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Chapter 416 - Success after Consummating Once

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 416: Success after Consummating Once

    “I don’t know much,” said Bao’er as she shook her head. Although she had worked in the palace for eight years, her duties were confined to Chuxiu Palace, and so she did not know much of what was going on outside.

    “Is that so?” Yun Jiuge’s disappointment was on full display, she even had the look of ‘you’ve worked here for eight years, yet you know nothing’.

    Bao’er started to feel uneasy. Elderly Lady Wang was just sent away and it was her time to shine, it would be difficult to gain her Master’s trust if she let her down now.

    Bao’er thought for a while and then whispered, “This slave once heard a rumor about the white-skinned nobles but, I do not know whether it is true or not.”

    “Tell me anyway,” Yun Jiuge brightened up and immediately regained her energy.

    “I heard that once a white-skinned noble consummated her marriage with His Majesty, she would be sent to another place to safely have the baby, that’s why there is no one in the harem now,” Bao’er said in a low voice.

    “They leave to prepare for pregnancy? Can there be a child after just doing it once?” Yun Jiuge asked in surprise, even a sharpshooter was not so accurate!

    Bao’er’s face turned red, and she couldn’t respond. How could she discuss such an intimate topic with an innocent, unmarried lady?

    “I am serious, this question is very important. How could all the white-skinned nobles become pregnant after sleeping only once with His Majesty?” asked Yun Jiuge, her face was serious. In the cultivation world, the higher one’s cultivation level is, the harder it is to conceive. This has been unchanging since time immemorial, there is no reason why this gray-faced Golden Core Emperor Brother would be an exception.

    “This slave has only heard of it,” answered Bao’er, looking rather embarrassed. She had never served a white-skinned noble before in Chuxiu Palace, she would not know anything of the bridal chamber.

    “Has any white-skinned noble ever given birth to a son?” Yun Jiuge asked again.

    “There is none that I know of,” answered Bao’er. Although she had stayed in the palace for eight years, she had not seen any child of His Majesty, much less a son.

    “They were all sent away pregnant, but none of their babies were seen. Isn’t this weird?” Yun Jiuge continued to ask. She remembered the tower with the Fiendish Qi which only appeared at night. She could not forget the skeletal remains of the dead nobles she saw in the eyes of the gray-faced Emperor. Her heart became heavy.

    “Miss, the rumor could be just nonsense. Please don’t take it seriously, otherwise I would be punished!” Bao’er panicked a little. If Eunuch Li knew that she had been gossiping, she would get into trouble.

    “What are you afraid of? We were just chatting randomly and I was just listening casually, no other person will know. It’s already late, let’s go and see how’s dinner coming along. I’ll rest in the inner palace for a while,” Yun Jiuge said to Bao’er. She got up and walked to the inner palace.


    Upon seeing Yun Jiujie’s calm expression and that she did not seem frightened, Bao’er left with a sigh of relief.

    “There is no doubt what the palace maid heard is true,” Zi Shang said in Yun Jiuge’s mind.

    “How is it possible, to get them pregnant after doing it only once plus he is at the Golden Core Cultivation Level? Those white-skinned women did not conceive normally, there must be something weird going on,” replied Yun Jiuge. However, this mystery could only be solved by actually examining those women.

    “Let’s put this aside first, did you get in touch with the Magic Cauldron?” asked Zi Shang who was more concerned about this matter.

    “No, I didn’t manage to contact the Magic Cauldron but, there was an encounter the Herb Soul Seed,” replied Yun Jiuge. She related what happened with the Herb Soul Seed to Zi Shang.

    “The Bloody Fiendish Pearl exploded on its own, and there is a black monster?” repeated Zi Shang. It was impossible to connect the different pieces.

    “Do you think that the Herb Soul Seed is locked in the tower?” asked Yun Jiuge. To her, the mysterious tower seemed the most likely place.

    “Maybe. The next time you encounter the Herb Soul Seed, ask about the place and what’s situation like,” instructed Zi Shang. They would have to enter the tower soon, so the more detailed information they could get of the place, the better it would be.

