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Chapter 286 - Ugly Murderous Inten

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 286: Ugly Murderous Intent

    Ning Meng was feeling restless after she had sent this text.

    Huo Beichen was the kind of person that thought that these kinds of games required very little intellect and were only for children to play. Furthermore, the arena would be quite rowdy. Would Huo Beichen, who was used to doing everything in a calm environment, be able to get used to this?

    As she held these thoughts in her heart, she waited for his reply. Soon, his reply arrived.

    [I have an international conference at six in the evening tomorrow.]

    The competition would be at seven, looks like he would not make it. Ning Meng felt quite dejected seeing this. She had just finished typing "Sure, work comes first" when he sent another text over: [Send me the e-ticket, you go on ahead first.]

    Her earlier dispirited mood vanished in an instant, and she became elated instead.

    The next day at five in the evening, Ning Meng put on her best makeup and arrived at the sports center. The staff of CM came to welcome her and she went ahead to CM's private room backstage to greet the participants. They were quite courteous and she could tell that God had earned their respect and they had acknowledged his skills.

    While God was discussing strategies with them, he noticed that Ning Meng was smiling. The other participants asked, "Boss, are you nervous? This is our club's first attempt to try and enter a national competition."

    Ning Meng furrowed her brows. "I'm nervous, very nervous!"

    God was about to comfort her when a smile spread across her face.

    "Although there are three advanced and experienced national groups in the competition, if we accidentally grabbed the number one spot, would the other teams think that we cheated?"

    Ning Meng raised her hand and was about to pat God's shoulders but held back at the last second.

    "Just focus on getting the third-place spot. We need to give the other groups some way out!"


    Everyone laughed out loud after seeing her confidence, and their nervousness was toned down, making the atmosphere in the room visibly less tense than before.


    Their laughter ceased as a mocking laugh was heard from the door. Ning Meng's eyes widened when she saw who the people standing there were.

    What timing! It was the ET Club! This bunch had bullied God in the past, not to mention there was Lu Jiahao who had belittled God. She felt that she could not leave the place without insulting them first!

    Lu Jiahao knew that CM was participating in the competition that day, and so, he had brought his whole team over to Jingdu to see God in the dumps with his own eyes. He also wanted the woman to realize how her fifteen million had been spent in vain! Now, these people were shamelessly declaring out loud that they were only aiming for the third-place spot?

    What a joke!

    He crossed his arms and said, "All of you are not even asleep now, how is it that you're already dreaming? Tsk, tsk! You must have paid your way into the qualifiers. Do you not even realize the gravity of the situation?"

    Ning Meng replied with mock exaggeration, "Oh my, I'm so scared! You guys must have prepared some strategies to bring us down?!"

    When Lu Jiahao heard the words "so scared", he lifted his chin and was about to happily insult her back, but before he could do that, she exclaimed, "Oh, I know!"

    She raised her brow. "Lu Jiahao, your looks seem to show that you're about to die anytime. You're so ugly and yet you have this ulterior motive to kill us from behind our backs. You must be your teams' special weapon because all the participants here are crying due to your ugliness. How are they supposed to play any games now?"

    His momentary smile was frozen stiff. He remembered her distinguished background and suppressed the insults he was about to blurt out and instead angrily retorted, "Mrs. Huo, all these are just words. Let's see how you guys will perform in the match!"