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Chapter 327 – Ruthless Methods

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Following that, more and more people posted information. For instance, high quality images of the pills that Ning Qin delivered during the second and third stage.

    “When he first calmly assessed the Divine Blood Pill, Brother Ning Qin was so calm that I thought he was some incredible alchemist. Now it seems he just meets the bare standard for being one.”

    “Haha, I really sympathize with those Southshine Nation officials. I’ve already looked into the details about those pills that Ning Qin delivered, and their quality really was rotten to the extreme.”

    “It’s not just rotten. I asked my teacher and he said that those pills barely manage to satisfy the minimum requirements. It’s reasonable for him to receive 7 points.”

    “Humph! What I love is Brother Ning Qin’s character and moral behavior. Even if his alchemy skills are so-so, so what!? However, why did Brother Ning Qin exchange for the eternal night demon mushrooms? Could that sort of poisonous thing really be used to refine a pill?”

    “Let me teach the post above some science. The eternal night demon mushroom can be used to refine a Demon Puppet Pill. It is a pill between the fourth and fifth-grade, and its exact rank is determined by its quality. But, refining a Demon Puppet Pill isn’t simple at all.”

    “Hum hum, only great alchemy master level characters can refine the Demon Puppet Pill. This young master is willing to bet spirit stones that Ning Qin cannot refine the Demon Puppet Pil!”

    “Don’t look down on my Ning Qin! Although the pills he refined barely qualify and he only refined one of each, do you know what sort of pill furnace he is using?”

    An image posted below clearly showed a pill furnace.

    This image was obviously enlarged and then cropped out. Although it was blurry, one could clearly see the horrendous cracks crossing the surface of the pill furnace.

    “Am I drunk? I heard that in this competition, any pill furnace with five or more cracks is considered a low low-grade.”

    “This is definitely a low low low low low-grade. The king of all rot, the trash of trash!”

    “I feel pain for my beloved Ning Qin. I can’t believe he has to use this furnace to refine pills.”

    “Those people that bully my Brother Ning Qin, open your eyes wide and take a good look! Do you think you could use this kind of pill furnace to refine pills and still have them pass?”

    Hulun Hehe scrolled over the forums. His indifferent eyes swept over the posts filled with shock and worship. Ning Qin, didn’t you want to become famous? Then I’ll help you blow up on the network once more!

    Philosophy Watch.

    On a bed, Elder Nangong stared stubbornly at a screen, every breath he took short and fast. If the hate in the eyes of his ashen gray face could kill, then even though he was separated by a handphone he would still be able to tear Qin Yu to a million pieces.

    “Trash! All of you are trash! If it weren’t for the competition officials exposing Ning Qin’s identity, none of you would have been able to find him!”

    Within the room, there was only the sound of heavy breathing. Several cultivators below paled, terror rising on their faces.

    “Pass down orders. Have all our forces make a move and kill Ning Qin!”

    A Philosophy Watch cultivator cautiously said, “Elder, won’t it anger the officials if we do that?”

    Elder Nangong sneered, “You idiot. Do you think all of this information would have been disclosed on the network if the officials didn’t agree? I don’t know exactly what is happening, but there is something you need to remember. The officials also don’t have a favorable impression towards Ning Qin.”

    Everyone’s eyes suddenly lit up. If this were true, they wouldn’t need to have any scruples anymore!

    The next day.

    Qin Yu pushed open the door. He furrowed his eyebrows for a moment before immediately composing himself. It seemed there were some people secretly eyeing him.

    Fortunately, he already expected that this would occur. So, he continued walking out without stopping at all.

    The competition’s fourth stage would begin today. This would be a challenge for three winners and then everyone would compete for the final rankings.

    Qin Yu was without expression, but he was actually vigilant within as he looked around. He was well aware that once his identity as Ning Qin was exposed, there would be many people gnashing their teeth at him.

    In particular, after the Southshine Nation officials deliberately expressed their ill intent towards him, all those people who wanted to do something to him would be even more unscrupulous.

    Qin Yu didn’t know who all these hidden enemies were or what they would do, but he was sure about something. Since he had come this far in the competition, he had to take first place no matter what.

    “Who cares about the inn? Do they really think they can compare with us? After this competition is over and I become famous, I will definitely show them my strength and trample over them!”

    “That’s right, a mere inn with less than a hundred years of background dares to place themselves on par with my Philosophy Watch. Sooner or later, the day will come when they are all exterminated!”

    “Everyone, as long as we work together and cooperate well, the day when we overthrow the inn won’t be too far away!”

    Qin Yu revealed a strange complexion. If you fellows are going to talk or curse or plot, then why are you all squinting at me? Do you really think I’ll rush over in a fit of anger and argue with you?

    Did the people from Philosophy Watch really come up with such a plan to deal with him? Or was there some trap hidden deeper within that he wasn’t aware of? Qin Yu thought for a moment. Then, without revealing his actions, he took out his handphone and activated the audio recording function. He continued walking forwards without a change in his complexion. He came closer and closer and finally he brushed past them.

    Everyone tensed up. The Philosophy Watch cultivators all revealed excitement in the depths of their eyes. Then, their expressions changed and they froze.

    He walked away…how could he just walk away…? Aren’t you someone that loves the inn above all else? Didn’t you place your life on the line in order to restore the inn’s reputation? If so, then how could you tolerate us recklessly speaking about the inn like this? At this time, shouldn’t you be enraged and then rush towards us and quarrel with us? At the very least, you should taunt us a few times to return the favor.

    If you walk away like this, then what do we do with the following plan?

    Hey director, this script doesn’t seem right!

