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Chapter 204 - Coaxing Baby Cha

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 204: Coaxing Baby Cha

    Bai Kun, who was watching the live broadcast on his phone, was stunned at the results.

    “What’s wrong with this judge?”

    He was bewildered. The live broadcast Yu Siqing’s comments did not help Baikun regain his senses.

    As Bo Muyi’s subordinate, Bai Kun knew that he had to monitor Miss Su’s competition. He needed to know all the facts about the competition so that he could accurately answer Bo Muyi’s questions.

    Although Bai Kun did not have a high level of appreciation for music, he could still tell that Su Cha’s singing was considered good.

    Miss Su had sung well, and she was definitely not worse off than the other two contestants who directly made it into Top 10. Hearing the live audience’s booing, he knew that others shared similar sentiments.

    The bodyguard who was standing beside him threw Bai Kun a curious look, “Boss Bai, what’s the matter?”

    As Chen was still in Yonggu Town, Bo Muyi’s bodyguard had naturally been changed.

    Bai Kun clicked his tongue, “Nothing much, someone is looking for trouble.”

    Miss Su had such a big heart, she did not lose her cool even in the face of such blatant mistreatment. Bai Kun was impressed at Su Cha’s ability to keep her poker face.

    Looking at Yu Siqing, her sharp jaw and big eyes were the standard cosmetic face. The marks of her hyaluronic acid cosmetic treatments were not visible. As she stood in front of Su Cha, Yu Siqing already appeared pitiful. As she was looking for trouble, Bai Kun did some background research on Yu Siqing to determine her character.

    As Bai Kun instructed someone to check Yu Siqing’s background, the meeting in the room ended.

    Dressed in a tailored white shirt, the classy man sat in the room. He exuded a domineering aura.

    The man held a set of documents in his hand as he gazed at the skyline right outside the conference room. Hearing Bai Kun’s movements, the man asked without turning his head, “What’s the result?”

    Bai Kun understood his words, he braced himself and answered, “She was not promoted directly to the Top 10. A judge picked on her.”

    The man turned around in an instant. His dark eyes gave off a strong, murderous aura that could even make others kneel for mercy, “Who?”

    The one word foreshadowed the eventual end of the person.

    Bai Kun felt the pressure on his shoulders. Although Bai Kun was also heavily criticizing the judge who picked on Su Cha, he suppressed his emotions before answering, “Miss Su’s failure to directly promote to the next round was due to the decision of the same female judge. Her name is Yu Si…”

    Before he could even finish, Bo Muyi became impatient. Holding his forehead, Bo Muyi lowered his eyes and said coldly, “I don’t care who she is, Bai Kun. When did you become so slow?”

    Bai Kun broke out in cold sweat. He simultaneously cursed in his heart as he respectfully nodded, “Young master, I know. Rest assured.”

    It was his fault, he should remember the order.

    Why would the young master care about who the judge was, he was not even referring to that.

    As Bai Kun retreated, Bo Muyi sat in his chair and took out his mobile phone. He was deep in thoughts.

    Oh, Baby Cha was not directly promoted to the Top 10. She must be sad. As her boyfriend, I should comfort and coax her.

    In fact, Su Cha did not have to be concerned about the direct promotion to Top 10. If she had wanted, Bo Muyi would have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that Su Cha would emerge the champion.

    As he thought about it, Bo Muyi tapped on his mobile screen and dialed a number.