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Chapter 205 - Holding Area

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 205: Holding Area

    Before Su Cha could adjust her emotions after getting off stage, she immediately received a call from Bo Muyi.

    "Su Cha, don't be unhappy."

    As soon as the call connected, the man murmured comfortingly as carefully coaxed.

    "Hmm?" Su Cha smiled lightly, "I am not unhappy."


    The man said, "But, I know you did not get directly promoted to Top 10."

    Su Cha came to a sudden realization, "But, I am in the holding area, which means that I still have a chance. Why will I be unhappy? I am not unhappy. But, Muyi, are you watching the competition during work? Will that affect your work?"

    "No, Bai Kun watched it for me."

    To prevent Su Cha from worrying, Bo Muyi mentioned Bai Kun. He asked, "That judge, is she picking on you?"

    His words were grim as it revealed what he had planned to do.

    He would not allow anyone who picked on or bullied Su Cha to get away with their acts.

    As soon as Su Cha heard Bo Muyi bring up the judge, she became heavy-hearted.

    She was not unhappy that Bo Muyi was concerned with the competition. Su Cha was upset that a ridiculous woman who was seeking trouble had caught Bo Muyi's attention.

    The gleam in her eyes dimmed as soon as Su Cha thought of Yu Siqing. Her cold, ferocious eyes made contestants hesitant to step forward to comfort her.

    At the same time, the contestants secretly criticizing Su Cha were glad to see that Su Cha was not as composed as she appeared to be.

    As Su Cha avoided the crowd, she said in a soft voice, "Muyi, I know how to handle this matter on my own. You do not have to worry about her, she doesn't deserve your attention."

    Hearing Su Cha's words, Bo Muyi replied, "Okay."

    If Su Cha said that the judge was not worthy, he would not pay any attention to her.

    Bai Kun knew what to do anyway.

    I have another round of competition to prepare for. Muyi, you don't have to worry about it. I will call you when it is over. I have already booked a flight to the Imperial Capital. I will see you the day after tomorrow."

    "Why is it the day after tomorrow?"

    Bo Muyi frowned as he had endured his loneliness for a long time. He had thought that the earliest he would be able to see Su Cha would be in the evening. He would have accepted if she was arriving tomorrow. However, Su Cha had just said that she would only be flying over the day after tomorrow.

    "I have some things to settle, be good."

    As soon as Bo Muyi's tone changed, Su Cha knew that he was unhappy. She coaxed in a low voice, "It is only one day. The earliest I can fly over is tomorrow night. Don't worry."

    In a few words, Bo Muyi was coaxed.

    When Su Cha ended the call, her eyes turned darker and colder. In an instant, she exuded a strong, aura that was similar to Bo Muyi.

    Yu Siqing, I meant it when I said that it was your last chance. You are still seeking death, you really don't know how to appreciate what's good.

    However, Su Cha had to continue with the competition.

    As she put on her indifferent look, Su Cha walked back to the dressing room. Le Anqi, who was on the verge of tears, ran towards her, "What should we do? Is that old witch out of her mind?"

    As they were still in the competition venue, Le Anqi did not dare to speak too loudly.

    Su Cha reassured her, "It will be fine. I still have another chance, it will be okay."

    Le Anqi was still extremely worried, "But, I just found out that the audience's vote would determine who would make it into the Top 10. I am worried…"

    She was worried as the audience's favorite contestant's final ranking in the Top 10 might be affected if they voted for Su Cha.

    Le Anqi could not guarantee the number of fans Su Cha had in the audience.