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Chapter 417 - Immoral Yu Sha

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 417: Immoral Yu Sha

    “Well, what did you discuss?” Yun Jiuge asked. She couldn’t help herself from asking but both Zi Shang and Yu Sha ignored her.

    “Okay, let’s do it this way,” said Yu Sha to Zi Shang. She opened her eyes and asked Yun Jiuge, “Do you still have your face changing things, can you help me whiten my skin?”

    Whitening one’s skin was an easy task for Yun Jiuge.

    She had a Beautifying Medicinal Pill in her hand, it would not only make one’s entire skin white and delicate, but it would also bring out a soft light effect. She had made the Pill to sell it to Wanbao Building.

    After Yu Sha swallowed the Beautifying Medicinal Pill, she untied her hair and let it loose. She then put Yun Jiuge’s makeup on her face and soon turned into a white-skinned beauty.

    “Why do you make yourself look like me?” Yun Jiuge asked at Yu Sha. By now, Yu Sha looked almost alike to Yun Jiuge.

    “Let’s swap places, how about I sleep with the gray-faced Emperor Brother in your place?” said Yu Sha, winking at Yun Jiuge. This way, not only would they keep Yun Jiuge away from the Emperor Brother, they could observe the gray-faced Emperor Brother safely, it was a perfect plan.

    Yun Jiuge was stunned by their plan.

    She knew that Yu Sha treated her very well but she did not expect that she would swap places with her.

    “You don’t have to worry about her, the Devil race has no morals,” said Zi Shang. He couldn’t help himself but ridiculing Yu Sha.

    “Is Yu Sha from the Devil race?” asked Yun Jiuge, By now, she was even more surprised, coming from the Devil race and being a Devil Cultivator were two different matter.

    “Damned, I shouldn’t have revealed Yu Sha’s true identity,” Zi Shang was talking to himself.

    Zi Shang thought for a while. Finally, he decided that he would reveal Yu Sha’s true identity. He said to Yun Jiuge, “Do you remember the devil statue in the Ruins?”

    “Yes, I remember,” Yun Jiuge nodded. The statue was handsome, with curly hair and two goat horns.

    “That was Wan Sha, he’s now in Yu Sha’s body,” Zi Shang said. At the same time, he sneaked a peek into Yun Jiuge’s Cognitive to see how she felt.

    “If that’s the case, Yu Sha is not a woman but a man?” said a stunned Yun Jiuge. If Yu Sha or the real Wan Sha takes her place to sleep with the gray-faced Emperor Brother, technically they would be having ‘gay sex’!

    And if he is gay, how could he be her lover since she is a woman?

    Zi Shang read Yun Jiuge’s chaotic inner thoughts. He began to explain but with bad intention, “That Wan Sha is very immoral. Not only does he take both men and women as lovers, he had lovers everywhere, and of any race, there is no bottom line for him.”

    Zi Shang was telling the truth, he did not mean to defame Wan Sha. He just didn’t mention that he was the same as Wan Sha and did the same absurd things before he was offered to the Goddess.

    Yun Jiuge’s thoughts were already messed up. Although she was moved by Wan Sha’s willingness to sacrifice himself, she was appalled by his immoral behavior.

    Wan Sha did not know that he was being sold out by Zi Shang. After he had dressed up, he sealed his Cultivation Level and then told Yun Jiuge, “Quick, put on the clothes of the palace maid and take my place.”

    Yun Jiuge painted her skin into that of a gray-skinned person, and then put on the palace maid uniform.

    “Take this Invisibility Pill, and help me later. If anything goes wrong, just pull me out,” Yu Sha said. She took out a gray-colored pill from her gemstone earring.

    This was the Invisibility Pill that the family helped her to prepare. It was expensive, and she had only three pills.

    Yun Jiuge took the pill, put it under her nose for a while, and then swallowed it after determining that it was a high-level Invisibility Pill.

    Yusha waited for the Pill to take effect on Yun Jiuge before she lied down on the chaise lounge. She called for Bao’er to wait on her.

