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Chapter 285 - His Deep Feelings for Her

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 285: His Deep Feelings for Her

    At dawn, the car arrived at Yuxiu Garden. The guard whistled, signaling for him to register upon entering the premise, however, the guard was shocked to see Huo Beichen when he wound down the car window.

    "Mr. Huo? Please come in."

    Huo Beichen stopped his car in front of the apartment but did not go up. He alighted from the car and leaned against it, silently gazing at the 30th floor. He could see that her bedroom lights were turned off even from that distance.

    He wanted to get closer to her and confirm if she had indeed returned. He wanted to ensure that this was not a dream. Knowing this would be enough.

    She still did not want to go back to stay with him as she felt that they had not bonded that well yet, so he decided not to force this upon her.


    On her end, Ning Meng had not fallen asleep. Before she was about to fall asleep, a voice note notification had come in. For some inexplicable reason, she had felt that Huo Beichen's mood was quite bizarre and heavy.

    She always knew that Huo Beichen had deep feelings for her, so much so that she almost could not take it anymore. She could not understand why he was described as a fierce and aggressive business tycoon in the novel and yet, he was not at all like that in front of her. Contrary to what was written, he had put himself down so low that he had endured all her repeated provocations.

    Ning Meng tossed around and soon, she finally fell asleep.


    For the next few days, Ning Meng was busy with her upcoming drama while Huo Beichen seemed occupied with his company's business and thus, never mentioned anything about wanting her to go back to stay with him any longer. At last, she felt as though she could breathe.

    Ning Meng did not feel that she was being a hypocrite. She had entered the novel for two months but had only gotten to know Huo Beichen better in the past month. She still felt that this man was quite mysterious.

    Liking him was one thing, but to like him to the extent that they would stay together, that was an entirely different matter. She was still warming up to him and needed a bit more time.

    Or perhaps… she should wait for the end of the month and observe what the situation would look like when his ex-girlfriend returned. Although it was not the end of the month yet, a week flew by in the blink of an eye.

    CM Club had registered to play in the qualifiers over the weekend, and the competition was to be held at Jingdu Sports Centre. A day before the competition, God was feeling restless. In the club, holding on to his phone as he paced back and forth in the room, his eyes gleamed when he suddenly noticed the eye cream that Ning Meng had given him.

    Finally having found a topic, he sent Ning Meng a text: [Sis, could you give me another one of that night repair eye cream from Natural Hall?]

    Ning Meng: [?? Have you already finished using that one tube of eye cream?]

    God: [That eye cream is very effective, my dark circles have lightened up a lot. So, my teammates used them all up. Sigh. Men these days are vainer than women!]

    Ning Meng: [Ok, sure.]

    God looked at his WeChat. For two whole minutes, he typed, checked, edited, and finally sent the next text out: [Sis, the competition is tomorrow, I'm really nervous. Are you coming to watch?]

    CM being involved in a competition and with this kind of tone from the puppy boy? Ning Meng was sure to go.

    She replied: [Give it your best tomorrow. I have taken the ticket from the Club, I will definitely be there.]

    God: [Ok, cool.]

    After chatting with God, Ning Meng looked at the two tickets in her hands and sent Huo Beichen a text: [Brother Chen~ Are you narrow-sighted?]

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: [No. Both my eyes are only at 1.5 degrees.]

    She felt that he was quite cute every time he answered her seriously this way. She held in her laughter: [Then why do you not see that I'm missing you so much?]

    Loyal Dog Lord Chen: […]

    Ning Meng then took a picture of the tickets and sent it over: [Brother, are you free tomorrow? Let's watch the match together?]