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Chapter 206 - She Is Number Two

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 206: She Is Number Two

    As long as Su Cha could enter the top three among all the pending contestants, she would pass to the next round.

    But after the pass, her votes would be cleared.

    The others were advantageous since they could directly pass. But for Su Cha, many audience members had voted for Su Cha before and could not do it again, which could affect Su Cha’s ranking.

    They used to believe that Su Cha could surely become one of the first three, but now they found it hard for her to become a number five.

    The Top Three of this division would enjoy preferential treatment, and therefore many contestants would like to win a place in it.

    Dong Yishan and the rest saw Su Cha walking to the pending area and could not help grinning.

    Su Cha patted on Le Anqi’s shoulder, “Go ahead. Do your best.”

    Le Anqi would perform soon and she should not be affected by her.

    Le Anqi was aware of it, so she cheered herself up and walked on the stage.

    She smiled very aggressively because of her opinion against Yu Siqing, and performed very well. Yu Siqing knew that Le Anqi got along well with Su Cha, but she still gave her a blue pass. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

    Le Anqi passed directly.

    Other contestants found it hard to believe. Dong Yishan’s felt instantly unhappy.

    She had a similar style to Le Anqi. Once Le had passed, she would have a small chance to also pass.

    Le Anqi found it unbelievable herself. But Su Cha understood Yu Siqing immediately.

    She is sowing discord.

    Su Cha did not pass, but her bestie passed.

    Yu Siqing wanted to watch them have a falling out.

    Alas, that would never happen.

    Le Anqi was still confused after she came off the stage. Su Cha was relieved, “You are safe now that you have directly passed to the next round. I won’t have to worry about you.”

    Le Anqi was less happy than her as she pouted her lips, “How about you?”

    She had almost figured out Yu Siqing’s attempt and worried that Su Cha became unhappy.

    Su Cha shook her head. Nobody can tell the result before it is all done.

    After all the contestants finished their performances, seven seats of Top Ten had been taken, and the final three would be selected from fifteen contestants within the pending area.

    Su Cha chose a song from her list and gave a steady performance. Her voice and melody were both impeccable. Onsite audiences would vote for them. Su Cha became number one among all the nervous contestants. Then all the votes from the judges and audiences were cleared.

    Each vote weighed five points. Su Cha got seventy, which meant that there were twelve members of the audience who voted for her.

    These twelve audience members were her fans. Other contestants gained a dozen points in total. Almost thirty audience members lost their chances to vote again.

    Most contestants were happy with it.

    The higher points that Su Cha got now, the lower she would rank in Top Ten.

    She could hardly become a number five.

    Most audiences here were selected from each contestant’s fans. Even a common person would also have his/her preference.

    After the host announced the names of Top Ten, he asked the audiences—except those who had voted for pending contestants before—to vote again. Their votes plus the judges’ would decide the rankings of Top Ten.

    Dong Yishan and the rest grinned before the result came out.

    The Top Ten stood in line on the stage. Su Cha stood alone at the edge of the whispering crowd as she was the last one who had passed. But once the audience looked up, they found the laughing contestants very petty in contrast with Su Cha.

    She was the one who deserved to stand in the spotlight and be worshipped by others.

    The result finally came out. Mona ranked the first.

    It was quite natural. She had an appealing performance and many fans. Her becoming the division champion was no surprise at all.

    But when the name of number two was called, everyone on the stage including Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian was all dumbfounded. Yu Siqing almost dropped her eyes.

    Su Cha was number two.