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Chapter 264 - The Bond in the Special Fire Team!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 264: The Bond in the Special Fire Team!

    Seeing this, Crocodile could not help but hit the table while laughing boisterously.

    "I'm going to die laughing!"

    The edge of Lightning's lips twitched slightly. "Li Yibo is as calculating as always! Now,they can eliminate all the freshmen all at once!"

    Feng Yi could not help but speak up too, "He didn't even come out from hiding just now, and he comes out when he sees a chance to win! How sly!"

    "The veterans now have Li Yibo that can't be eliminated so they're practically invincible, the freshmen are in danger!" Lightning laughed. "Can Big Sister Qi escape this time around?"

    Crocodile smiled. "She could probably pull one down with her when she gets eliminated!"

    Feng Yi immediately kicked in Crocodile's direction, but Crocodile dodged it before asking, "Why the heck did you kick me?!"

    "You can't curse my goddess like that!" Feng Yi shouted.

    "I wasn't cursing her, I was just telling the truth!" Crocodile replied with a laugh.

    Lightning rolled his eyes at the two of them. "If you want to flirt then do it outside! I don't want to be fed dog food!"

    Crocodile immediately shouted indignantly, "How was I flirting with him?!"

    Lightning only smiled in return and did not speak at all, and the two that were about to fight a moment ago became quiet and sat back down.

    Looking back at the monitors, Crocodile spoke again, "I bet Li Yibo is going to choose to fight with Big Sister Qi!"

    Tang Jinyu suddenly spoke in response to this, "If you were the ones standing there right now, would you choose to cooperate with Li Yibo to fight with the freshmen?"

    This question made the three of them look at him and blink before they looked at each other with realization in their eyes.

    As expected of Boss to understand the thought process of everyone there!

    In the monitor, Li Yibo smiled sinisterly as he walked over to the veterans. "Let me join you, and we can let these freshmen know what's what!"

    Jian Qi only smiled at Li Yibo, before saying in a teasing tone, "Officer, are you not going to run anymore?"

    Li Yibo's smile immediately fell off his face!

    He looked at Jian Qi with a sour expression before looking back at the veterans. "I'll leave the other four to you guys, I'll deal with this girl myself!"

    "Officer, how could you bully such a weak and helpless girl as myself?" Jian Qi asked, seemingly not feeling any pressure from the situation at all.

    Li Yibo gritted his teeth. "Jian Qi, I'll teach you the importance of not being arrogant! I have wanted to teach you a lesson for the longest time!"

    "Officer, do you think you have the chance to do that?" Jian Qi smirked provocatively, and it made her look even more arrogant than before.

    "We'll see!" Li Yibo was already ready to go, but as he walked over to Jian Qi's direction, the eight other soldiers walked over and surrounded him in a circle, making him stop in his footsteps as he looked around in confusion. "What are you people doing?"

    Jian Qi merely smiled brightly. "Why, can't you see, Officer? We're going to beat you up together!"

    Li Yibo looked toward the veterans. "Are you people dumb? You have no chance of beating the freshmen with the number disadvantage!"

    Jian Qi looked back at him with a smug smile. "Officer, did you forget that we all have a bond being part of the Special Fire Team?"