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Chapter 266 - Boss, Which Side Would You Pick?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 266: Boss, Which Side Would You Pick?

    Everyone worked together to tie Li Yibo on a nearby pole.

    Vines were too weak for the job, so they used Li Yibo's jacket to tie him in place. They could not actually kill him after all, so this was the most they could do to make sure that he would not become an obstacle later on.

    Then, the battle between the freshmen and veterans began.

    Jian Qi looked at them with an arrogant smirk. "Relax, I'll go easy on you! I know how to respect the elderly!"

    The veterans. "…"

    What did she mean by that? Since when were they elderly?

    They were in their prime!

    One of the freshmen next to Jian Qi could not help but say, "Jian Qi, better keep the insults on the down-low…"

    "I'm inspiring morale, so I need to be more high-profile!" Jian Qi answered calmly.

    The freshmen did not even know what to say in response to that.

    Was this girl being like this on purpose?

    One of the veterans looked at Jian Qi and said, "Big Sister Qi, for chivalry's sake, we will give you a privilege. You can pick one of us to fight you!"

    "The privilege you are offering is not because I'm beautiful, but only because I'm a girl!" Jian Qi complained. "You should get glasses for neglecting my stunning beauty!"

    The veterans. "…"

    They were about to cough up blood from having a conversation with this girl!

    The corners of the freshmen's mouths twitched. Was this girl not afraid of being beaten up just like Li Yibo was?

    "Big Sister Qi, do you want to choose anyone? If you don't, then let's start!" The veterans were still quite caring.

    A certain someone did not acknowledge the veterans' chivalry, and spoke arrogantly, "It doesn't matter who I fight first, he's going to get beaten by me anyway!"

    One of the veterans ground his teeth. "… Jian Qi, you are dead!"

    As soon as he said those words, the veteran who spoke attacked Jian Qi head-on.

    As if a switch had been flipped, everyone started fighting too.

    Meanwhile, the audience in the surveillance room was looking at this scene.

    Crocodile could not help laughing, "To be honest, I want to throw a grenade in there and wipe them all out!"

    "I'll wipe you out first!" Feng Yi said coldly.

    Lightning smiled happily. "Will the veterans win, or will the freshmen win? Any bets?"

    Everyone in the monitoring room laughed and took their guesses, but no doubt, a majority of them guessed that the veterans would win.

    "What about you two?" Lightning asked Feng Yi and Crocodile.

    Crocodile smiled. "The veterans, of course!"

    Feng Yi also thought about it and wanted to say that the veterans would win, but that would mean that his goddess would be eliminated!


    "You're definitely going to go against your conscience and choose Big Sister Qi!" Crocodile joked.

    Feng Yi scoffed. "I refuse to choose!"

    "Boss, who do you choose?" Crocodile asked, making everyone look over at Tang Jinyu with curiosity.

    Tang Jinyu did not speak as he looked intently at the monitors.

    It was impossible for either side to come out from this battle unscathed!

    "Boss, are you having a hard time choosing too?" Crocodile laughed and spoke, "The veterans have more experience under their belts, and the freshmen are bound to lose even if they have one more person on their side!"

    "Lu Yao and Zhao Yu are the only freshmen that are better at close combat, and now Zhao Yu is injured! It would be impossible to succeed by relying on Lu Yao alone!" Crocodile analyzed.

    "The other two freshmen are relatively specialized in shooting and flying operations. As for Big Sister Qi, I think that she is the best at enduring physical attacks!"

    "Is that so?" Tang Jinyu's tone was faint and emotionless. "Is that your analysis of her?