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Chapter 273 - t Wont Be Quiet For Too Long!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 273: It Won't Be Quiet For Too Long!

    Lightning pressed on a button on his remote, and the drone released the bag of water. Right after, the whole bag of water was poured all over Li Yibo's head, waking him up completely.

    "Who the hell dumped water on me!" Li Yibo was quite bad-tempered, so he immediately shouted as soon as he woke up.

    But there was no one around.

    He looked up and saw the drone, and he immediately knew what had happened.

    "Tang Jinyu, how dare you splash water on me!"

    In the surveillance room, everyone was cackling boisterously.

    Li Yibo tried to get up, but he realized that he had been tied to a pole.

    What an embarrassment!

    How shameful would it be if his subordinates were to see this!

    Li Yibo struggled to get out of the binds, but instead of releasing himself from his clothes that had been tied around him, the binds became even tighter as a result.

    Li Yibo stopped struggling and thought back to the people that had ganged up on him the day before. All he wanted to do now was to beat them up!

    He looked around, but he could not see anything that could help him. All the stones were cleared away from the area, and it eliminated every possibility of him trying to break away from the vines and his clothes through the use of tools!

    Thankfully, the houses here were all quite worn down, and the pole he was tied to was rugged with a few sharp pieces of rocks jutting out.

    Li Yibo tried his hardest to move his arms up and down, using the rocks to cut his binds.

    After half an hour, Li Yibo finally managed to free himself from the binds.

    He reached up and threw away the bag on his head, and shouted toward the drone in the air, "Tang Jinyu, just you wait!"

    Lightning immediately controlled the drone to fly around on top of Li Yibo's head in response, and the message was clear.

    ‘Come at us if you can!"

    Li Yibo was so angry that he reached down and grabbed the closest stone, throwing it at the drone.

    Lightning immediately made the drone dodge the incoming stone, and flew it around in a provocative fashion before flying it away.

    Li Yibo was left there gritting his teeth. It truly was an embarrassment!

    He had wanted to beat people up and get back his dignity this time around, but he could not even accomplish that, instead he embarassed himself even more!

    Especially that girl, Jian Qi!

    She was too much of a pain!

    He would definitely teach her a lesson the next time they meet!

    Looking around and seeing the sunlight that was becoming brighter by the second, he knew that no one would choose to stay in such a place.

    They had definitely found somewhere that was cool and easy to hide in…

    Like that forest, for example.


    Jian Qi's team was currently hiding in the forest.

    They used up too much of their energy the night prior, and they had to rest and recover.

    This was the best hiding place to choose, considering that it was easy to find cover and rest at the same time.

    Now that only eleven people were left, everyone was quite wary.

    If five more people were eliminated, the final six would be determined!

    That being said, letting time go by and not attacking proactively was a hard feat in and of itself.

    In the surveillance room, Feng Yi said, "Boss, the eliminations are probably going to be prolonged if it continues like this."

    Tang Jinyu looked at everyone's position before speaking, "Since Li Yibo is here, it won't be quiet for too long!"

    After all, Li Yibo's only wish now was to eliminate as many people as he could!

    He needed someone to vent his anger on!

    Of course, who knew if it was going to vent his anger or make it even worse?