    Bao’er thought that Yun Jiuge wanted dinner, and came in with a lower palace maid. But she found Yu Sha or Yun Jiuge’s look-a-like lying down on the chaise lounge. ‘I am ready to let you do whatever you want to do in bed with me now’ look was on her face.

    “Miss, have you thought it through?” asked Bao’er, she was both surprised and relieved.

    “You will stand by at the door. Just bring him to the inner palace directly when he comes!” Yu Sha said lazily.

    Bao’er quickly nodded. Although this was not the custom, there were no rules in the harem either. As long as the Emperor did not blame them, it would be just fine.

    Before Bao’er left, she quickly led the lower palace maids into the inner palace and they diligently decorated the place.

    All the curtains and bed sheets were changed to a festive red color. The floor was covered with a red carpet, and bright red peonies were placed on the bedside table. The newly-married atmosphere was immediately created.

    When Bao’er finished the decorative arrangement, she led the lower palace maids away.

    “Are you going to sleep with him?” Yun Jiuge couldn’t help asking Yu Sha.

    “If Jiuge doesn’t want me to, then I won’t do it,” said Yu Sha as she reached out to hold Yun Jiuge’s hand. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling with a sultry light.

    “You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for me,” said Yun Jiuge who was quite troubled. Although the Devil race had no morality, but still Yu Sha was sacrificing herself for her. Yun Jiuge was feeling very uneasy.

    “It will not be a sacrifice. I have mastered the technique of making oneself strong by using another’s energy. If I can take this opportunity to absorb at least half of the cultivation level of the gray-faced Emperor Brother, it will benefit me,” explained Yu Sha. From a strategic perspective, fooling around with another man, in this case, would not be a problem at all for him.

    Anyway, this body was not his real body, he could play around.

    “Fine!” Yun Jiuge said. Since Yu Sha had put it this way, there was no reason to stop her.

    “Are you hungry, do you want to eat something?” Yu Sha asked Yun Jiuge. Yu Sha’s long black hair was draped over her side, her white and delicate clavicle was exposed. She took Yun Jiuge’s hand and hooked her slender fingers onto hers. Her entire body exuded a powerful seductive aura.

    “I’m not hungry, I took a Fasting Pill,” replied Yun Jiuge as she silently withdrew her hand, Yun Jiuge thought if Zi Shang could manifest himself soon, she had to sleep with him to confirm her sexual orientation.

    “You can be rest assured, I will be able to manifest soon,” replied Zi Shang who couldn’t help smiling.

    Yun Jiuge felt her heart racing. She preferred the sullen but passionate Zi Shang over the soft and light warmth of spring that Yu Sha exuded, her sexual orientation was still normal.

    Wan Sha was still trying to seduce Yun Jiuge with Yu Sha’s body. Some beautiful girls had been the Goddess’s past lovers, there was no reason why she would be indifferent to Yu Sha’s charms.

    While they were busy with their thoughts, Bao’er’s suddenly called out from the outside, “Long live the Emperor, long live the Emperor!”

    Yun Jiuge quickly retreated to avoid the meeting the Emperor Brother.

    The gray-faced Emperor Brother took big strides into the inner palace. He had a gentle smile on his handsome face and he looked contented.

    Yu Sha got up from the chaise lounge and got down on her knees as she greeted him, “The concubine greets His Majesty!”

    “My Beloved Concubine, you are excused,” replied the gray-faced Emperor Brother as he took Yu Sha’s slender arm and helped her up. Then, he took her into his arms, laughing, and said, “My Beloved Concubine is lovely today, I am incredibly happy.”

    “Your Majesty is indulging me,” demured Yu Sha. She lowered her head slightly and the blush on her face reached her neck. It was a sight to behold.

    The gray-faced Emperor Brother’s eyes turned dark. With a smile on his face, he said, “Time is precious, let us go to bed now!” He carried Yu Sha in his arms as he headed towards the bed in the inner palace, stepping on the red peonies that were laid down on the floor.