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Chapter 275 - The Fight Between Li Yibo and Her

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 275: The Fight Between Li Yibo and Her

    The freshman held in his laughter and said, “You and Lu Yao should hide. I’ll go.”

    He could not possibly let a girl risk her life!

    Lu Yao added, “I’ll go with you. Jian Qi should stay and watch the surroundings. If the opponent is our teammates faking it, they might attack and it would be hard for one person to handle.”

    Since they had already decided, Jian Qi did not have any objections.

    Lu Yao and the freshman walked over and saw two people wearing straw hats.

    Before Lu Yao could question them, the two people took off their straw hats.

    They were two veterans!

    “I told you that someone would be hiding here,” one of the veterans looked at his teammate and smiled.

    “It’s Lu Yao and Zhao Yu!” the experienced soldier chuckled, “You both are considered the stronger ones in close combat. Does this mean that the two of you are working together?”

    Jian Qi crawled on the ground and watched them. After she realized it was two veterans, she looked around and observed their surroundings. Just when she was about to stand up and assist them, she noticed that something was not right about the area.

    There was another person!

    But the position that the person was hiding in was different from the direction from where the veterans came!

    That could only mean that the person probably was not part of the other two veterans.

    Jian Qi frowned.

    She still felt that something was really off!

    Regardless of whether the person was a veteran or a freshman, they should come out and help in this situation. Why was he hiding?

    Unless he was also observing his surroundings and looking out for any possible ambush?

    Jian Qi frowned. After she made sure that there were not any other ambushes, she slowly walked toward the person.

    In fact, in this situation, she should be cautious before knowing the other person’s identity.

    It was to prevent them from being attacked.

    Meanwhile, Lu Yao was talking with the other two veterans. Jian Qi saw the person that was hiding, he was looking around his surroundings and then putting his attention on the four of them.

    She carefully moved from her own position swiftly.

    But the moment she moved, Jian Qi noticed that the person looked around again. She immediately stopped.

    At that time, Lu Yao and the others had started fighting.

    The person that was hiding was going to make his move. After he was certain, he stood up and moved toward the four people who were in combat.

    That person was camouflaged but his elbows were obvious so Jian Qi had a closer look.

    He was wearing a singlet!

    Jian Qi looked at his face. Even though he hid it well, she recognized the shape of his face.

    Once she realized who it was, Jian Qi smiled.

    It seemed like that slap yesterday was not hard enough!

    He was already awake!

    She thought that he would pass out for a few days and nights!

    It turned out that the fight between her and this person was unavoidable!

    Li Yibo looked around and confirmed that Jian Qi was not there. He was slightly upset.

    If Lu Yao and Zhao Yu had survived, that would mean that the veterans had all been eliminated. But Jian Qi was nowhere to be found.

    Did that mean that Jian Qi was also eliminated?

    Honestly, he was not happy about it!

    He thought that if she were still alive, he would eliminate her personally!

    Now that she had been eliminated, he should eliminate Lu Yao and Zhao Yu too. If the freshmen were eliminated, it would hurt Tang Jinyu’s dignity!