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Chapter 268 - Betting With Her Life

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 268: Betting With Her Life

    The veteran patted away the dust on his chest before speaking, "Big Sister Qi, let's continue!"

    After that, he started attacking Jian Qi again, but she still had a smile on her face as she dodged his attacks deftly.

    That being said, his attacks were clearly more ruthless and stronger than before, and it was clear that he was now going all out in battling her!

    From the start, Jian Qi already knew that these veterans were a completely different breed than all the freshmen that she had fought before, and they were all extremely experienced in fighting.

    She actually had quite a hard time holding her ground with him just now, and if he had his wristband on somewhere else other than his wrist it would have been much harder for her to find a way to beat him!

    While she was not the type to give up when things were not going her way, she knew that she was going to lose if the battle were to continue on like this.

    She had to get this battle over and done with as quickly as possible!

    After a few rounds of exchanges, both of them were already hurt to some degree.

    Jian Qi took a chance and immediately reached toward the veteran's left arm, where his wristband was located.

    The veteran knew what Jian Qi wanted to do, so he immediately punched at her with his right fist, but the girl did not even dodge as she aimed for the wristband.

    It was quite an astonishing scene to look at because if Jian Qi were to not dodge, this punch would undoubtedly land on her face, and one could feel the force put behind this fist even through the monitors.

    But at the same time, it would also open a possibility for the veteran's wristband to be reached by Jian Qi.

    At the last second, the veteran chose to retract his arm to protect his wristband instead, dodging to one side as he did.

    What he had not expected was for this move by Jian Qi that seemed like a straightforward attack to be a feint!

    Her objective was not to press the button on the wristband, but to slam him to the ground at the precise moment he dodged the attack.

    At the very moment that the veteran dodged, Jian Qi suddenly changed her attack pattern, kicking at the veteran's lower limbs immediately.

    The veteran's face scrunched up in pain, but he raised his arm to protect himself against her next attack.

    Jian Qi seemed to have guessed that he would do this, and she reached for her left wrist again the moment he raised his arm.

    The veteran grabbed her arm and tugged hard, pinning it behind her back with one arm while his right hand closed around her neck.

    "Is Big Sister Qi going to be eliminated?" Crocodile asked in the surveillance room, while Feng Yi looked at the footage with a worried expression.

    Lightning turned around to look at Tang Jinyu, seeing that there was not any change in the latter's expression.

    Was Boss not quite supportive of her? How could he be so calm when she was about to be eliminated?

    "Big Sister Qi, you've lost!" The veteran laughed and said.

    One of her arms were pinned to her back, and his hand was closed around her neck, and in this hold, she could not even move!

    Jian Qi only smirked in response. "Hey, have you forgotten that I have another arm?"

    Jian Qi's words made the veteran's expression change instantly.

    The regular person would choose to protect themselves when their lives were threatened, but while he was grabbing her neck, what she chose to do was to reach her objective!

    She was betting with her life!

    The veteran released Jian Qi's neck and stepped back slowly, looking down and seeing that the girl's free hand was closed around his wristband, already pressing on the button…

    After Jian Qi had pressed on the button, her smile became even more arrogant. "You're dead!"