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Chapter 267 - Don't You Think I'm Strong?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 267: Don't You Think I'm Strong?

    "Boss, it's not an assumption on my side, she really has great endurance!" The crocodile smiled and said, "I respect her for sticking out for so long!"

    She was someone that withstood their boss's hellish training, so her stamina and endurance would definitely pass the mark!

    Lightning also could not help but smile and agree, "A soldier must possess a strong physique and perseverance, as well as the endurance to withstand hits. Big Sister Qi definitely has all those qualities!"

    "I've fought with her before!" Tang Jinyu said.

    As everyone cast confused gazes in his direction, Tang Jinyu continued, "She really is tough!"

    Everyone. "…"

    So what was his point?

    The curiosity of everyone was provoked, and they all thought back to how Boss was the one that dragged Big Sister Qi back from the forest back during the survival trials!

    Now that they thought about it, Boss was covered in mud too!

    Jian Qi's shooting ability and her physical fitness were obvious to everyone and were acknowledged to be pretty decent in their eyes.

    As for her close combat ability, she had never really battled anyone one-on-one in an all-out fight, and the last time she beat up Li Yibo she had Lu Yao helping her too, so they had actually never seen her fight by herself, now that they thought about it!

    Melee close combat was a form of a violent, primal duel, and it was clear from the way the people in the monitors were fighting that they were not holding back.

    Everyone was fighting to press the button on the other party's wristband, after all, that was the fastest shortcut to eliminate a person!

    However, the situation was a little awkward for Jian Qi's group.

    After all, she was not wearing her wristband on either of her arms, so the veteran could only focus on knocking her out before he could eliminate her.

    During the fight, Jian Qi was extra cautious when she was attacking with her legs, and there was no way for the veteran to take the wristband because her pants were tucked into her boots.

    Therefore, there was no other way to get the wristband except by knocking her down directly!

    The veteran was quite versed in melee combat, so he thought that it would have not been too difficult to defeat Jian Qi in a short period of time.

    Only when they had really started fighting, then did he find out that it would be more difficult than he first expected.

    The girl in front of him did not only rely on cheap tricks, she was very versed in combat too!

    Every time she punched, it was always a straight punch without any feints, but she could always change her motions without any regards to inertia.

    Jian Qi took an opportunity and directly swing her fist toward the veteran's face, making him lean sideways to dodge and try to catch her fist, but he did not expect the other to not even try to dodge it. Jian Qi used the momentum to grab the veteran's arm and was about to press onto the button when the veteran swung at her arm and got her to let go of him.

    Jian Qi responded quickly, lifting her foot and kicking in the veteran's direction without holding back.

    The veteran was injured by this, but at least he did not get eliminated on the spot.

    The veteran backed up and got a foothold, before raising his hand and rubbing his chest, his expression a grimace. "Big Sister Qi, it seems that I underestimated you! I never knew you were so good at melee combat!"

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrows before smiling as arrogantly as ever. "Don't you think I'm strong? How about you just surrender?"

    The veteran. "…"

    He was just being polite! Did she not know battle etiquette?

    She really was the definition of ‘give an inch and they'll take a mile!'.