    “Okay, I’ll try later tonight,” replied Yun Jiuge. She was about to ask about when they should go to the tower again when Bao’er announced, “Miss, His Majesty sent you more gifts, would you like to come and take a look?”

    “There’s no need for me to see them. Just arrange them however you like,” replied Yun Jiuge. She was not in a mood to deal with the servants now.

    Having collected and arranged the gifts, Bao’er came into the inner palace. She had a mixed expression on her face as she said to Yun Jiuge, “Miss, Eunuch Li conveyed that the Emperor has lighted your lantern for tonight. So, you are to prepare for the consummation tonight.”

    “Consummation?” Yun Jiuge was shocked. Not only is the gray-faced Emperor Brother coming over for real but he wants the marriage consummated tonight.

    “Miss, the consummation is a matter of sooner or later, you should be a little more open about it,” suggested Bao’er. She regretted having told her about the previous nobles, she thought that Yun Jiuge was too scared to be bedded by His Majesty.

    If the Emperor becomes enraged by her rejection, he might not treat the Miss badly, but the servants might be punished instead.

    “I get it. You may go, there is no need for dinner, I don’t have any appetite,” Yun Jiuge said.

    Bao’er wanted to say something but stopped as she sensed that Yun Jiuge was not in the mood to talk to her. She left quietly.

    “Go find Yu Sha now. We’ll go to the tower tonight,” said Zi Shang. He had made the decision quickly. Even if his Cultivation Level had regressed, he would still take Yun Jiuge and leave this damned place. They should leave before the gray-faced Emperor Brother starts to miss her.

    “Don’t worry, didn’t you say that the gray-faced Emperor Brother was suppressed by a mysterious force? Let’s wait till we hear from Zhan Wang first. Moreover, I don’t think the Emperor Brother will force me if I refuse to sleep with him,” Yun Jiuge said. If he attacks her, she will kill him when he is in a state of confusion.

    “No, it’s too dangerous,” said Zi Shang, “just summon Yu Sha now.”

    “She should be at the door of His Majesty’s Personal Library, watching over Zhan Wang, how could I call for her now?” said a helpless Yun Jiuge.

    “Just use your Cognitive to call out to her, she will know,” he said. Zi Shang knew that Yu Sha had secretly tweaked Yun Jiuge’s Cognitive long ago which he had chosen to ignore.

    “Alright, I’ll try,” replied Yun Jiuge as she closed her eyes. She was about to call Yu Sha in her Cognitive when she heard Yu Sha’s voice. “Jiuge, did you call me?” asked Yu Sha.

    “When did you come in?” asked Yun Jiuge, startled. Yu Sha was standing before her, holding a golden-red sheer dress.

    “As soon as I heard that the gray-faced Emperor Brother plans to bed you tonight, I quickly came over,” replied Yu Sha as she placed the sheer dress next to Yun Jiuge. Reluctantly Yu Sha asked Yun Jiuge, “What did Zi Shang say?” Yu Sha was holding back her anger as she thought about how that gray-faced Emperor Brother tried to take advantage of the Goddess by touching her in Yuhua garden. Now he even plans on bedding the Goddess, he is just asking to be killed!

    “Zi Shang said that we’ll break into the tower tonight. But I think it’s too dangerous so I said no, please help me persuade him,” said Yun Jiuge who did not think that the gray-faced Emperor Brother would do anything to her.

    “Let Yu Sha touch the mark, and I will talk to him,” ordered Zi Shang quickly.

    Yun Jiuge lifted her sleeves and conveyed Zi Shang’s words to Yu Sha.

    Yu Sha reached out and touched the mark on Yun Jiu’s arm. She closed her eyes and listened carefully.

    Yun Jiuge did not know what Yu Sha and Zi Shang talked about, the expression on Yu Sha’s face was unreadable. Yu Sha was nodding as she said to Zi Shang, “I understand, let’s do that.”