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Chapter 254.2 - Heavenly Eye Destroyed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 254.2: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

    Thinking about that, Bai Qiu could not help but raise his palm up to cover his forehead, and gave a helpless sigh.

    “Sect Leader, someone is outside seeking an audience.” A white robed disciple stood at the door to report, his hand clasped over his fist in front of his chest.

    Bai Qiu was startled out of his thoughts. “Another one seeking treatment? You do not need to come tell me such trifling things. The group of you can just handle it as you deem fit.”

    The Divine Healers Sect were always known to be a highly caring bunch of people, kind and charitable, never bullying the weak, so they were held in high regard in the world. Many people who contracted illnesses would often come uninvited, to seek treatment here at the Divine Healers Sect.

    But there were a number with nefarious intentions who feigned illnesses, coming up to them seeking only to foster closer relations. Over time, Bai Qiu began to find such matters a little frustrating and decided to not bother himself with these things, delegating them down to the Sect’s disciples.

    Hence when he heard the disciple’s words now, he immediately waved his hand dismissively and indicated that he would not meet with them.

    The disciple hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth to speak again. “They are not here to seek medical treatment. The woman claimed that she is an old acquaintance of the Sect Leader.”

    “Woman?” Bai Qiu became puzzled when he heard that.

    He did not remember having ever made any close female friends, so why is there a woman here at their door asking to meet him out of the blue?

    “That’s right. It is a young woman.”

    “Invite them in then.” Although Bai Qiu was a little puzzled, his curiosity had been piqued. He really wanted to see just what kind of an old friend she could really be.

    But when the slender figure came slowly walking in, Bai Qiu’s placid and expressionless face slowly turned into surprise, which grew to become sheer and utter shock.

    That face that was so familiar yet also unfamiliar to him at the same time. Bai Qiu had never thought that he would be able to see her again, and he was too surprised to react for a while, unable to respond when the woman called out to him.

    Seeing that, Qing Lan Fei curved up her lips and smiled. “Sect Leader Bai, we’ve not seen each other for many long years. Do you not recognize me anymore?”

    That was when Bai Qiu managed to snap back to his senses. “Miss Qing? Didn’t….. Didn’t you already…..”

    “Already die?” Qing Lan Fei piped in with a laugh. “I have indeed died once, but I must be extremely blessed as I managed to come back to life.”

    Bai Qiu could not help but gasp before he said: “Back when news of your death spread, it was seen to be such a great loss to the entire Cloud Heaven! Afterall, with your unparalleled skills in Healing and Medicine, you were known as the Devil’s Hand capable of growing flesh back onto bones.”

    “Sect Leader Bai is too kind with his words. I have not practiced Medicine for many years and have grown highly rusty at it.” The corners of Qing Lan Fei’s lips lifted, as she said in an emotionless tone.