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Chapter 254.3 - Heavenly Eye Destroyed

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 254.3: Heavenly Eye Destroyed

    Bai Qiu was also an intelligent man, and sensed that the woman did not want to speak of the past, so he did not probe any further on that but asked: “I wonder what brought Miss Qing here to the Divine Healers Sect?”

    Qing Lan Fei nodded and replied: “Truth be told, I came here this time to seek for your help in a particular matter.”

    “Please be candid. Miss Qing has shown the Divine Healers Sect benevolence back in the past, so as long as it is in my power, I will not refuse you.” Bai Qiu said with a serious expression on his face.

    “I hope to be able to stay here in the Divine Healers Sect for a short period.” Qing Lan Fei opened her mouth to say.

    “Is that all?” Bai Qiu looked surprised, seemingly not expecting that this was what the woman him to help her with.

    “You did not even have to ask! As long as you want to, the Divine Healers Sect will always welcome you here.” Bai Qiu always stoic face that was usually not prone to smiling actually smiled earnestly at the woman.

    Bai Qiu was a man who was always upright and plainspoken, candid and straightforward, never bowing his head against pressure from other powers.

    He only sought to attain more profound levels in Healing and Medicine his entire life and the people he admired the most were those who possessed unsurpassed skills in Medicine. And standing there right before his eyes, was one among the rare few people that he respected and admired greatly.

    Qing Lan Fei’s eyes then flashed with a glint before she slowly went on to say: “I do not want to hide it from you. I am actually hiding from persecution from one of the major powers. As those people will be apprehensive against offending the Divine Healers Sect, that is why…..”

    “So I see.” Bai Qiu did not wait for her to finish but interrupted her words with a smile. “Set your mind at ease and just stay here. I will get rid of those bothersome tails that are coming after you. The Divine Healers Sect might not be able to help you in other areas, but making a few people disappear will be an easy and effortless task for us.”

    What Bai Qiu was speaking about, was one of the Divine Healers Sect’s highly close kept secrets.

    The territory where the Divine Healers Sect sat, seemed completely normal and ordinary, no different from any other place throughout the lower realms.

    The place had simple teahouses and restaurants, the streets lined with hawkers calling out their wares, where one was even able to see beggars lying asleep at street corners everywhere. But under all that all too familiar looking sight, lay something not as simple as everything that meets the eye.

    A random child squatting on the street to play with crickets could possibly be a killer capable of murdering a person through horrifying means.

    It must be known that people who have benefited from the grace of the Divine Healers Sect numbered all the way into millions. And among these people, some of them had sought to repay the benevolence received or were drawn to the warm and hospitable people of these lands to end up settling themselves into this place.

    Over time, their numbers grew larger and larger.

    The place was filled with many concealed masters with unsurpassing skills, an existence where their skills were passed down over the generations to protect the Divine Healers Sect. So if anyone came here with unfriendly intentions, these people would naturally not let them go free that easily.