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Chapter 418 - Promiscuous Zhan Wang

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 418: Promiscuous Zhan Wang

    Yun Jiuge stood stiffly in the corner, watching as the gray-faced Emperor Brother’s robe and Yu Sha’s red sheer dress were discarded on the floor. The pair felt each other up as they started to fool around in bed. Yun Jiuge got the goosebumps and became very uncomfortable.

    “You don’t have to watch them, just close your eyes,” said Zi Shang as he gradually revealed his form and reached out to hold her hand.

    “Oh good, you can manifest now,” said Yun Jiuge. She looked at Zi Shang’s handsome and beautifully shaped face, she could not contain her excitement. Although Zi Shang had been constantly present by her side, it was still very different when you could not touch the real person.

    “It will only last for a short while,” he said. This brief appearance was nonetheless fueled by the Demonic Power he had been saving up for a long time. He had to physically appear so that he could calm Yun Jiuge down. She might not be able to control herself with the torrid scene in front of her, so he had to be by her side.

    “You don’t have to, I’m fine.” She said. Yun Jiuge could feel the warmth of Zi Shang’s hand and she was ecstatic he was there for her, she wasn’t affected by what was happening between Yu Sha and the gray-faced Emperor Brother anymore.

    Zi Shang was about to tease Yun Jiuge when he caught a glimpse of Yu Sha from the corner of his eyes. He frowned and looked intently at the big bed in the inner palace.

    “What’s wrong?” said Yun Jiuge as she followed Zi Shang’s gaze and looked at the big bed in the inner palace.

    They saw that the gray-faced Emperor Brother was standing by the bed. His sturdy upper body was naked, his white pants hung low on his hips.

    Yu Sha was lying in bed, her clothes were in a mess, and she did not seem to be responsive. It was as if she had fallen into a deep sleep.

    Yun Jiuge was about to intervene when Zi Shang pulled her back, saying, “Don’t rush, let’s assess the situation first.”

    Yun Jiuge anxiously held herself back as she stood still next to Zi Shang. They continued to watch what the gray-faced Emperor Brother was up.

    The gray-faced Emperor Brother slowly put on his robe. He then took out a small gray bell, shook it, and calling out, “Come in!”

    A tall, large-built, dark-skinned man walked in. It was Zhan Wang.

    Zhan Wang’s eyes were dull and lifeless, he was like a puppet doll.

    The gray-faced Emperor Brother took out a black pill, shook the bell, and Zhan Wang dutifully swallowed the pill and got into bed with Yu Sha. It was as if he was completed hypnotized by the ringing of the bell.

    Zhan Wang took off his clothes, his face still expressionless, and threw himself on top of Yu Sha.

    Yun Jiuge’s eyes widened in surprise. It was not the Emperor Brother but Zhan Wang who had sex with all the white-skinned woman under hypnosis.

    Something must be wrong with the black pill that Zhan Wang was given. And if they had sex, would it hurt Yu Sha?

    As Zhan Wang began to tear away Yu Sha’s flimsy clothes, Yun Jiuge became a little anxious, Yu Sha would soon be taken advantage of.

    Zi Shang’s brows drew into a frown. Finally, he flicked his fingers and purple mist started to flow outside, quietly.

    This was followed by a thunderous, rumbling noise from something that was happening outside. Panicked screams of the palace maids and eunuchs could be heard, “The Broken Jade Pavilion has collapsed, Qianqing Palace is on fire…”

    By this time, Zhan Wang was holding down both of Yu Sha’s hands on the bed and was about to do the deed when he suddenly stopped. He had a painful and confused expression on his face.

    Anger flashed across the Emperor Brother’s handsome, gray face. Black mist started to flow out from cracks on his skin, and he looked incredibly scary.

    He glared at Zhan Wang, and shook the bell in his hand again. Zhan Wang’s face morphed into an even more painful expression, but he had stopped moving.

    The gray-faced Emperor Brother realized that he had lost control over Zhan Wang. It would only make the situation worse if he forced Zhan Wang to continue, instead he shook the bell again to let Zhan Wang leave Chuxiu Palace.

