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Chapter 421 - I Will Slap You If You Try To Kiss Me

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 421: I Will Slap You If You Try To Kiss Me

    “So, the Gray-faced Emperor doesn’t belong to this world. No wonder he’s able to reach the Core Formation Stage!” Zi Shang said. He had been wondering how the Gray-faced Emperor was able to possess such a high cultivation. There was very little spiritual energy in this world, and the entire place was shrouded in Fiendish Qi as well. It would have been extremely difficult to reach the Core Formation stage under such circumstances.

    “I’ve always found it odd. He doesn’t look like an Emperor at all! And the rules he set in the palace don’t make any sense too,” said Yun Jiuge. If she compared this palace with the one in Lei Kingdom, this palace would seem like a cheap imitation of the latter. There was just something off about this whole place no matter how she looked at it.

    The masked man noticed that Yun Jiuge’s face had turned solemn. He mistakenly thought that Yun Jiuge did not believe in his words. Yun Jiuge was just spacing out at the moment. He hurriedly took off his white mask and said, “Now do you believe me?”

    Underneath the white mask was a handsome face that looked just like Zhan Wang’s.

    The only noticeable difference was that his face was exceptionally white and seemed to be a little transparent. It was bizarre.

    “How are you related to Zhan Wang?” asked Yun Jiuge. It was obvious that the masked man’s relationship with Zhan Wang was not an ordinary one.

    “My name’s Leng Bai. Zhan Wang is my twin brother, and his real name is Leng Mo. The Emperor, Leng Hui, is our elder brother…”

    Leng Bai began to tell Yun Jiuge about their background.

    The three of them were born in the Hui Kingdom. All the people in the kingdom were born with white skin and a weak physique. Their skin would turn gray when the blood within their bodies was awakened.

    The darker their skin color, the stronger the power they possessed. The people whose skins were deep gray possessed immense strength. Their great strength enables them to fight with beasts without having to put in time or effort into cultivation.

    Back then, there was no such thing as a hierarchy in their kingdom. Everyone was of equal status.

    Leng Hui was the Crown Prince of the Hui Kingdom, and he was born to be the successor to the throne.

    He was a reliable, magnanimous, and exceptionally talented man. He also doted on his younger brothers and cared for his people.

    However, everything changed after he picked up a grave injury while hunting. He was on the verge of death, and so the Grand Preceptor performed evocation to save his life.

    When Leng Hui regained consciousness, he became a completely different man. He started to put all his efforts into raising his cultivation, and he also became crazily obsessed with white-skinned women. He demanded that all the white-skinned women in the kingdom be sent into the palace as his concubines.

    Also, he seized the people’s assets and money to build a peculiar tower for himself.

    However, there were not enough people to build the tower, so he gave the people different social classes based on their skin color. The people who had dark grayish skin were given the lowest rank and were forced to do the hardest, dirtiest, and most laborious work.

    Leng Bai and Leng Mo both realized that their brother must have been possessed by a demon. They attempted to kill the demon, but they ended up being poisoned by Leng Hui instead.

    Ever since then, Leng Mo’s body gradually became stronger due to the poison, but his mind had become increasingly muddled over time. He would often turn into a beast-like state against his will.

    As for Leng Bai, the poison caused his skin to become increasingly white and his cultivation had also increased greatly. However, he lost the ability to reproduce.

    Yun Jiuge could not help but interrupted Leng Bai when she heard that he had been poisoned. She said, “Give me your hand. Let me check your pulse.”

    Leng Bai froze when he heard her words, but he still stretched his hand out automatically. There was a twinge of hope on his face as he looked at Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge placed her fingers on Leng Bai’s thin and frail wrist. She found that he had no pulse. He was just like a living corpse.

    “Leng Bai had been poisoned with the Cursed Poison. The Cursed Poison can only be created by a cultivator in the Core Formation stage. It is refined by mixing the cultivator’s soul with poison. This kind of poison can only be removed by whoever created the poison. You have no way of removing it right now,” explained Zi Shang. He knew that Leng Bai had been poisoned. However, he was not able to remove the poison either, and that was why he did not tell Yun Jiuge about it.

    The Cursed Poison? Yun Jiuge was taken aback when she heard the poison’s name.

