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Chapter 265 - I Have Instructor Tang, After All!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 265: I Have Instructor Tang, After All!

    The surveillance room erupted with laughter.

    "Li Yibo probably wants to bash his head into a wall right now!" Crocodile said as he laughed.

    Lightning could not hold back his laughter either. "He thought he could have eliminated all five freshmen at once, but he's the one being ganged up on!"

    "He probably didn't expect this to happen either!"

    Feng Yi smiled brightly. "Did he really think that the Special Fire Team is so easy to bully?"

    "Let's mourn for him for three seconds!" Lightning replied.

    Meanwhile, Li Yibo looked at the group of people that was surrounding him with furrowed brows, almost breaking down from the sudden turn of events.

    ‘F*ck, are these people crazy?'

    Seeing Li Yibo's reaction, Jian Qi smiled. "Have you ever heard of a hunter and his prey working together?"

    Li Yibo only glared at her in return.

    Jian Qi smirked and laced her fingers together, stretching her arms and her joints as she said in an arrogant tone, "Have you thought of how you want to die?"

    Li Yibo only huffed in response. "Are the nine of you going to gang up on me? Isn't this too unfair?"

    "Do you want to fight us one by one again? Don't you think that would be a waste of time?" Jian Qi chuckled.

    One of the veterans said, "Comrades, let's show him what the Special Fire Team is made of!"

    As soon as he spoke, everyone closed in on Li Yibo, the circle becoming smaller and smaller.

    "Cowards! How is this even fair?!" Li Yibo asked angrily.

    No one bothered to respond to this as they merely stepped forward and started punching at him.

    Li Yibo did not even have a chance to react before he saw nine pairs of fists swinging in his direction, and then he was beaten up without any remorse!

    That was the first time that Li Yibo regretted not having a wristband, or else he would not have been beaten up so badly like this.

    Even though he tried resisting, it was of no use.

    Seeing that he had been beaten up for quite a while now, Jian Qi raised her arm and chopped his neck with her hand, making him drop to the ground unconscious.

    The moment he fell with a thud on the ground, the others stopped hitting him and looked at Jian Qi.

    One of the veterans said, "Big Sister Qi, isn't it too violent making him pass out like this?"

    Jian Qi replied, "I was only ending his suffering!"

    Everyone raised an eyebrow at this statement. That chop had so much force behind it that Li Yibo passed out, so it would definitely hurt for many days!

    Was she sure that it was ending his misery?

    "I know that I'm as beautiful as Aphrodite herself, but you guys can't look at me with those heated, loving gazes of yours, okay? Give up! I have Instructor Tang, after all." Jian Qi smiled and flipped her hair.

    Everyone. "…"

    How did she perceive that they were admiring her?!

    One of the freshmen could not help but speak up at this, "Instructor Tang isn't yours yet!"

    Jian Qi smiled. "It's just a matter of time."

    One of the veterans laughed. "Aren't you the confident one, Big Sister Qi?"

    Jian Qi smiled brightly in return. "Of course!"

    "Quick, tie this loser up and let's resume our fight! We'll show you how five freshmen are going to bully you, veterans!"

    Seeing her excited expression, the freshman team could not help but sweatdrop. She really knew how to draw attention and provoke other people!

    The veterans were looking at them with flames in their eyes!