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Chapter 422 - Yu Sha Has Been Captured

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 422: Yu Sha Has Been Captured

    "Don't worry about that. Go and make the necessary preparations now. I'll wait for you at the entrance to the palace later," Yun Jiuge instructed. It was easy for her to leave the palace since Yu Sha could be her stand-in.

    "Right. I'll make the preparations right away," answered Leng Bai. He had a lot of faith in Yun Jiuge. He left right away to prepare for the trip.

    After Leng Bai left, Yun Jiuge called Yu Sha over and told her, "I want you to dress up in my clothes and stay here for the night. I'll go out later to meet the Grand Preceptor with Leng Bai."

    "Huh? Zi Shang gets to go on a date with you every single day, but all I get is to watch over this room all alone! That's so mean of you!" complained Yu Sha. She was extremely upset. She risked her life to follow the goddess to this Secret Realm, but she was just treated as a tool the entire time. She had not been able to spend some alone time with the goddess yet. How could she win her heart at this rate?

    "Be good and just do as I say, Yu Sha. This is a serious matter," said Yun Jiuge, comforting Yu Sha half-heartedly.

    "No! I won't do it! Not unless you kiss me," said Yu Sha. Her face lit up as she looked at Yun Jiuge shyly. Her light pink lips looked mesmerizing.

    Yun Jiuge could not deny that Yu Sha looked very beautiful at the moment. The fact that there was a male spirit within her body did nothing to diminish her charm.

    If Yun Jiuge were a man, she would have been attracted to her for sure.

    But Yun Jiuge was a straight woman. It did not matter how messed up her past life had been or how many lovers she had had back then. She was only interested in Zi Shang now.

    Therefore, Yu Sha's advances only made her feel like she wanted to run away.

    "Don't bother her. Slap her on the face, and she'll know how to behave herself next time," said Zi Shang in a low voice. He looked as if he wanted to slap Yu Sha himself.

    "Yu Sha, be a good girl. I'll reward you when I come back," persuaded Yun Jiuge. She was not as ruthless as Zi Shang. She could not bear to hurt a woman. She made another half-hearted attempt to comfort Yu Sha before she left.

    "Jiuge!" Yu Sha called out. As she stared at Yun Jiuge's disappearing back, she felt that she had lost out yet again. Pressing on her own big and plump breasts, Yu Sha mumbled to herself, "Maybe the goddess doesn't have any interest in a body like mine? Come to think of it, all the women that the goddess dated in the past were flat-chested!"

    Yu Sha thought that she had discovered the reason why the goddess didn't like her and thus left her behind. It was simply frustrating. If she had known this earlier, she would have taken over a man's body instead. She would have been able to act more naturally in a male body as well.

    However, the goddess was known to be a fickle person. No one knew when she would have a sudden change of heart. Yu Sha still had a chance at winning the goddess' heart as long as she was not asked to leave. She would just have to wait and see how things would develop.

    Even though she was busy with her thoughts, Yu Sha did not forget to put on her disguise.

    She knew the goddess's temper very well since she had been staying by her side for so many years. The goddess had no problems with her behaving like a brat every day, but the very moment Yu Sha failed to accomplish a mission that she had been entrusted with, the goddess would send her away for sure.

    The goddess would never keep a useless person around her. She would only choose the strongest and toughest person to be her lover as well.

    But then, there was not a single person next to the goddess who was not tough. After all, they would have been killed by Zi Shang by now if they were weak.

    Zi Shang had always been the strongest man by the goddess' side.

    If not for the fact that he could not impregnate the goddess and help her bear the Child of Life, the goddess would not have so many lovers and had sex with every one of them, Yu Sha thought to herself.

    But, it seemed that the goddess was completely enraptured by Zi Shang in this life. Yu Sha was not certain if she would have the chance to reclaim the position as her lover once again.

    She had to seize every chance to win the goddess's heart from now on. Otherwise, when other men come courting, the competition would be troublesome.

    Yu Sha's mind was filled with thoughts of the goddess as she went to lie down on the bed. She tossed and turned, unable to drift off to sleep.

    Suddenly, a gust of wind that smelled faintly of blood blew into the room.

    Yu Sha immediately tightened her muscles when she detected the wind, but she quickly relaxed and pretended to have fallen asleep.

    A moment later, a black shadow entered the room silently.