    She heard about this special kind of poison before. It was said to be very similar to a curse, only it was a lot more troublesome. Only someone with much higher cultivation than the creator of the poison could remove the poison.

    Yun Jiuge would not be able to remove the poison for Leng Bai. Zi Shang was the only one who could do it.

    However, she knew that Zi Shang would never waste his demonic power to do so and certainly not for free.

    “I’m sorry. I can’t remove the poison either,” said Yun Jiuge with regret.

    “It’s okay. This poison that the monster put in my body is extremely strange and cannot be treated by any medicine. I’ve already resigned myself to my fate,” said Leng Bai as he lowered his eyes to hide his disappointment. He then withdrew his hand and began to talk about Leng Hui once again.

    Leng Hui had lost his ability to reproduce after the demon had possessed him. Instead, he got Leng Mo, who shared the same blood as him, to have sex with the white-skinned women on his behalf.

    Leng Hui would then take the women who had sex with Leng Mo to the tower. Those women were never seen again.

    Leng Bai had sent assassins to the tower in the past, but none of them made it out alive.

    “I thought about going to the tower myself, but Leng Hui would be alerted the moment I get close to it. Then he would increase the dosage of the poison in my body,” Leng Bai said.

    “I will die when my skin turns transparent completely. I’m not afraid to die, but I can’t bear to watch the demon who possessed Leng Hui destroys this kingdom. Since you were able to make your way to the Hui Kingdom from the outside, I’m sure you must find a way to deal with the demon,” said Leng Bai to Yun Jiuge. He was looking at her expectedly, it was as though she would be his savior.

    “It seems that someone had taken over Leng Hui’s body. The only power that is holding him back would be the power of the soul which is left behind by the real Leng Hui,” Zi Shang said.

    “If that’s the case, won’t we be able to drive out the person who possessed his body by strengthening the power of Leng Hui’s soul?” asked Yun Jiuge. A soul that loses its host would become very weak, making it easier to deal with.

    “We don’t have anything that we can use to strengthen Leng Hui’s soul at the moment. Also, the cultivator who possessed him is already in the Core Formation stage. It would not be easy to remove him from Leng Hui’s body,” Zi Shang said calmly. The cultivator had already become deeply rooted in Leng Hui’s body. It would be very difficult for them to get rid of him.

    “Maybe Leng Bai has a way. After all, he’s his younger brother!” suggested Yun Jiuge. She was optimistic about finding a solution.

    “You can ask him!” replied Zi Shang although he was not hopeful.

    “Alright. I’ll ask him,” Yun Jiuge said as she turned and asked a nervous Leng Bai, “I have a way to deal with the demon who possessed your brother. I noticed that there was a strange energy that was repressing the demon some time back. I think it could be the soul that is left behind by your brother.”

    “Does that mean my brother is still alive?” asked Leng Bai with a shocked expression on his face.

    “Yes. If you’re able to rouse your brother, we’ll have a way to deal with the demon,” said Yun Jiuge as she nodded.

    “How can we wake him up?” Leng Bai asked with urgency in his voice.

    “I have no idea. The demon was something that your people summoned. You will have to come up with a way to deal with it yourself,” Yun Jiuge went on to explain.

    Leng Bai thought for a while and then said, “The Grand Preceptor was the one who summoned the demon. However, the Grand Preceptor doesn’t know what is going on right now.”

    “Is the Grand Preceptor still alive?” Yun Jiuge asked. This person must be quite gifted if he could summon a cultivator in the Core Formation stage from the outside world, she thought.

    “The Grand Preceptor suffered divine retribution after he summoned the demon. He has been performing Enclosed Cultivation since then and has never stepped out of his residence since. I have not seen him in a very long time,” Leng Bai said with a sigh.

    “Bring me to him,” said Yun Jiuge. She was not keen to fight head-on with the cultivator in the Core Formation stage. She would rather save the world through some other means. Hence, she would not give up on any clues that would help find that alternative solution.

    “I can bring you to him, but Leng Hui is keeping a close eye on you at the moment. It’d be very difficult for us to leave the palace,” warned Leng Bai with a troubled look on his face. To meet Yun Jiuge, he had already put in a lot of effort to sneak out.