    Without putting on his clothes, Zhan Wang jumped out of the window.

    Yu Sha, who was still lying in bed, woke up at about the same time.

    She covered her naked bosoms with a big red quilt. She was puzzled as to why the gray-faced Emperor Brother was standing by the bed, so she asked him, “Your Majesty, what is wrong?”

    He answered, “Everything is fine, there’s a fire outside. I’ll go and take a look. You just continue to rest here.” The gray-faced Emperor Brother had returned to his gentle demeanor as he comforted Yu Sha before he left the inner palace.

    As soon as the gray-faced Emperor Brother was gone, Yu Sha wrapped the bedsheets around herself and went to ask Yun Jiuge what had happened.

    “The gray-faced Emperor Brother is probably impotent. Halfway through, he brought in Zhan Wang in and fed him a powerful pill,” said Yun Jiuge. She related the incident before asking Yu Sha, “Didn’t you feel anything or know what was happening just now?”

    “When I was fooling around with him, I accidentally got attacked by his Pupil Technique. By the time I broke free and opened my eyes, he was already standing by the bed,” replied Yu Sha. It was difficult for her to avoid the gray-faced Emperor Brother’s Pupil Technique since her Cultivation Level was sealed.

    “I don’t know if Zhan Wang is aware that he had always been the Emperor Brother’s sex substitute?” Yun Jiuge said. Zhan Wang had a pained, struggling expression earlier, perhaps he knew.

    “That’s simple, call him in tomorrow and ask him directly,” said Yu Sha. Her original plan was to use her body to absorb the Cultivation Level of the gray-faced Emperor Brother.

    Now that the gray-faced Emperor Brother was not going to bed her, she did not want to do it with Zhan Wang.

    “This matter must be taken care of as soon as possible. In saving you, I have inadvertently alerted the enemy. The longer we drag this out, the more unfavorable it will be for us,” said Zi Shang solemnly.

    He had previously placed some firepower around Chuxiu Palace which he intended to use at the critical moment.

    To save Yu Sha, that firepower had been utilized. The gray-faced Emperor Brother would come to suspect something was going on.

    “Let’s go and find Zhan Wang now. The pill he consumed must have some aphrodisiac effect, perhaps he might be waiting for us to save him,” said Yun Jiuge. From her observation of Zhan Wang’s body condition as he ran out, she figured that he would need help.

    They say that men are like wild animals when they are in heat, it was difficult to say what they would do.

    “You to stay here and keep the others from following us. Jiuge will follow me to check on Zhan Wang,” Zi Shang said to Yu Sha. He promptly dragged Yun Jiuge away with him.

    “Hey…” yelled Yu Sha. But she did not have any clothes on, she could not chase after them even if she had wanted to.

    Yun Jiuge followed Zi Shang and they both jumped out of the window. A faint musky scent in the air hit their noses.

    “The scent came from Zhan Wang, he’s over there,” said Zi Shang as he pointed to where Zhan Wang was.

    Yun Jiuge realized that the location Zi Shang pointed to was Lihua garden.

    Beautiful, faint glowing lights were still present in Lihua Garden but somehow the garden was no longer serene.

    Under a blossoming pear tree, they heard intermittent moans from a woman and the sounds of a man gasping roughly.

    When Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang reached the spot, they saw Zhan Wang busy raping a palace maid, his eyes were blood-shot. And because he was attacking her so violently, the ground around the pear tree shook and white petals fell on his sweaty body.

    Yun Jiuge was about to step forward to save the maid, but Zi Shang held her back. He said, “They’re already doing it, it’s better to wait until he finishes. Otherwise, it’ll be more troublesome if Zhan Wang gets stuck there out of fright.”

    They did not interfere with the attack before them. Yun Jiuge saw Zhan Wang ejaculating after the deed and her face turned dark.

    Zhan Wang finally reached his limit. His back tightened and he was bending backward like a pulled bow. With a low growl, he found release and collapsed on top of the palace maid.