    The shadow stood by the bed and gawked at Yu Sha intently. Suddenly the shadow bent over and positioned his head next to Yu Sha's neck. He was behaving like a predator, looking for its prey.

    Yu Sha knew the identity of the shadow without opening her eyes. It was Leng Hui.

    She tried her best to breathe normally and not let Leng Hui detect anything abnormal.

    Leng Hui sniffed at Yu Sha's body before he knocked her unconscious. Then, he carried her still body over his shoulder and left the room.

    Before she was knocked out, Yu Sha managed to send Zi Shang and Yun Jiuge a message through her mind.

    At the time when the shadow entered the room, Yun Jiuge had just got into the carriage with Leng Bai. They were about to make their way towards the Grand Preceptor's residence which was 30 miles away.

    "The Grand Preceptor used to live in the observatory in the palace. However, ever since he suffered divine retribution for his actions, he returned to his former residence and started to decline meeting any visitors," said Leng Bai as he told Yun Jiuge all about the Grand Preceptor while they sat on the carriage.

    There was no such thing as a ‘Grand Preceptor' in the Hui Kingdom in the past. However, things started to change around a century ago when a disaster suddenly struck the kingdom.

    A burst of Fiendish Qi that came out of nowhere spread throughout the kingdom like a plague. The people who were infected by the Fiendish Qi turned into walking zombies and began attacking people on the streets.

    There was panic everywhere and the Hui Kingdom was on the verge of destruction. It was then that the Grand Preceptor came to their kingdom and used the Fiendish Qi Dispelling Pill that he created to save the masses.

    The Emperor of the Hui Kingdom then was Leng Bai's grandfather. Following the incident, he built an observatory in the palace and asked the Grand Preceptor to stay in the kingdom.

    The Grand Preceptor was very powerful and possessed extremely high cultivation. He cared for the people deeply and he would inform the palace ahead of time whenever a disaster was about to strike. His actions helped the kingdom and they managed to avoid numerous disasters over the years.

    "When my brother was on his deathbed, my father went on his knees and begged the Grand Preceptor to save his life. The Grand Preceptor told him that my brother's soul had already left his body and that he would need the blood of a loved one to summon the soul's return. My father willingly offered his blood. The Grand Preceptor used a total of 49 offerings including my father's blood before he successfully called my brother's soul back into his body. But, he did not expect that a demon had entered the body alongside my brother's soul," Leng Bai explained in a pained voice.

    He always thought that his brother had already passed away. He did not expect that his brother's soul had remained in his body and was simply repressed by the demon at the moment. This was proof that the necromancy performed by the Grand Preceptor worked.

    "Didn't the Fiendish Corpse Secret Realm open one hundred years ago? Did this Grand Preceptor also come from the outside world?" Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang quietly.

    "That's highly likely. But, we'll only know for sure when we meet him in person," Zi Shang said cautiously.

    At this moment, Leng Bai announced, "We've arrived."

    Yun Jiuge followed him out of the carriage. When she lifted her head to look at what was before her, she saw a gloomy house that was surrounded by numerous big pagoda trees. The trees obscured the house from full view.

    The morning sun was extremely bright at the moment, but none of the sunlight could reach the house.

    Yun Jiuge felt uncomfortable as she looked at the pagoda trees that surrounded the house. She felt as though she was standing in the grounds of a graveyard.

    "This is a Soul Sealing Formation. Someone wants to seal the Grand Preceptor's soul away here," Zi Shang said in a solemn voice.

    "It must be that cultivator who possessed Leng Hui's body! If he's this worried about the Grand Preceptor's soul leaving this place, then the Grand Preceptor must know something," said Yun Jiuge. She was now certain that her trip here was going to be worthwhile.

    Leng Bai noticed that Yun Jiuge was staring at the pagoda trees, and he immediately explained, "The Grand Preceptor has stayed away from the light ever since he suffered divine retribution. He got others to grow all these trees for him."

    "Are you sure it's not Leng Hui who had these trees planted?" asked Yun Jiuge as she raised an eyebrow. This was certainly not the answer she expected.

    "No, it's not Leng Hui. It was the Grand Preceptor who wanted these trees grown," Leng Bai said resolutely.

    "There's no use in asking him. Let us go in first," Zi Shang urged. He had already received Yu Sha's message and knew that she had been captured by Leng Hui. They could not afford to waste any more time here.