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Chapter 261 - I Have No Intention of Sleeping in Separate Rooms (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 261: I Have No Intention of Sleeping in Separate Rooms (1)

    Gu Yu’s eyes narrowed as he felt a feeling bubble up within him. He turned and walked to the guest room. As he had expected, the lights in the guest room were still on. Without knocking, he opened the door and entered.

    Xu Weilai was in the midst of turning in when she saw the man appear unexpectedly. She froze mid-action. Then, as she noticed his lips pressed into a hard line and an ominous glare in his eyes, she swallowed nervously and began to fidget restlessly in panic.

    After a while, Gu Yu stepped forward and caught her by her wrist. Without a word, he pulled her out of the room and strode back to the master bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.

    With a forceful fling of his hand, he hurled Xu Weilai on the bed. His tall figure towered over her as he looked down at her and stared intently. When his lips parted, his anger was evident in his tone. “Xu Weilai,” he said, “I have no intention of sleeping in separate rooms!”

    Two days ago, Gu Xue had been her excuse. But that day, Gu Xue had already left, and she had no reason to continue sleeping in a guest room.

    Xu Weilai bit her bottom lip gently.

    Honestly speaking, she didn’t deliberately avoid sharing a bed with Gu Yu. Gu Xue’s words earlier in the day had thrown her in for a loop, and she had remained in a daze till then, hesitant to face Gu Yu. When she emerged from the study, she headed to the guest room without thinking.

    But she couldn’t give Gu Yu that explanation. If what Gu Xue had said turned out to be wrong, she would become a laughingstock again!

    Whenever it came to matters pertaining to Gu Yu, she couldn’t help being overly cautious. She really couldn’t help herself!

    Xu Weilai clenched her fists forcefully before relaxing them again. Forcing a smile on her face, she tried to keep her voice as calm as possible as she said, “Oh, I forgot for a moment that Gu Xue went back, and walked into the wrong room.”

    With that, she deliberately stretched her back and yawned loudly as she remarked, “I’m so tired after a whole day’s work today. I’m going to sleep now!”

    Before Gu Yu could say anything, she got up abruptly, intending to go to her side of the bed to lie down. However, her actions were too sudden, and in a moment of clumsiness, her left foot got caught behind her right foot and she lost her balance. Her whole body fell back.

    At that critical moment, she reflexively reached out to grab something to steady herself. However, the only thing close to her was Gu Yu. Her reaction was faster than her brain, and by the time she realized what she was doing, she had already grabbed Gu Yu by his collar.

    No one would ever know if Gu Yu had really lost his balance, or if he had been faking it, but when Xu Weilai caught ahold of his collar and fell on the bed, he too, fell atop her.

    The man’s breath enveloped her in that instant. Xu Weilai’s mind went blank for a few seconds when she suddenly saw his face a hairsbreadth away from hers, and she blinked a few times before the haze cleared from her mind.

    She hurriedly tried to push Gu Yu off her, but he refused to budge. His eyes darkened dangerously, and his expression became unfathomable, sucking her in.

    “Xu Weilai,” he growled, “you did that on purpose!” His voice was low, and his speech was slow.

    On purpose? How could she have done that on purpose?

    Xu Weilai felt unjustly accused, and she reacted instinctively.

    “I did not…”

    She opened her mouth to protest, but Gu Yu would not allow her a chance to refute him. His lips parted, and he interrupted her, “I’ll gladly consent!”

    The next second, he covered Xu Weilai’s mouth with his own and kissed her deeply. His hand slid directly under the hem of her skirt and came in contact with her skin.

    With a sudden burst of strength that appeared out of nowhere, Xu Weilai pushed him away without thinking, and yelled, “No!”