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Chapter 269 - Big Sister Qi, You're Still Alive?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 269: Big Sister Qi, You're Still Alive?

    Jian Qi tugged off the veteran's wristband, and the veteran released her arm, the edges of his lips twitching slightly.

    "Big Sister Qi, you bet with your life!"

    Even though his tone was quite disgruntled, he was also quite impressed with her at the same time.

    Sometimes, battles did not just depend on one's skills, but also on the courage and willpower to bet on everything when faced with danger!

    While the girl in front of him was not all that serious most of the time, she was still admirable when it came down to it!

    In the surveillance room, everyone was surprised by what she did!

    Not any regular person would risk their lives like that without any hesitation!

    "Thank you for holding back!" Jian Qi handed the wristband back to the veteran politely, her visage quite scruffed up from the fight from earlier.

    In this battle, Jian Qi was the undoubted winner!

    Everyone would pull out all the stops to get into the top six during these eliminations, so the veteran did not hold back in the slightest!

    Perhaps he had an advantage over her in terms of strength and physique, but this girl was smart enough to know her weaknesses, as well as utilize her strengths!

    The veteran accepted the wristband and looked at her dubiously. "You're being awfully modest, Big Sister Qi."

    Jian Qi smiled. "I've always been humble, didn't you know?"

    The veteran. "…"

    "Big Sister Qi, can we not act like we're blind when our eyes are wide open?"

    Jian Qi. "Wouldn't it be rude if I were to close my eyes while I talked to you?"

    "Cough, cough…" The veteran almost choked on his own saliva.

    "Big Sister Qi, you better not talk so much with your throat in such a bad condition… But I'm sure Boss would love listening to you if you talked with him when we go back!" The veteran smiled, but on the inside, he was about to cough up blood.

    "I understand, it's alright if you can't stand my sexy voice!"

    Jian Qi nodded and smiled narcissistically.

    The veteran. "…"

    This girl really was overly narcissistic!

    Did she really have no clue how her own voice sounded like at that moment?!

    At almost the same time that Jian Qi and the veteran were done with their fight, one of the two freshmen that was fighting with one veteran got eliminated. Not long after, the veteran that they were fighting against was eliminated by the freshman that was left behind!

    Almost at the same moment, the total number or wristband holders had decreased by three.

    Jian Qi did not want to chat with the veteran any longer and joined the battle once again, and the entire situation shifted!

    The freshman that won against the veteran, along with Jian Qi, joined the fight with Lu Yao and the remaining freshman against the two veterans!

    Jian Qi was closer to the remaining freshman, so she chose to help him while the other freshman went to help Lu Yao!

    As Jian Qi teamed up with the freshman, the veteran's eyebrows were raised slightly in surprise. "Big Sister Qi, you're still alive?"

    Jian Qi did not mind the banter in the slightest, and only smiled brightly in return. "Didn't I say that I would eliminate you all one by one? How could I die without accomplishing my mission?"

    Her tone was as arrogant as always, making the veteran huff. "Let me see how strong you are then, Big Sister Qi!"