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Chapter 271 - Big Sister Qi, Can We Not Fly in the Sky?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 271: Big Sister Qi, Can We Not Fly in the Sky?

    While it was regretful that one of his comrades was disqualified, what was the most important thing at that moment was to help get rid of the last veteran!

    Lu Yao quickly ran over to the direction of Jian Qi, the freshman and the veteran, but he had only run a few steps before seeing Jian Qi pounce toward the veteran with the strength and speed of a beast.

    It was so fast that it could not be dodged!

    The veteran was shoved onto the ground by Jian Qi, and the freshman next to her immediately took the chance to grab the veteran's left wrist and reach over to press on the button.

    The veteran was pinned down in a hold by Jian Qi, and all he could do was to reach for the freshman's wrist, wanting to press his button and disqualify him, but he had not expected a thin arm to grab his right hand and push it in the opposite direction.

    Then, he felt that his chest was hit twice by an elbow, and it hurt so much that his face was scrunched in pain.

    The veteran cursed and wanted to break free, but he did not expect a certain someone that was holding him down to immediately send a fist flying in his face.

    "Beep!" The sound of a button being pressed was heard, and Jian Qi's fist stopped less than one centimeter away from the veteran's face.

    The freshman breathed a sigh of relief after he pressed on the button, and he dropped onto the ground in exhaustion, looking over at Jian Qi who was holding down the veteran's arm with one hand while her other hand was closed in a fist in front of the veteran's face. "It's done, you can stop now…"

    Lu Yao had not had the chance to fight as he looked at the brutal scene instigated by Jian Qi, his eyelids twitching slightly.

    This girl was truly violent!

    Everyone was surprised by this scene, and the veteran that fought with Jian Qi could not help but say, "I feel like she was being really gentle with me earlier…"

    Another veteran spoke, "I feel pity for the comrade on the ground, but thankfully the fist hadn't actually met his face…"

    "It hurts to even look at it…"

    The veteran that had been pinned onto the ground grumbled too, "Big Sister Qi, how long are you going to pin me on the ground for? Also, can you put down your fist? It's really scary!"

    Jian Qi smirked before retracting her arm. "I was just striking a finishing pose! Didn't you think that it was cool?"

    The veteran did not know what to say in return as he stood up and rubbed his chest, looking at this narcissistic girl.

    Could he not answer this question?

    Seeing her expectant expression, he sighed and said, "…Yes!"

    Jian Qi smiled in satisfaction. "Since you thought about it for such a long time, I'm assuming that my coolness can't be described in simple words!"

    Everyone was silent.

    This girl was really getting out of hand!

    "Big Sister Qi, can we not fly in the sky?" One of the veterans asked weakly.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrows before looking over calmly. "Was I not being down to earth? I can do everything again!"

    As she spoke, she cracked her fists and stretched her limbs, and it looked as if she was about to start fighting all over again.

    The veterans. "…"

    We did not say anything!

    They had better leave this girl to Boss!

    They would probably cough up blood if they continued talking!