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Chapter 274 - Instructor Lu is a Delicate Flower that Needs Protection!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 274: Instructor Lu is a Delicate Flower that Needs Protection!

    Jian Qi and her other two teammates rested for a short while, and the number on her wristband dropped once more.

    Jian Qi asked softly, “Will the competition end once we are well rested?”

    Lu Yao and the new freshman looked at Jian Qi and they both had the same thought: this girl was thinking too much.

    After an hour had passed, Jian Qi’s stomach started rumbling.

    The other two looked at her.

    “Hungry?” Lu Yao asked but before Jian Qi could answer, he immediately said, “Hold it in.”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Instructor Lu, you can’t win over Instructor Tang’s heart. You should stop being so cool and be a warm and gentle man,” Jian Qi said.

    The new freshman held back his laughter because he knew that if he started laughing he would be teased as well. He decided to keep quiet.

    However, he was really impressed with how Jian Qi could bring up Instructor Tang every time.

    After what Jian Qi said, Lu Yao regretted talking to her.

    Lu Yao kept quiet. He did not want to continue that topic.

    But Jian Qi continued, “InstructorLu, do you know that what you said is very hurtful to a girl with a delicate heart? You will cause me trauma.”

    “When a girl is hungry, you should bring her food immediately. Even if there is none, you should comfort her. How could you ask a girl to hold it in?”

    “Jian Qi, shut the f*ck up!” Lu Yao was grinding his teeth.

    “See, that’s what I meant. Your attitude is the problem here!” Jian Qi seemed serious. “How could you ask a pretty and cute little girl to shut up?”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    He did not want to talk to her!

    Just when Jian Qi was about to continue the topic, she heard footsteps near them.

    The three of them immediately became alert.

    “There are two of them…” Lu Yao said.

    “Should we attack?” The freshman was agitated.

    “Something is not right!” Jian Qi frowned.

    The freshman looked at her. “What’s not right?”

    “The footsteps are not right!” Lu Yao said.

    Jian Qi looked at Lu Yao and smiled. When she wanted to say something, Lu Yao stopped her, “Don’t say anything useless!”

    “I haven’t even said anything, how do you know it’s useless!” Jian Qi smirked, “Doesn’t Instructor Lu want to know whether the two people are the residents here or they are impersonators?”

    Lu Yao glared at her. He was actually amazed by her intuition and smartness.

    Of course, if she could stop being a nuisance, this girl could be likeable!

    Lu Yao turned around and looked at the freshman. “Did you see any residents here when you jumped?”

    The freshman shook his head.

    “We’ll find out if we give it a try.” Jian Qi smiled.

    They had not seen anyone yet. All they heard were footsteps that were very heavy and sloppy. If it were one of them, their footsteps should be light and fast. Also, they would be very careful and would not make such big movements!

    Hence, they must be impersonating residents passing by.

    “How do we try?” The freshman was curious.

    “The two of you will hide here and I’ll go ask them!” Jian Qi replied.

    She stood up after saying so.

    The freshman pulled her. “Girl, are you always so impulsive?”

    “This isn’t being impulsive. I’m trying to get a grip on the situation!” Jian Qi smiled and looked at the freshman’s wound on his lips. “In fact, you’re hurt. It’s too dangerous for you to go, and as for Instructor Lu, he is a delicate flower that needs protection!”

    Freshman. “…”

    Lu Yao was furious. He really wanted to end the girl there!

    Who the hell was a delicate flower?