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Chapter 272 - Was She Confident or Would She Rather Die Than Lose?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 272: Was She Confident or Would She Rather Die Than Lose?

    In the surveillance room, everyone that bet that the veterans would win were all embarrassed!

    Crocodile could not help but exclaim, "Why? Why did it turn out like this? Does everything always go Big Sister Qi's way?"

    The rest of them could not believe the results either.

    After all, none of them had expected that the freshmen would win!

    Of course, the one that surprised them the most was Jian Qi!

    "Has Big Sister Qi always been so good at close combat?" Crocodile was still quite shocked by the results.

    Lightning was quite surprised too, and he turned over to look at Tang Jinyu, only seeing the latter's brows furrowed slightly, but he did not seem all that surprised about Jian Qi's abilities.

    The ones who should have won in this situation were the veterans.

    They initially had six people, but two of them were defeated through sneak attacks while the four of the remaining ones were defeated in straight-up battles.

    Even though two of the freshmen were eliminated too, but it was completely different from what they had expected!

    Crocodile sighed in regret, "I wanted to see Big Sister Qi's forlorn expression when she gets disqualified!"

    Feng Yi looked over at him and scoffed. "You're thinking too much!"

    Lightning laughed and looked at him. "Crocodile, I'll relay these words to Big Sister Qi!"

    Crocodile. "…"

    "Are we even bros?!"

    "No, no we aren't." Lightning replied without missing a single beat.

    "You son of a—"

    Lightning smiled and walked over to Tang Jinyu. "Boss, what do we do now? Should we go fetch Li Yibo back?"

    Tang Jinyu looked away from a certain someone in the footage before observing the current situation, he then took note of the position everyone was in.

    "If he hasn't woken up by daybreak, have someone get him some water!"

    Lightning blinked before smiling and saying, "That's not good, Boss, he's a Major after all!"

    "Military ranks don't exist in such a place, and since he wanted to join the eliminations, he should have been prepared for what would come as a hunter!" Tang Jinyu replied.

    Lightning laughed and nodded. "Roger that!"

    That being said, Lightning was quite curious.

    "Boss, did you know that Big Sister Qi would win?" Lightning asked.

    Tang Jinyu was quiet for two seconds before speaking, "I just know that she can do anything once she puts her mind to it, regardless of the consequences!"

    Lightning heard this and he thought about it for a bit before agreeing with what Tang Jinyu said.

    From a certain perspective, this girl was actually quite scary.

    She could do anything regardless of what she had to sacrifice for it, like how she bet her life to disqualify the veteran just now!

    Now, the question was: Was she confident that she could win this, or would she rather die than lose?


    After the fights, the sky started to become brighter, and the three freshmen left the scene.

    After all, if another bunch of veterans was to come by, they would probably not be able to escape.

    After the fights from last night along with other eliminations from other places, there were only eleven people left.

    Other than the three of them, there were eight other people left, but they did not know how many freshmen were left other than themselves!

    Therefore, they had to preserve their energy now!

    As the sun rose again, the atmosphere became hot and unbearable once more.

    The three of them made a straight beeline for the woods, in hopes that they would be able to get decent shade from the scorching sun.

    After the three left, Li Yibo still had not woken up yet.

    At this moment, a drone that was carrying a bag of water flew over to Li Yibo.

    Lightning was controlling the drone, and he aimed the bag of water directly at Li Yibo's head, smiling ill-naturedly.