weilai, Gu Yu would probably see him or her as a threat.

    All the members of the Gu family possessed the same temperament, and she was no exception! Therefore, upon waking up, when she had read Brother Yu's message telling her to scram, she hadn't been surprised at all. Without even a single ounce of resistance, she left quickly.

    In the past, she detested Xu Weilai very much. She had felt that Xu Weilai had robbed her of Brother Yu. But now, she viewed Xu Weilai as the savior who had appeared in her greatest time of need. The scene of Xu Weilai knocking Rong Wang out with a single kick was forever etched in her memory…

    If Xu Weilai had been a male, she would have pledged herself to him immediately. Unfortunately, she was a woman and one who was married to Brother Yu at that. Therefore, she had no choice but to entrust Weilai to Brother Yu and acknowledge her as her sister-in-law. The woman was indeed worthy of Brother Yu's affection.

    Brother Yu was someone she liked, and so was Xu Weilai. This was a couple she totally shipped!

    Gu Xue's words made Xu Weilai's eyes suddenly go wide with disbelief.

    How on earth had Gu Xue arrived at such an erroneous conclusion?

    Xu Weilai was at a momentary loss about how to answer her, and could only laugh dryly. When Gu Xue released her and saw that she didn't believe her words, and added, "It's true! I'm sure that Brother Yu likes you. My intuition can't be wrong!"

    So, it was intuition…

    Three years ago, her intuition had also told her that Gu Yu liked her. And look at how that turned out!

    However, Xu Weilai knew that Gu Xue meant well, and didn't have the heart to rain on her parade. Hence, she nodded her head and went along with her, "Alright. Got it!"

    Gu Xue was simple at heart and wasn't the sort to read too deeply into things. When she heard Xu Weilai's reply, she felt accomplished and grinned widely. "So you must live happily ever after with Brother Gu, Sister-in-law!"

    Xu Weilai walked Gu Xue to the lobby and walked her to the car. When the vehicle finally drove out of her sight, Xu Weilai remained there in a daze for a while before finally turning around to head back.

    Gu Xue's head was turned back until she could no longer see Xu Weilai and reluctantly turned back to face the front.

    In order to ensure that the new couple she was shipping lasted long, she thought for a moment and pulled out her cell phone to send a message to her cousin.

    [I'm handing my dear Weilai over to you, Brother Yu. You must treat her well. If you don't, I won't like you anymore!]

    She didn't expect to receive Gu Yu's reply within a few seconds.

    All those years, regardless of whether she had called him or sent him any messages, he had always ignored them. This time around, he actually replied immediately!

    Gu Xue was frozen in shock for a whole minute before she blinked her eyes. With her fingers trembling, she clicked on the text message. When she read its contents, she was dumbstruck once again.

    Four words: [She is not yours]. He hadn't even bothered with punctuation marks!

    Why on earth was he being so darn possessive?

    Gu Xue suddenly realized that what she had said to Xu Weilai about Brother Yu liking her had been wrong. Brother Yu didn't just like her. Instead…