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Chapter 255.1 - See Who Puts on a Greater Show

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 255.1: See Who Puts on a Greater Show

    But the more anxious his actions were, the more he didn’t know what to do. Frustration welled up in his heart as the ancient texts were tossed all over the place in the room. In the end, he still could not find anything related to restoring one’s Heavenly Eye.

    A look of fear and panic came to show on Cang Jian’s face.

    Could he have really lost his Heavenly Eye powers?

    How can that be?

    How could he possibly lose the ability that he was most proud of his entire life! ?

    The thought that he would forever become an entirely useless person, losing his very last bit of usefulness and would be abandoned by Qing Luo Yan without hesitation, or even mercilessly executed, he could not help but break out in a bout of cold sweat on his back.

    He knew too many secrets that he was not supposed to know about, and although he had always admired Qing Luo Yan, he knew deep down in his heart just how cold and hard her heart was, and she would never consider sparing his life for old times’ sake.

    When that thought came to mind, Cang Jian’s face turned ashen and defeated.

    Just as he was wrecked with despair and hopelessness, his mind suddenly thought of something, and a glint flashed in his eyes.

    Wait a minute. Maybe…… Just maybe there is a way for him to salvage the situation.

    He was not able to find a way to restore his Heavenly Eye here, but there is a place….. That he just might be able to.

    And the culprit who secretly destroyed his Heavenly Eye had probably expected that he would be coming, and was already waiting idly in the Scroll Chambers, holding a duster with a serious look on her face, dusting away the non existent dust in that place.

    “Cang Jian has arrived.”

    After Chi Yue turned into a spiritual form, although her cultivation powers became weak, her other senses turned exceptionally sharp. She had sensed movement nearby, and she immediately voiced out what she discovered.

    Qing Yu raised her brows, like she had already expected that someone would be coming, her face not seeming the least bit surprised. She turned to the woman and said: “You should hide yourself.”

    Once her voice fell, she gave her sleeve a slight wave and kept the translucent spirit into her personal dimensional space.

    The next moment, the sound of footsteps slowly approached, and the tall figure in blue priest robes of Cang Jian appeared before her.

    There were people allocated to the Scroll Chambers here before, but they had probably been transferred out in order to test Qing Yu, leaving her to be the only person placed here.

    When Cang Jian arrived, what he saw was a young lady in pink uniform of an attendant, conscientiously dusting away at nothing.

    Though what Cang Jian saw was just empty space, unable to see anything at all. Looking at the young lady, she seemed to be carefully dusting the empty air as she waved the duster lightly in her hand, making for a rather comical sight.

    But Cang Jian did not think that she was pretending.

    He knew this young lady was extraordinary, and he had been able to tell from the first moment that he saw her. Moreover, the first day she came to the Scroll Chambers, she was already able to see the things in the place, and have rearranged all the mess of scrolls back into their original places without error.