    In truth, there were many intelligent cultivators. When Ning Qin’s status was completely exposed in the middle of the night, many cultivators guessed that he was in for a spell of bad luck.

    Because of the ‘9527 event’ yesterday, many people knew where he was staying. As a result, lots of people had already gathered here in the morning to watch the fun.

    As for the Philosophy Watch cultivators, they didn’t leave anyone disappointed. They popped up along the road towards the competition field. This left everyone thrilled, their excitement rising. They widened their eyes, waiting for a collision like a giant meteor crashing into the earth.

    Of course, I certainly won’t explain why cultivators from the Land of Divinity and Demons would know about giant meteors crashing into the earth!

    Don’t ask, because any question is useless.

    Returning to the topic –

    When Qin Yu appeared, the cultivators that had been waiting for a long time felt their heartbeats quicken and their eyes start to shine!

    But what did they see afterwards? Ning Qin walked past them, he actually walked past them! He had zero reaction to the provocations of Philosophy Watch.

    At this moment, they were left dumbfounded.

    Philosophy Watch’s methods were low level and basic, but they were carefully prepared in consideration of Ning Qin’s devotion towards the inn. It could be called a simplistic yet effective scheme.

    After all, they knew what Ning Qin’s ‘weakness’ was.

    But now it seemed that it was utterly useless!

    A thin man with a beard stood in a corner quietly waiting. He stroked his beard, a smile on his face as if everything occurring was within his grasp. Then, his complexion suddenly paled. His fingers tightened and he pulled hard on his beard, his entire face twisting.

    Damn it all!

    This little bastard Ning Qin, he didn’t fall for the trap at all. It seemed that he had underestimated him.

    Since the soft method didn’t work, he could only come in hard.

    With a cold sneer, the bearded man freed his hands and started walking forwards.

    Several wisps of torn beard hairs fluttered in the air, making him seem somewhat cool and carefree.

    “Ning Qin!” Within the crowd of watching cultivators, someone suddenly roared out loud. “In that past you ruined my little sister’s reputation! Now I have finally found you! Give me your life as repayment!”

    Bang –

    The ground shattered and this person hurled himself forwards like a wild lion descending a mountain.

    Everyone was bewildered for a moment before they praised this move inwardly. Philosophy Watch really hated Qin Yu; they were actually going to use this method of perishing together against him.

    But this reason just seemed a bit too forced. What do you mean about your little sister’s reputation being ruined…hey, go take a look in the mirror first. Unless Ning Qin is blind, why would he bother with your little sister!

    Everyone knew that the officials explicitly forbade fighting. Any cultivators that participated in fighting would be mercilessly punished, no matter how it started. It was unknown whether this attacker would be able to kill Ning Qin, but if the two of them fought, he could at least drag Ning Qin into the water with him.

    At the very least, this fellow could ruin Ning Qin’s goal for participating in the competition.

    Despicable, absolutely despicable. But…I like it!

    Otherwise, if this didn’t happen, how could things become lively?

    Certainly, there were some female participants who cursed Philosophy Watch for being despicable and worried for their Big Brother Ning Qin. As for the male cultivators, they all coldly laughed together. Big Brother Ning Qin…shit, if you are so popular among girls, didn’t you know it’s easy to encounter retribution?

    Qin Yu dodged to the side. “Who are you? I don’t even know you!”

    “Ning Qin, you may have forgotten me, Zhang Mou, but even if I become ashes, I will never forget you!” Zhang Mou‘s face was full of unbearable pain. His acting could be given an almost perfect score.

    “Hold on, if you attack me, can I defend myself?”

    “Don’t run; I’m going to kill you!”

    Qin Yu evaded several times. Then, his eyes flashed. He waved his hand and took out the pill furnace. He whispered, “If I make a move I will be forced to leave the competition. If you want to eat pills from then on, you’ll have to find someone else!”

    Qin Yu was already well aware of the ill intent the officials held towards him. Although he had a sound recording, it didn’t necessarily ensure nothing would happen to him if he were to restrain this man.

    The pill furnace in his hand might seem sad and miserable, but Qin Yu knew that it was absolutely a disguise.

    He still had a vivid memory of that graceful yet wild bull-like charge and that overwhelming smash from the ninth level of the Pill Furnace Pagoda.

    It hadn’t chosen anyone, then decided to blindly choose him. Qin Yu had spent the last few days with the pill furnace and believed there had to be some reason why it had chosen him.

    If this was the case, it might help him today.

    Bang –

    With a loud buzz, the pill furnace flew up on its own. In the blink of an eye it grew ten feet tall. Although the cracks became even more miserable and the opening in the top left one’s heart shaken, the horrifying aura it emitted shocked everyone present.

    Zhang Mou had been racing forwards and had too much momentum; he simply wasn’t able to stop in time. He could only watch helplessly as a massive shadow fell over his head.


    Bang –

    The earth shook and a massive crater appeared. The pill furnace stood at the center, overflowing with slaughter energy. Zhang Mou was stuck waist-deep in the ground, his pale face drained of blood and his mouth emitting sorrowful screams. Although no one knew how deeply he was injured, just looking at him left one shivering.

    Cough cough…this Zhang Mou was crippled, he was definitely crippled!

    The crowd suddenly fell silent. In the silence, Zhang Mou’s cries only became more ear-piercing. The crowd's gaze fell on Qin Yu, revealing shock and dread.

    This fellow had been evading the entire time just now, with an awkward and helpless confusion that said he didn’t know what to do. Then, in the blink of an eye he had become hostile, even going so far as to put that Zhang Mou fellow in a half-dead state.

    This Ning Qin, what a ruthless method!